CRM on Excel Review - Discontinued

"The Excel based CRM solution"

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CRM On Excel: An Excel based CRM system, for small and growing businesses.

All the ease and familiarity of Excel, with the functionality of CRM software. Ideally suited to small growing businesses, who want a simple but effective CRM solution.

Dashboard view
A dashboard has been provided to display information about the health of the pipeline. Key information includes, values for each stage, success rate and level of activity over the next 30 days.

Easy data entry
The core data such as leads, contacts and marketing activity is entered in to the relevant tabs on the spreadsheet, in the normal way you use Excel. Large lists of contacts etc can be simply copied and pasted straight in.

CRM functionality
We have tried to capture some of the key elements of a CRM system in this spreadsheet. We don’t have all the functionality of a dedicated piece of software, but we do provide the core parts, for a fraction of the price.

Drill down to the detail
The spreadsheet has a separate tab to give detailed analysis of each stage of the pipeline. In addition, there is a specific tab to report of marketing activity – look forward to forthcoming events or back to past events, all sorted by date.

Contact manager
The spreadsheet contains a simple contact viewer, which can be easily reviewed for each contact. The spreadsheet automatically includes details for the organisation, as well as the names of any other related contacts.

Excel simplicity
All you need is a knowledge of using spreadsheets to get going. We have protected various cells to make sure the spreadsheets keeps its integrity. Importantly, there are no macros used, to help reduce any concern of poor software.

Pricing and requirements

  • $10 ($20)
  • 50% discount
  • One time payment
  • One spreadsheet
  • One licence
  • Excel 2003 onwards.
  • Secure payment


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