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"CRM Solution for Small IT Services companies
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Commit™ CRM is developed by Commit Business Solutions Ltd., part of the Commit Group. The Commit Group was founded in 1997 and specializes in CRM and other software solutions for small businesses.

Advertised as an alternative to Goldmine CRM, The Commit™ Solution for Computer Services is a customer relationship management solution designed especially for smaller computer service providers, such as those who sell hardware and off-the-shelf software, perform local repairs, provide maintenance services, IT outsourcing, and focus on IT project delivery.

Commit™ aids computer service providers with calls from customers by handling call reception, call assignment, service call billing and ticket closure.

Contract management is integrated into Commit’s workflow starting from contract creation, through tracking work duration, expenses, parts and outstanding debts, billing based on customer contracts, and ending with monthly reports.

Intelligent field force dispatching enables businesses to avoid over-dispatching specific employees, and to optimize on-site visits based on geographical location and workload availability. With one click in the Commit™ system the dispatcher can see the current workload and who is available for dispatching to open tickets.

Commit™CRM consolidates customer information, including service calls, open/closed tickets, all customer interactions and more, for greater ease of access.

Commit’s integrated software/parts/component catalog helps computer service providers close the loop on the billing process of matching labor done vs. parts sold.

Main Business Benefits for Computer Services Users of Commit™ enjoy greater control over their daily business, visibility into their business operations, more productive employees and a one-stop-shop for all their business management needs.

Commit can improve the way you run your business. With Commit™CRM you can streamline your customer service. Your customers will receive a higher level of service as well as greater visibility into the services they have received and the associated costs.

Always Get Paid by controlling customers’ debts and keeping track of services provided to each specific customer, including phone support.

Eliminate Paperwork by managing customer billing cycles, streamlining and automating the different functions in the office and storing all your business information in one place.

Increase Productivity by dispatching the right technician to the right call and by measuring the technician’s productivity.

Generate Growth by creating and tracking opportunities, and by providing a higher level of service to your current customers.


CommitCRM costs $245 per employee/user

Recommended Hardware Requirements

Intel® Pentium® III – 450 MHz 128 MB RAM for Windows® 98 SE, 256 MB RAM for Windows® 2000/XP 500 MB free disk space 24X CD-ROM drive 128.8 kbps fax/data modem – compatible with Symantec® WinFax 10.0 100 MBPS Fast Ethernet LAN Scroll mouse

Software Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or XP Professional Symantec® WinFax 10.0 Microsoft® Word® 2000 (required to merge mail and create new documents from within Commit™) Microsoft® Outlook® 2000 (required to send bulk E-Mail).

A free 30 Day Trial Version of Commit is available from their website.

CommitCRM is sold through their Channel Partners.