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"Made for businesses on the Mac, iPhone & iPad. Organizes your customers, schedule, tasks, notes, and more in one app…"

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Updated: 9th December 2021
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A business productivity app for the Mac, iPhone & iPad that lets you do big things from an intuitive interface.

Daylite by Marketcircle is an app specifically for the Mac, iPhone and iPad that offers CRM, project management, scheduling and team collaboration for small businesses. It integrates directly with the Apple ecosystem and can make use of Apple’s native Notification Center, Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Daylite combines contacts, projects, emails, tasks, calendaring and more – and allows multiple people to access and manage the data using multiple devices, which makes data management and decision making very easy and effective.

Who is it for?

Businesses that have up to fifty users, love the ease of use and elegance of Apple devices, and are looking for an all-in-one solution to track their clients, manage their schedules/meetings, notes, tasks, emails etc. will find Daylite very helpful. The CRM can be customized for almost any industry, however, it’s best suited to real estate agents, consultants, teachers/students, photographers, and lawyers. Since your data is available for use even when you’re offline, Daylite can be a good choice for businesses that have a lot of field staff and on-the-go sales associates.

Who should avoid Daylite?

Any business that requires cross platform compatibility should rather consider alternatives, as they have no plans of introducing support for other platforms.

Getting Started

Setting up Daylite is very easy, although you have to install it on every device that you want to use for managing your customers data. The good thing is that iPad app is only 31.8 MB and takes a few minutes to install and set up. Unlike most other CRMs that have an app but never update it, the Daylite app is frequently updated. You get a 30-day free trial to test drive the software.


Daylite offers one simple plan for $24/user a monthb billed annually. The paid plan includes all features and 100 GB of storage per account.

Work area

No matter whether we worked with Daylite using a Mac computer, an iPad or an iPhone, the workspace of Daylite felt like a breath of fresh air. It’s an uncluttered, modern-looking work area that has three major sections: the toolbar, sidebar and result window. The toolbar is very simple yet powerful and gives the user option to add new items, or gives notifications regarding upcoming events. The sidebar has all the modules of the CRM while the result window is where the data is displayed.

In order to get full functionality, you need to use Daylite CRM on a Mac computer, however, the mobile apps also offer almost every important feature. It’s really amazing how the interface adapts as the screen size reduces from a computer to the iPad to the iPhone. The work area is simple and breathes the elegance of Apple’s native interface. The only downside we could notice was that the workspace isn’t as customizable as we see in some other CRMs.

Customization and 3rd party integrations

Daylite can be customized within the preferences as well as with add-ons. Within the Daylite preferences, you can add custom fields to people and companies, custom categories, custom keywords (for tagging and sorting), custom sales and project pipelines, custom roles and relationships (for example to track referrals, spouses, or role in a company or in a project), custom automated processes (Activity Sets).
You can get additional functionalities by integrating Daylite with a bunch of third-party apps such as MailChimp, Billings Pro, Web Forms, Direct Mail, Numbering, FinanceConnector and many more.

Daylite CRM – New Features List 2021

  • Switch Between Light/Dark Mode Within Daylite – Since  introducing Dark Mode in Daylite, several customers have requested the flexibility to enable Dark Mode in Daylite on its own without impacting existing system device preferences. Daylite now supports its own Dark Mode. You can set the appearance of Daylite in Light or Dark Mode on its own, or set the appearance to follow the System on both macOS and iOS. Enjoy a sleeker Daylite appearance based on your own preference, so you can switch to Dark Mode in Daylite, but keep a light appearance in other apps, and vice versa. Find out more
  • How to Handle Customer Conversations Better Using Helpwise & Daylite – Many companies today use a single inbox to manage all their team emails and then either forward emails, CC, or BCC their colleagues, or they share passwords amongst each other to collaborate on handling conversations. These methods are very ineffective because every time a different team member needs to see an email, they have to receive the forwarded copy of the email. There are many other problems that arise with this. Find out more
  • New in Daylite for iPhone and iPad: Create Appointments in Your Other Calendars from within Daylite – Managing appointments in your other calendars just got a lot easier in Daylite on your iPhone or iPad! Before, you could only edit appointments from other calendars, but now you can create new ones altogether. Create new appointments in Google, Exchange, Yahoo, or iCloud calendars from within Daylite with this new update for iPhone and iPad. Read more here
  • Use Daylite with Apple’s New Focus Mode on iOS and iPadOS 15 – Focus mode on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 lets you select who can contact you and which apps can send you notifications when you’re doing activities such as working or meeting with clients. Here’s how Daylite will help you be even more productive with Focus mode on your iPhone and iPad. Read Adfticle here
  • Daylite is Ready for macOS Monterey – Staying up to date with the latest macOS gives you Apple’s newest features as well as important security updates. As a friendly reminder, Daylite requires macOS 10.15.4 and iOS 14.0 or newer to operate, we encourage all customers to update to the latest version your Apple devices can support. Find out more about macOS Monterey

Daylite CRM – Feature List

Let’s dive into the features of Daylite CRM.

Contact management

We totally loved the linking functionality in Daylite which allows you to build a web of connections, which makes day-to-day working very quick and streamlined. You can connect people to companies, projects, tasks, appointments, notes, etc. You can link things to multiple items which gives you a multidimensional way of organizing information.

The linking feature goes beyond just linking contacts with other entities in your database, and lets you tie all your communication to a person. This offers you a comprehensive overview of all the interactions and other indicators that could come in handy when you want to call or meet a contact.


The interactive calendar of Daylite links people, emails, notes and everything related to your appointments, which you can then share with your coworkers. Having all the info in one place saves time and helps you make better, more informed decisions. This can be very helpful in a wide range of scenarios, for example when you’re headed into a meeting with a customer, you can quickly pull up your recent email conversation with them, and even take notes during a meeting and save them to a project.

Their filtered views are also pretty amazing. You can create custom views for different scenarios, such as meetings with a particular client, and save them for quick access in future.


The Daylite Mail Assistant is a very powerful plugin that lets you store, create, and edit things in Daylite right from an email, but it works only with Apple Mail. This is a major bummer considering that even a large number of Apple lovers use Gmail and other services. On the flip side, the Daylite Email not only helps you quickly process your emails, but also lets you do a lot more from your inbox. For example, you can create new sales opportunity, task, appointment, project, or even a new contact from an incoming email. You can save an attachment in an email directly into your CRM and link it to different contacts or projects.


The task module is a complete to-do list, again making use of its powerful linking capabilities. Your to-dos will be linked to the relevant, important information and details. You can also manage your tasks from within the Apple Mail.

The best things about the Tasks module, however, are the custom automated processes, called Activity Sets. The feature allows you to initiate a series of related tasks that can lead up to a due date or follow in sequence after a start date. You can set the number of days you want between each sub-task, and you’ll get a reminder on the date.


Although not as powerful as some dedicated Project Management CRM’s like WorkETC, Daylite features a decent project management system. It’s a simple project management feature that lets you share and priorities tasks with your coworkers, and lets you track projects using your mobile device when you’re on the go.

The best thing about the projects is that they are totally customizable, and you can create your own pipeline depending on your business nature. You can create infinite pipelines to track all your projects, and organize and share your tasks in each stage so that everyone knows what has been done and what needs to be done.


Everything you do in Daylite, from making calls, to attending meetings, to sending/receiving emails, is tracked and can be viewed in form of reports. Daylite’s sales tracking is simple and flexible as it keeps all the details of the sale in one place.

To make sure nothing falls through the cracks, Daylite allows you to create custom follow ups using the Activity Set feature. You’ll get timely reminders so that you don’t miss out on important meetings and potential sales. On top of that you can define your custom sales pipeline with as many unique stages as you want.

Yet another extremely powerful feature of the sales module is the Smart Lists. It lets you filter opportunities depending on any criteria of your choice, and then you can save them as a list which automatically updates. You can create infinite lists to quickly view all your prospects.

When it comes to sales tracking, Daylite has endless possibilities to track, improve and customize your sales cycle. For example, you can attach a price tag to each sales opportunity and send to your prospects, then forecast sales and prioritize your leads. This allows you to separate leads that might offer bigger profit from the rest, so that you can distribute your time accordingly.

Last but not the least is the Insight View which display your sales opportunities in the form of interactive graphs. This gives you a great view to quickly identify any cycles in your sales over a certain amount of time. You can then filter sales and even save specific views to see them later. If you want simple reports of your sales, Daylite has got you covered. All you need to do is choose a date range and then you can breakdown the results based on different criteria such as team member, total worth or type. If you still crave for more functionality, Daylite allows you to integrate a variety of add-ons for better, more comprehensive and easier sales tracking.

Industry packs

To further customize and enhance your experience, Daylite offers an interesting file suite that’s been created according to different industry needs. No matter if you run a law firm, real estate agency, wedding photography, offer some sort of design services or financial Services, they have the right pack for you which comes with detailed workflow instruction to help you learn how to get the most out of each feature. Although this is surely a great feature, most businesses will be able to get their job done without using it.


  • Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface
  • Robust, frequently updated apps for iPad and iPhone
  • Powerful linking feature that ensures you get all the relevant info on one page
  • Daylite Mail Assistant lets you store, edit, create and manage a lot of things in the CRM right from an email
  • Data is available offline


  • Limited social media integration
  • Only works with Mac computers, iPad and iPhone
  • No native email marketing or customer care module
  • We couldn’t find a way to import contacts other than those saved in your iPad or iPhone


All in all, Daylite is a user-friendly, elegant and powerful CRM that’s offered at an affordable price. It simplifies decision making by connecting and presenting all the relevant information on one page. If your employees only use Mac computers, iPad and iPhones, there is hardly a better choice than Daylite. Be sure to take advantage of their 30-day free trial to see if it fits suitability to task.

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