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We recently released a free and open source app called Breakfree CRM. It is a mobile app for EspoCRM. Breakfree is available on the play store and can be found by searching for ‘espocrm’. Breakfree has all the advanced features you would desire from a CRM solution. Some of the unique features in addition to regular CRM features are custom template based emails from within the App, Ability to customize the server however you want with no limits on fields or number of users, ability to chat with teams or your own custom groups, reminders etc.

If you have used Espocrm you will notice that accessing your Espocrm from Breakfree is supremely fast. In our internal benchmark tests it was 8 times faster than the web client. This is especially important given that sales professionals are not in the office with great connection. When they are outside doing what they do, they want the app to work in slow connection situations where the signal is poor. Breakfree works seamlessly even in very low signals.

EspoCRM offers some features as a Advanced Pack like invoicing, product catalog and others. These features are also free in the Breakfree CRM app. As long as you have it configured in the server, you can access all these features from your mobile app.

Breakfree for Android

Another great feature is Breakfree CRM makes it extremely easy to manage your documents. For example you have product details that you want to send when a you just finished talking to a prospective lead. In Breakfree CRM you can use the Documents feature in EspoCRM. In addition it also allows you to access your Google Drive and send it to your contact or leads directly from your app. It has a fully functioning email client within it.

Breakfree CRM is also multi lingual. In addition to English, It supports 19 different languages including many Asian, European and Russian dialects. There is no need to configure language separately in the mobile app. If you configured your server in french, you will see your mobile app is talking french as soon as you login.

Breakfree also supports the cloud version of EspoCRM that offers scalability and easy maintenance for medium to large enterprises.

Breakfree CRM was originally developed for our own in house needs as we used EspoCRM and did not have a mobile option. So it is built with real user scenarios fully baked in. You will need a EspoCRM server to use it.

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