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"Affordable Web based or In-House Open Source CRM Solution"

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The developer is BrowserCRM Limited, a privately held company based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Browser CRM is a complete, integrated, online business software solution and provides a unified web interface for as far as Outlook integration is concerned, Browser CRM is designed to be an Outlook replacement. It includes an email client for composing and reading emails. All email in & out is registered against the contact(s) and is shared (when permitted) between system users giving a full contact history.

In addition, there is provision for central email repository and group mailbox functionality that offers significant benefits compared to Outlook.

The software is available in two versions.

BrowserCRM Online

The application and your data is hosted on their servers for a monthly fee and accessed over SSL for bank level security.

BrowserCRM Server

The application is available for purchase as a download for installation on your own server. You can view the full working online demo straight away, then sign-up to try BrowserCRM Online for 30 days.

BrowserCRM comparisons.

It compares very favourably to products like ACT! and MS Outlook. Unlike contact managers like ACT! that trap data on individual desktops, it centralizes and shares customer and contact information without synchronization. Synchronization based solutions like ACT! can be comparatively slow and unreliable to use on a consistent basis, which could result in outdated or inaccurate data.

Outlook only manages calendar, contacts, and activities, not all customer information. BrowserCRM provides broader functionality without requiring you to install any hardware or software on site, and can also be customized and integrated with your legacy applications.

Compared to other hosted CRM ASP vendors like, BrowserCRM

  • Is available at a lower cost
  • Allows you the option of having your data on your own server, rather than at the ASP, if you prefer
  • Uses the mySQL Open database
  • Offers Rapid custom development
  • Modifications are difficult in products like Salesforce

BrowserCRM is very simple and intuitive to use and in most cases can be setup in under a day. If you can browse the web and use webmail then you should easily be able to use the software. The company provides you full online help, and a 24 hour support desk to help you get started.


BrowserCRM is available for less than $5 per user per month. As your business grows you can add more users or even transfer to your own inhouse version.

Download a trial version of BrowserCRM.

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