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on 2009-01-12
Overview of Equity Touch – web based CRM

Our hosted EquityTouch web CRM has a clear, clean and simple interface so you get the information you need, when you need it – without all the clutter.

Here are some of the great features EquityTouch offers you:

Superior Fast Searching

  • An easy CRM solution that saves you time!

Advanced Searching Including Custom Fields

  • Search for contacts using many different criteria.

“Look Ahead” Searching

  • Find the company or contact you are looking for before you finish typing the keywords.

“Distance From” Searching

  • Say you plan to meet one of your contacts located in Boston, MA, and decide you want to visit all contacts in that area in one trip to save time. You could search for all your contacts that live a within a certain radius of Boston, while applying other criteria to the search.

Saved Searches – Sharable

  • Save your search results for later, and/or share them with others.

Saved / Shared Groups and Queries

Company & People Groups

  • Create groups and place relevant companies or contacts within them. For instance, you can keep a group of Hot List companies that you are following or a group of Key People to network with.

Intelligent Relationship Management

  • EquityTouch gives you the ability to see all connections between companies and people. You can include every person involved in a specific Touch so you can get the complete picture without creating multiple Touches.

“Fly-Out” Touch View

  • Search and view your data while still entering Touch details – You are able to look at other company or person information while having a discussion on the phone.

Simple Customization

Company and People Custom Fields

  • Create custom fields for your contacts, both companies and people.

Drag and Drop Fields On Views

  • Rearrange the order in which fields appear on the screen without painful configuration settings or without opening another window.

Automatically Search Custom Fields

  • As soon as you create a custom field, it is automatically added to the Advanced Searching giving you the ability to search for information in that field as soon as it is added.

Web 2.0 Integration

  • D&B
  • Dow Jones
  • Google
  • Hoovers
  • LinkedIn
  • RSS
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo!

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook Exchange

  • Email, calendaring and contacts created within EquityTouch are automatically created in your Outlook application.


  • Customizable financial history. You determine which financial information is important to track (i.e. Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income, Average Stock Price, etc.)


  • Dynamic statistics showing your productivity including the number of Touches broken down by Touch type with hyperlinks to the dynamic data results.


  • Reports generated into Excel, Word and PDF formats.


Virtual Users and Delegates

  • You have the option to delegate another user to act as you, enabling others to enter information for you easil

Document Management

  • Upload unlimited documents related to companies and/or people, enabling you to share information with other users.

Short Cuts

AutoFill Feature

  • Helps you fill out fields by recalling previous entries.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Less mouse movements, so you don’t have to constantly switch from mouse to keyboard.

To view screen shots of EquityTouch and to learn more about Touch Ahead Software and its CRM solutions, please go to www.TouchAhead.com.