Etelos CRM Review -  Discontinued

"Etelos CRM has been discontinued."

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Product Author
Reviewed by
Roy de Vos
on 2009-15-12
If you are starting a small company (perhaps just yourself and 3-4 sales people) and decide you want one system to organize your day and your client listing for you, then Etelos CRM For Google would do the job pretty well. I think a bigger staff may require the EtelosCRM Professional version but one would have to evaluate that one as well and this was more than enough for me! I’m not 100% sure why I say this, but my gut feel on seeing the graphics seems to suggest this. There is the ability to share everything so perhaps I’m wrong.

I have an account now with Google mail, Google calendar and can use Google talk which is similar I presume to Skype, so interaction with co-workers is immediate.

The features of Etelos CRM For Google are really comprehensive: notes, contact listing, appointment book, tasks, a calling list scheduling feature, list sale prospects, a marketing toolkit which allows you to design a sales letter campaign, CNN daily news, even an Einstein quote of the day.

A large part of successful selling is regular, efficient customer contact and keeping them up to date with new products; the tools provided here are comprehensive – as long as you set aside half an hour a day to use the planning features, you should be on top of customer management. What do you need for client records? Who, when, what, where, why, how much … Etelos CRM puts it all in nice little interactive boxes on your screen.

The Etelos calendar is very comprehensive and the site as a whole covers almost any eventuality you may come across in a product launch and follow-up campaign.

Etelos CRM practices what they preach by sending an e-mail every few days offering another application which you may have missed the first time round and also offering application demos.

Drawbacks? Some features require loading a new page from the net, the application windows may be a bit small if you have the whole lot, some of the icons don’t open a little definition window and you may have to guess and then go back again…..

My business life usually involved: an A4 diary and lots of scrawling and an index card system which I could flick through when necessary and much time on the phone. I thought it was good enough but for a busy sales person with a specific range of products, Etelos CRM For Google is excellent. I always wonder though how regularly sales people do their paper, now laptop, work.

Etelos CRM Personal Edition – Free
The Etelos Personal Edition is intended for single users only, but is a complete Customer Relationship Management System. This version will be free for users and supported by ads placed by Etelos.

EtelosCRM Professional Edition – $12 Per User
Free 15 day Trial
Those with multiple users will want to select the Etelos Professional edition. This version gives users the ability to share tasks, appointments and contacts amongst users on the system. This version also allows users to take advantage of the many features available from the project management system. Designed to automate project updates and keep team members informed and working as a team, the project management module will help your organization be more successful.

EtelosCRM Enterprise Edition – Starting at $24 Per User
Free 15 day Trial
The Etelos Enterprise Edition contains all the features of the professional edition and includes access to the source code of this application and the ability to either choose a partner hosting provider or the ability to purchase a license and host it yourself.

Free Trials are NO LONGER available.

Etelos CRM For Google reviewed by Roy de Vos

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