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CTrac is a web based CRM software which can help in managing customer relationship from end to end. To get in the sales opportunity, categorizing the customers, to improve the sales activity and the business process, provide a better customer service and to maintain the customer data.

CTrac CRM is one such CRM which has been tailored to the needs of any business management. Developed to suit the today’s office environment and focused on reducing the time and effort. With a quick access to the software by just a click and option of multiple users using the software at the same time, we can access the software from anywhere in the world.

Further glance on various features of CTrack CRM:

Lead Generation from websites or any web pages:
Convert your website queries into CTrac CRM automatically. Further more, use the same integration code for getting accounts(customer, leads) automatically from any web pages.

Zipdial Integration:
ZipDial acts as a toll-free number, and the user experience is as simple as making a missed call. Once the user dials this toll-free number, automatically the lead is created in CTrac.

Email Lead Generation:
CTrac will automatically capture the details from the emails and will create the lead for you.

Manage activities and schedules:
We can have multiple activities under a customer and can set up schedules to take action on time. The activities can be assigned to the staff and they can further work on it. They can add all the details related to the activity in the activity notes.

Schedule notification on Email or SMS:
Get the details of the schedules for the day on email without even accessing the software and get the schedules on SMS without any access to internet.

Archive old accounts:
We don’t have to delete leads or customer data. Instead archive those unwanted accounts and have access to the general data anytime you need it. You can restore the customer account whenever required.

Single Page administration:
Everything related to the customer can be done in a single page itself. No complexity involved. It allows you to work on managing of accounts, activities and schedules; sending emails or SMS to the customers instantly.

Custom Attributes:
In addition to the account details, we can add custom defined attributes to the accounts depending on our application of CTrac or type of business. This would help us to customize our CTrac with the options that we would prefer or need.

Tagging will help you to group your accounts seamlessly and beyond any boundaries. The flexibility of using Tagging allows you to classify your accounts in the way you find it useful.

Account Classification:
Categorize your customers as you want. Define what names you want to give to your classification for the different types of customers. Understand where your customers stand and group them using the classifications.

Email and SMS:
Sending emails and text messages to customers/leads is very easy using CTrac CRM. We can draft emails or SMS and save it as templates so that we can send email or SMS instantly when required using these templates rather than typing the content everytime.

Custom Reports:
Custom Reports allows you to generate any kind of report based on your requirement, situation and need. Also, you can export the reports into Standard CSV format (similar to MS Excel format).
Based on the condition and requirement that you provide, CTrac can filter reports very quickly.

What made me like CTrac CRM at my first glance was its simplicity and user friendly application. Unlike all the complex CRM that I saw, this one doesn’t require any training. With limited and useful features, this works as an excellent software for my business. I would say that using CTrac CRM not only has streamlined my work but has saved my time and has brought an ideal work flow environment.

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