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"ClinchPad is a modern CRM application which unlike traditional CRMs focuses on deals rather than contacts."

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Please note this product overview was submitted by the vendor.

What is ClinchPad about?

ClinchPad is a modern CRM application which unlike traditional CRMs focuses on deals rather than contacts. Its main focus is on managing your sales pipeline through a visual interface. It is targeted at small teams who need something simple to manage their business leads rather than large sales teams.

We have brought a paradigm shift in the mindset of spreadsheets users by convincing them that ClinchPad is as simple and intuitive to use as spreadsheets yet offers them a lot of benefits by taking a structured and a collaborative approach. To make this transition frictionless, we intend to keep our application very simple.

ClinchPad is the next logical step for SMB’s who have outgrown spreadsheets for tracking their business leads and setting up a traditional CRM such as Salesforce etc is not worth their time and money.

ClinchPad was born out of a personal need for tracking leads. We needed something simple to track the leads we generated from multiple sources while working on a previous product. Our search for such an application yielded no results and that is when this gap was identified.

Our target market

ClinchPad is targeted at SMB’s and small teams who need something simple to manage their business leads rather than large sales teams. Most of the SMB’s are currently using spreadsheets to manage their leads. While spreadsheet seems like the best bet to begin with its weakness are soon exposed because its not designed for lead tracking.

Once SMB’s outgrow spreadsheets or discover that using spreadsheets isn’t the ideal approach, they have no option but to implement a traditional CRM. However they soon realize that traditional CRM is not the right fit for their business as they are targeted to the needs of enterprises and are expensive and difficult to implement , hence most of the SMB’s go back to using spreadsheets. We are trying to plug this gap by offering SMB’s an option which is not only as easy to use and implement as spreadsheets and but also economical and targeted to their needs.

Features of ClinchPad

  • Visualize your sales pipeline- In the sales pipeline view, leads are represented by cards and stages by columns. This view, inspired by Kanban boards, allows you to track the entire sales cycle and see where all leads are in the sales pipeline at a glance. To move lead across a stage is quite easy, all you have to do is drag & drop the lead card across the different stages. The stages are completely customizable.

ClinchPad - Sales Pipeline

  • Create and manage multiple pipelines- You can create multiple pipelines to track different aspects of business independently for ex. tracking sales prospects and vendors.
  • Store all relevant lead information at a single place – Add notes, create todos, attach files & documents to leads. You can also choose to categorize your leads according to products, sources & zones. Attach additional attributes to a lead such as a product ID, type of lead or any other attribute in the form of custom fields.

ClinchPad - Activities

  • Quick actions- A number of actions such as adding leads, assigning a user to a lead or moving the lead to another stage can be accomplished from the sales pipeline view itself. You can also access all your notes, todos, files, lead value & tags from the pipeline view.
  • Email Integration- You can integrate your email and link them to your leads via Gmail integration or maildrop address. It’s quite simple to set up and requires minimal effort.
  • Tagging/Labeling your leads- The tags can be used to associate desired information to the lead which will help you classify the lead. This provides an easy & quick way to see important information about a lead at a glance. For example, If you’d like to know which leads are high priority leads or big customer leads from the pipeline in one view, you can attach respective tags to the leads. Oh and did we mention that you can filter your leads by Tags?
  • Robust analytics & reporting – Another pretty cool feature of ClinchPad is the visual reporting options. There are several ways you can choose to view the data which include pie charts, bar charts, tables. You can choose from growing list of preset charts so you don’t waste time setting up sales reports.

ClinchPad - Reports

  • Tracking Goals – You can setup goals to track the performance of individual team member of your entire team.

ClinchPad - Goal Progress

  • Various third party integrations- We have direct integrations with a variety of third party applications. We’ve got integrations with many of usual suspects (DropBox, Box, MailChimp, Google Apps) and then some very specific integrations with several form services (Wufoo, JotForms, etc) and some more “power user” integrations with platforms like Zapier and UnBounce for some pretty advanced notifications when a new lead comes in.
  • Access ClinchPad on the go- We have a native iOS app and a mobile optimized site that can be accessed from any mobile OS for accessing your ClinchPad account when you’re on the move. Both apps allow you to manage your leads, contacts, organizations & todos from your mobile.

ClinchPad - Mobile

  • Manage your contacts & organizations- Store contact and organization information for leads. Look up the contacts and organizations associated with a lead and the leads associated with a contact or organization. You can bulk import your contacts from a CSV file, an Excel spreadsheet or Google Contacts via our Google Contacts Sync. And yes, you can create your own custom fields for contacts & orgainzations.
  • Customizability- ClinchPad offers complete customization so that you optimize it as per your sales process. Some of the features that you can customize are pipeline stages, lead fields, contacts & organization fields, reports etc.
  • Security- We maintain bank grade security. Data is fully encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption. Our data resides in high security, access controlled data centers. We also regularly back up your data to ensure that it is always safe and secure. You can depend on us.
  • Support- We have a well-documented support centre where you can find step-by-step guides to using every feature on ClinchPad. You can always reach out to us through our Live Chat Helpdesk and our support team will be happy to assist you.
  • Affordable- ClinchPad is FREE to use upto a 100 leads. All features. Unlimited users. Once you cross 100 leads, our pricing plans range from $9 to $99 per month.

Our Benefits –

We have the following advantages over other CRMs:-

  1. Economical – Our pricing plans are designed for SMB’s hence are very affordable
  2. Simple & easy to use UI – We have a very simple UI which people can understand and get started with easily
  3. Easy to implement – Login and get started in minutes.
  4. One size fits all – Since its not designed for any particular vertical or market segment , it can fit the needs of any business type.
  5. Great support – We take great pride in the level of support we offer.

We have integrated with a variety of third party applications. Here is a list:-

  1. Email Integration- Gmail
  2. Email Campaigns Integrations- Mailchimp, Madmimi, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse
  3. Form Integrations- Wufoo, Jotform, Formstack, Unbounce
  4. Google Apps Integration- Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive
  5. Live Chat Integration- Olark
  6. Zapier Integration- Allows you to integrate ClinchPad with over 600+ other applications
  7. FullContact Integration- Take a picture of a business card using Fullcontact Card Reader and have a lead be automatically created in ClinchPad
  8. Cloud Storage Integration- Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Evernote, Alfresco, Github
  9. Webhooks Integration

We also have an open API using which you can create any feature over the top of ClinchPad for your organization.

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