EasyCRM Review

“Web based SMB CRM solution. In depth review to follow”

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Developed by MyApps-Systems, EasyCRM is described as an advanced online (web based) Customer RelationshipManagement Software application, designed to meet the CRM requirements of small and medium sized (SMB) businesses.

At approximately $30 pp pm for a 10 user system, their pricing could be more competitive, compared to some of their better-known competition. The pricing does drop substantially for more user, though (see below).

With EasyCrm you can provide the tools your company needs to increase sales and improve your service levels. It appears to be designed according to the high standards, with high performance and an advanced web interface (GUI).

As a hosted service over the web, the product requires minimal setup, and provides a cost-effective and quick to deploy solution.

EasyCrm Main Features

  1. Account management
  2. Sales and opportunities management
  3. Customer Care Helpdesk
  4. Calendar and event management
  5. Sales forecasting
  6. Competitor information management
  7. Contact management
  8. Reporting and analysis


5 User License $190/month
10 User License $290/month
20 User License $390/month
30 User License $450/month
40 User License $490/month
Additional User License Above 40 $13/month

How does their Application Service Provider (ASP) model work?

They host your data on their servers, and your users manage it through their applications via a secure internet connection, using your web browser.

Their service includes all the IT aspects, including backups, freeing you up to focus on sales and service.

Their website doesn’t exactly instill confidence – visiting their ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages are about as anonymous as they could be.

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