"Best Small Business Web Based CRM solutions"

Warning: Emails sent to CRMbyWeb are bouncing back so we are wondering about the viability of this company. If anyone has updated information on CRMbyWeb kindly let us know.

Find out what other Small Business CRM solutions are available:

CRM by Web is more than a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) or sales force automation software. Unlike similar systems, CRM by Web provides a united framework of customer-related, sales force automation and professional services activities. These activities include pre-sales, sales, post-sale customer support, accounting and management overview. From first CRM by WEB contact to quote, orders, invoicing, handling service calls, maintaining knowledge base and upselling, CRM by Web gives your team a holistic view of the process and access to most important customer data.

Customer self-service area allows customer to submit data to your CRM by Web database and access relevant account information online (such as order history/status, invoices, status of service cases), providing better organization of information and reducing load on your customer care personnel.

The central part of the system is Customer Maintenance. It includes ability to add, review, update, delete company information, locations and contacts, maintain information on leads and prospects, access account activity reports, print labels, send mass e-mail.

Customer Maintenance is linked to:

Calendar/Scheduling area for a customer-related activity. This module keeps track of all activities, from sales calls and meetings to service visits and interview. Sales people and customer care personnel use this area for maintaining personal calendar/schedule, tracking their activities, reviewing activities of other team members, fast creation of activities / time spent reports.

Sales forecasting allows sales people and managers to create and track projects that are in pipeline, their progress and probability of success.

Quotes area allows to create quotes, e-mail or print out and fax a quote to a customer, track existing quotes, convert quote to an order.

Ordering area is located at an intersection of sales activities, accounting (invoicing and payment), and a service center (post-sales support and maintenance). Orders can be entered by various means, for example, by a salesperson or telephone order clerk, imported on a regular basis from your web e-commerce site or internal ERP, etc. As soon as order is entered into the system, it immediately becomes available to all relevant parties:

  • Order fulfillment personnel — for processing / shipment
  • Accounting — for invoicing
  • Service people for maintaining regular service and responding to technical support problems
  • Sales people for analyzing customer ordering patterns
  • Management for order statistics and trends

Invoicing/Payment area allows accounting to create, e-mail and print out and fax invoices to customers, keep track of payments and overdue invoices.

Customer Service area allows customer care personnel to keep track of technical support cases, immediately review and respond to open cases, search knowledge base and submit new cases into the knowledge base, create reports, review history/statistics on cases for a specific item or customer.

Management has access to general reports and statistics that can be reviewed from a variety of prospectives:

  • By customer
  • By company employee/user
  • For a specific time frame
  • As well as access all details of customer data and employee activities.

Customer self-service area allows customer to:

  • Submit new service case (submitted case goes directly to your CRM by Web database where service representatives can review and pick cases)
  • Check status of his service case(s)
  • Search knowledge base
  • Review order history, check order status
  • Review invoices, pay invoices online

They offer a free trial version (as they should).

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