Borneosoft Review

"Create Your Online Payment Forms Today – A quick and easy way for every business to increase sales, registrations, and conversion of visitors to leads."

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Borneosoft CRM helps you to increase your sales with less cost, time and effort. You don’t need to invest on hardware or software. You can use Borneosoft CRM immediately by subscribing to our service.

Our fast and powerful search engine allows you to search using simple text similar when you search the web using any popular search engine. Getting information that you need will no longer be a hassle for you.

With our calendar, you can schedule event, such as “Touch base with existing customers on the first week day of every month”, with ease. You can also setup an automated RSVP.

Our sales charts will support your decision making process and in taking the pulse of your business. It can make a difference between just surviving and being highly successful in your sales.

With Borneosoft Blog you can engage your customers through your blogs. Product updates, gathering feedback, or promotion can be communicated easily through your blogs.

All our modules are totally integrated. Email with anti-virus and anti-spam is part of our offering.

Borneosoft CRM is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) that releases the companies/organizations from the burden of acquiring and maintaining hardware/software for CRM applications.

It is our believe that no-one should be excluded from having access to the best CRM tools. That is why, we are allowing our applications to be used for free with no time limit (Free Edition: 100MB storage/user for 2 user per company). When your need of storage grows, you can easily upgrade it to Standard Paid Edition. Check it out at

Borneosoft CRM offers:

Contact Management to store contacts and companies and search using fast and powerful free text search in any field. Set dates to automatically send email to the contacts. Important dates about customers will never be forgotten.

Calendar Management to record events, meetings and tasks. Contacts and colleagues can be invited to the meeting and RSVP emails will be sent automatically for the participants to respond.

Sales Management to create Lead and add contacts to it. Fast and powerful search helps to quickly get information about the leads. Contacts, tasks, events, notes or documents can be added to the leads. Convert Lead to Opportunity and add products to it. Sales forecast depending on sales stage will be calculated automatically.

Product Management to store product information such as pricing, availability, stock, supplier and manufacturer. It also allows to enter information about discount, mark-up, or profit margin. If desired, volume based pricing can be used.

Auto Creation of Quotation. Quotation can be generated as a PDF file from the products that have been included in the opportunity. No more retyping, and it saves time.

Charts. Understand more about the customer and the sales. Many useful charts can be generated. Company by industry type. Lead by status, rating, source, or industry type. Lead conversion by month. Opportunity by sales stage, source or rating. How many days opportunity in each sales stage. Expected or Estimated revenue over time for each opportunity. Sales stage Gantt Chart.

Team Management. Create team and assign managers and members. Specify read, write or delete authorization for each role. Work more efficiently in a team by sharing contacts, companies, leads and other information as desired. Data redundancy is effectively reduced.

Mail, Notes and Documents. Integrated email with spam and virus filter to minimize the unsolicited emails coming into the Inbox. Together with notes and documents, important information about the customers will never be missed. There is also public folder that your customer can download documents with ease.

Blog. Communicating your products and services is absolutely essential for your business’s success. Borneosoft Blog allows you to discover the powerful possibilities blogging offers your business. It can impact your bottom line and it can bring in customers and affect mindshare.

Leave Application System. Borneosoft Leave Application System offers simple and easy to use for staff in any organization to apply leave. The approval process is also simple and easy to use with the approver can directly approve the leave from the email that is sent to the approver automatically. It supports both full-time and part-time staff as well as flexible leave policy that caters for different needs.

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