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"Fiitfu CRM is a straightforward, yet powerful customer relationship management software, specifically intended to simplify multi-level marketing and help you achieve targets in an easy way by organizing every aspect of the MLM marketing.”

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Updated : June 2014
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This review of FIITFU CRM will delve into its suitability for the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) environment, the market it’s ostensibly designed for.

The customer is the most important element of every business. The fierce global competition has forced businesses to devise and adopt new customer friendly business strategies to retain customers and build a strong customer base. Repeat customers can provide a good stream of revenue even in difficult times.

Customer loyalty leads to repeat business and also bring in new customers through referrals. By adding a personal touch, businesses are trying to build a strong and enduring relationship with their customers. Such relationships are beneficial to customers, as well as businesses.

Today, you can find many customer relation management programs that can simplify the task of handling multiple customers at a time and help you build strong ties with your customers. You have the option of using web-based customer relationship management software or a desktop customer relationship management software.

Web-based customer relationship management programs are gaining popularity amongst the business fraternity due to the unmatched advantages it provides to businesses. The cost of such an application is quite low in comparison to a desktop application. Web-based customer relationship management programs are updated periodically and all new features are immediately available for use. is one of the popular web based customer relations management software that can help MLM professionals and businesses reach out to their customers and build a strong relationship. The unique name of the application is short for “Fortune is in the follow up”, which holds true to every MLM and sales professional.

Let’s take a look at Fiitfu CRM and learn more aboutits features and functionalities:

Getting started with Fiitfu:

Fiitfu is a web-based customer relationship management software that will provide personal support to manage and grow your business. The software is an essential tool for MLM professionals who need to keep track of important events related to business. The best way to evaluate any application or web-based service is by using and exploring all features provided in it.

You can check the usefulness of Fiitfu by registering for a free trial period of 7 days. If you refer three people from your free Fiitfu account, you can use Fiitfu free for one additional month. After the free trial period, you have the option of choosing a suitable plan for your Fiitfu account.

Cost Plan:

You can select between the:

  • Premium account priced at $19.95 per month, or the
  • Saver Plus account priced at $199.50 per year.

You have the option of pay as you go in the Premium account and can also test every functionality and feature offered on during your trial period. If you are not satisfied with the service and functionality, you can choose to discontinue the service by closing your account.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting features provided by a Fiitfu account:

Features offered in Fiitfu CRM:
Follow up notifications for everything:
 Follow up plays an important role in the conversion of leads into customers. Fiitfu offers a follow up option for everything important so that you don’t miss any opportunity to increase your business. You have follow ups for meetings, events, clients, products, and sales. Users need not worry about custom pop notification messages that are annoying. On Fiitfu, the pop up messages are generated in the form of notes along with records to guide you through the various steps of successful marketing.

Detailed order history: This feature keeps track of every sale made by you and informs you when the customer will need to reorder. This helps you predict the sales forecast estimate. You also get to know the customer wish list along with order history, so you know his/her interest well when you interact with him/her. This feature is an efficient tool for up-selling.

Efficient Party Planner: MLM professionals always have to organize meetings to meet people and develop new business opportunities. has an efficient party planner that enables you to keep track of invitations, attendance, and sales in a hassle-free manner.

Complete product catalog: As a Fiitfu user, you always have the complete product catalog at your fingertips. All detailed information about each product is always available to you. This can prove helpful if you deal in a wide range of products since it is very difficult to recall the small details of any random product while you are in meeting with your customer.

Updated client database: Fiitfu allows you to build a complete client database online. Any update made to the client database is available to each user in your account. You can access client details from any place where you have Internet connectivity.

Easy sample management: Samples are a great way to give information about new products. It can help a person create a positive image and generate interest about the product. However, most samples are often not properly distributed, and potential customers are left out, which decreases the sales. The sample management feature provided in allows the user to track each sample distributed. A user can record if any item was given as a gift or as a sample to the customer. This also helps with accounting for business expenses at the end of the year.

Easy reporting: Fiitfu CRM allows the user to create a variety of reports used in a MLM business. You can create exclusive reports for follow ups or even for your client’s birthdays. This helps MLM professionals add a personal touch to their business endeavors.

Personal invoicing: Users can create a customized invoice to add a personal touch and entice customers. Users are presented with a detailed history of all business transactions with customers, including the type of sale (event or email campaign).


Fiitfu CRM is a straightforward, yet powerful customer relationship management software, specifically intended to simplify multi-level
marketing and help you achieve targets in an easy way by organizing every aspect of the MLM marketing. provides you with the necessary tools to ensure that you do not miss out on any business opportunity due to lack of information. It is moderately priced, and you have the option of renewing your account every month or choose a yearly membership. Users can access their account from any place with an Internet connection. This feature is extremely useful for MLM professionals who are always on the move.

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