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"ContactMe: A Lightweight CRM for the Microbusiness"

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In the U.S., there are an estimated 29 million small businesses, and 91 percent of those small businesses have between zero and four employees. Nearly 40 percent of small businesses owners work 60 hours or more a week and about one-third work 6 days per week.

Small business owners have a million things on their to-do lists, and keeping their business information in their heads—or scattered across emails, spreadsheets, and files—is inefficient and stressful. Bigger companies have adopted expensive and elaborate CRM tools to optimize their workflow, but entrepreneurs struggle to organize their business information and give customers the best possible service. Home and microbusiness owners need a similar solution, but one that is much simpler and more economical than a typical CRM suite.

ContactMe is that solution: it’s an easy-to-use, affordable, reliable tool that helps microbusinesses become more productive, efficient, and professional. ContactMe is the first lightweight, web-based CRM tool created exclusively for micro businesses to help them consolidate their contacts, manage customer relationships, track tasks, and save valuable time.

A unique element of ContactMe is that it organizes business information by contact to help entrepreneurs stay on top of every relationship. Another distinctive aspect is the ContactMe button, which attracts the attention of site visitors to help grow the business.

About ContactMe

ContactMe is a simple CRM tool that helps you:

  • Consolidate contacts
  • Manage customer relationships
  • Track tasks, deadlines, meetings, and more
  • Attract more leads
  • Save valuable time

ContactMe lets you consolidate all of your contacts—and the business information that relates to each one—into one convenient, online system. ContactMe keeps you on top of tasks, deadlines, details, correspondence, and appointments. Being organized has major benefits: you save time and effort and run a more professional and profitable business.

ContactMe doesn’t just help you work efficiently, it also helps you grow your business. The free ContactMe button and web form can be added everywhere you have a presence on the web to collect leads from websites, blogs, Craigslist, Facebook, and more. The button and CRM tool are, together, simply the best way to generate leads, follow through with potential clients, turn them into sales, and manage ongoing customer relationships.

Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love ContactMe:

  • Simple to Learn – You’ll be using the system like an expert in under five minutes.
  • Easy Access – Access what you need, whenever you need it, via internet or smartphone.
  • Simplified Workflow – Intelligent tools automate processes so you work smarter, not harder.
  • Gain Confidence – You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you are staying on top of everything.
  • Wow Contacts – Watch your reputation soar and your business grow.

Features of Contact Me

Contact Management

Communicate efficiently by consolidating and sorting your contacts:

  • Import your existing contacts into ContactMe’s contact list in a few seconds.
  • Manage your contacts from one convenient place.
  • Categorize your contacts into different groups to stay organized as your business grows. Export a group into a spreadsheet or send the entire group an email with one click.
  • Assign customers to a stage in the sales cycle, such as “Potential Client” or “Client.”
  • View your contacts alphabetically, by stage, or by date of last activity.

Notes and Email Forwarding

Nurture client relationships by staying informed:

  • Each note you add gets attached to the contact it corresponds to (every contact in ContactMe gets his or her own contact detail page).
  • Add notes about calls, meetings, payments, or any other interactions. Anytime you can’t recall where things stand with a contact, go to that contact’s detail page and review your notes.
  • Forward, cc, or bcc emails to “” and each email will be automatically stored as a note on the corresponding client’s detail page for easy review.

Task Management

Never jeopardize a relationship by falling behind or missing a deadline:

  • Type your “to-dos” directly into the “Add a Task” bar and then set the due date, the priority level, and the name of the contact involved.
  • Your task will show up in three places: your task list, your calendar, and the contact’s detail page—and you can check it off when you’re done.

Calendar & Reminders

Automatic synchronization and reminders keep you on track:

  • The built-in calendar works in tandem with other ContactMe tools. When you create a task or an appointment, they automatically show up in the ContactMe calendar.
  • Sync your ContactMe calendar with your Google calendar.
  • Each morning, you’ll receive an “agenda reminder” that will display your tasks and appointments for the day.
  • Throughout the day, you’ll get reminders slightly before each calendar event.
  • Choose whether you’d like to receive the reminders by email or by text message.

ContactMe Button and Forms

Get new sales leads with the unique ContactMe button and form:

  • Post your button wherever you are on the web, such as Craigslist, Facebook, and eBay®.
  • No matter where visitors scroll, the button stays on the page and encourages them to contact you.
  • When someone clicks on the ContactMe button, your ContactMe contact form pops up.
  • When site visitors submit their contact information to you via the form, that information is automatically added to your contact list in your ContactMe account.
  • Your contact form also displays your business information, including a map and your social media links, to give potential clients more information about your business.


Put your marketing dollars toward only the most effective channels:

  • Review a graph to see how many button views, form views, and form submissions your business gets per day.
  • Review a pie chart to get a breakdown of your contacts by stage. You’ll see at a glance whether you have more clients than potential clients, for example.
  • Review a pie chart of where your customers are coming from—colleagues who are referring you, your website, Craigslist, Facebook or other sources—to know which sources are your most profitable channels.


ContactMe works with other small business-friendly software companies to streamline your workflow:

  • The Facebook App is a fast way to add a ContactMe tab to your business’ Facebook page.
  • If you have a blog on WordPress, install the WordPress Plugin with a single click. The plugin will pull your info from ContactMe so you can easily add a ContactMe button and form to your blog.
  • Sync your contacts with Constant Contact® or MailChimp® to send professional-looking marketing emails with ease.

Pricing Structure

Free ($0/month), Form Plus ($3.95/month), and Biz Pro ($7.42/month).

  • Free users receive unlimited contacts, as well as the unique ContactMe button and contact form.
  • Form Plus users get unlimited contacts, and enhanced customization of the ContactMe button and form.
  • Biz Pro users get unlimited contacts, all CRM features (Tasks, Calendar, Notes, Attachments, Reminders, Reports), and enhanced customization of the ContactMe button and form.

Free Trial

By signing up for a 14-day free trial, you can explore ContactMe’s full range of user-friendly, intelligent, automated features for organizing and growing your microbusiness.

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