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"Efficy CRM solutions offer everything you need to work efficiently, to analyse your data and to attain your objectives."

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review-of-efficy-crm-for-mac-fast-reliable-and-fully-functional-on-any-mac-21440402 The Efficy CRM Atom representation. review-of-efficy-crm-for-mac-fast-reliable-and-fully-functional-on-any-mac-21440404


Dear Reader,

Being 10 years in the CRM business and often in contact with Apple Mac users I can highly recommend Efficy CRM.

It is fully Web-based CRM and fully compatible with Safari and Firefox. Even on an iPad, using Safari, you can use your Efficy CRM anywhere you need it.

There also is integration with MacMail and Entourage for saving important or relevant emails to your Efficy CRM or converting them into an appointment, a task or a document in Efficy CRM
(Convert to document will extract the attachment and save it as an Efficy document, linked to correct Contact and Company)

Moreover, with the MacMail/Entourage-Efficy integration, when creating a new email message, you can easily add recipients and attachment documents straight from Efficy CRM.

Efficy CRM can be synchronised with Exchange and Kerio Mail Server. That last one is often used in Mac environments.
Your Efficy relevant Contacts and Companies info, Agenda and Tasks will then be synchronised between you Efficy CRM and your Exchange or Kerio account.
Just plan a meeting with a prospect or customer in your Efficy agenda, link the correct Contact and Company, and after a few minutes all relevant will be transferred trough your Exchange or Kerio, to you email-client or even Blackberry or Smartphone/iPhone.

Efficy CRM is fast, flexible and has a very short learning curve, thanks to the intuitive icon navigation.

Efficy CRM is a 360°degree, many-to-many relationship CRM. Thus its structure is often represented as an atom.

It has all you can expect from a CRM, with perfect handling of the complete sales cycle, up to order and invoicing. Converting to a project and managing the project flows and milestones. Managing customer interest profiles and marketing campaigns, Helpdesk/complaints, Timesheet, …
There is an internal notification system for easily distributing or delegating work or tasks.

Throughout the whole experience, Efficy CRM offers great document management features in all entities, with even a thumbnail and pdf previewer (see New Features 2010).

It’s available as a local server installation, but Efficy also offer it as SaaS hosting solution.

For more info, checkout the website http://www.efficy.com

Best regards,

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