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"Crust CRM is the highly flexible, scalable and open source Salesforce alternative, that enables you to sell faster and interact with leads, clients and team members easier then ever before."

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About the Company:

Crust provides a flexible, self-hosted platform for your organisation to work and communicate internally while engaging with its customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties externally.

Its integrated approach to identity, messaging and business logic delivers a simple-to-use yet extensible means for managing users and the applications they require every day, whether in the cloud, behind the firewall or a hybrid of the two.

Crust CRM, Messaging, Unify and Compose can all be tailored to your organisation’s commercial, technological and human architectures. The Crust platform capabilities will be expanded over time to incorporate such features as cross-application automated workflows, Internet of Things (IoT) management and federated messaging.

Crust Technology is headquartered in Ireland, but the Crust team is based across many countries.

A New Approach to Enterprise User Experience A New Approach to Enterprise User Experience Crust is a completely open source platform for managing ALL your users – Staff, Customers, Partners, Suppliers – and the applications, communication and business logic they use. Advanced Identity and Access Management, Messaging and Customer Relationship Management form the heart of Crust, while its API-oriented nature ensure that Crust is extensible and flexible.

What’s in a Name? “Crust” refers to the earth’s crust, the layer of the planet which we inhabit. Much goes on beneath the Crust graphical interface, but the point of Crust is to make sure that the user experience is pleasant and intuitive, that user data is handled securely and consistently, and that your organisation has the controls required to operate smoothly at whatever scale it chooses.

Self-Hosted, Hybrid or in the Cloud? Crust is yours to use how you wish. Simple to deploy, massively scalable and cloud-ready by default, Crust sets a new standard for enterprise control.

About the Product:

Crust CRM is the highly flexible, scalable and open source Salesforce alternative, that enables you to sell faster and interact with leads, clients and team members easier than ever before. Seamless integration with Crust Messaging and Crust Identity and Access Management make it the most complete and flexible self-hosted CRM platform on the market.

  • Flexible Crust CRM is highly flexible. Select out-of-the-box modules, field and charts and customize them, or easily create new ones. Place what you need on the screen with simple drag and drop functionality, and create rich dashboards and module views. Such flexibility makes Crust CRM a perfect fit for organisations that look for a CRM that can easily adjust to their unique needs and scale with ease.
  • Re-usable Customer ID’s Crust CRM assumes that customer relationships evolve over time. Customer ID’s can be re-used across the Crust platform, in new bespoke applications or in third party products, helping your business to manage and grow critical omni channel touch points throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Sell faster In Crust CRM you can create your own finely tuned custom dashboards, lists and views, which allows your sales reps to quickly access the information they need. With support for social logins (“Login with Google”, “Login with Facebook” etc.), customer enrollment has never been easier. Crust also enables more efficient communication with customers through Crust Messaging. The sales rep can simply open a secure messaging channel for the customer, start a rich chat and send and receive files. “Deal Rooms” can be created in an instant, providing a forum for all teams involved in a sale to co-ordinate the activity and share their ideas.
  • Increase efficiency with workflows In Crust CRM, business logic is created and managed with the Peripheral Workflow Engine, a modern API-centric approach, designed to help you get the most from your CRM platform. Streamline and automate your most critical tasks and increase the efficiency of your business.
  • Reporting Create beautiful charts and obtain key insights that help you to control your business. Charts can be added to any dashboard with a simple drag and drop, allowing you to create customized dashboards with high level information or more detailed charts.
  • Customize with Crust Global Services Crust CRM’s modern architecture is designed with flexibility in mind. Microservice modules keep the cost of customization low while encouraging high performance for even the most complex of CRM tasks. An open, API driven approach minimizes the need for new code development while Crust’s Peripheral Workflow Engine handles your business logic seamlessly and cleanly across modules.


Crust CRM offers a free trial. Details of the custom enterprise pricing can be requested via the website.

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