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CRM open source software runs from any networked device with a web browser. Even small-screen conventional cell phones can view the information and dial with a single click. A JavaScript-enabled browser is required to edit information. Even when people are in the field the whole organization runs from a central database.

In the full (Javascript) version of CRM Open Source all organization information is on a single screen. Besides being able to dial with a single click, all information can be added or edited with a single click. As a result, you get to spend your time on the phone.

Both the common URI schemes for one-click dialing, Tel and Callto, are supported as well as international phone numbers.

Users can schedule activities for other people in their user group.

The CRM is free open source software with no limits built in for the number of users, organizations, contacts, etc.

There is no database administration required because the underlying database is SQLite instead of MySQL. Just upload the CRM to a web host and it’s ready to go.

The CRM comes set up for a single user, Robinson Crusoe, to aid in testing and evaluation. The CRM can import from and export to spreadsheets. offers hosting and other services, data conversion and program enhancements.