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"Funnel CRM is here to help you by automatically capturing your customer information, and creating a dedicated workspace outside your email inbox for you to work on your leads and deals.”

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Published : 10 March 2020
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Have you been looking for a new and enthusiastic workstation? A way to store client deals and leads outside the standard email inbox? Funnel CRM was created as a way to make your business run efficiently. Designed to make all the important customer data appear understandable in an organized, confidential manner.

What is Funnel CRM? 

This is a tool designed for freelance and small business professionals. It has been set up as a means to assist with managing and producing business leads. The use of this web site will move a business forward. It is capable of maintaining control over a growing customer base. Equipped with the ideal software that the freelance professional requires to grow their business and expand contact leads. 

Graphic designers, personal trainers, photographers, developers, as well as a variety of other small business owners can profit with this software. Despite the slight learning curve, practically anyone can utilize and be capable of amplifying the software with very little training required.

Caveats and Concerns

Just like any other software, it comes with several caveats. 

First, being a fairly new product, it seems to be a little rough around the edges and we saw a couple of bugs in the web/contact forms, for example. The biggest issue that stood out was, however, that are no automation options, and barely any 3rd-party integrations – except for some Google applications. 

Moreover, the last time we checked, there was no mobile app available for either Android or iOS – bummer! Last but not least, their customer service seems to be all but nonexistent. Their website was down for about two weeks, yet when we tried to inquire about this we never had a response, which was a bit disconcerting.

Designed with Freelancers and Small Businesses in mind 

Funnel CRM is capable of designing software perfect for the freelancer and small business owner. It’s a no-frills software without a lot of unnecessary extras. Instead you get a ground-breaking, easier answer to seize and cultivate sales leads, ultimately transformed into loyal customers and profitable sales. 

Your business is then cultivated as the business builds a professional rapport with customers. Allowing you to get everything accomplished with the help of this magnificent product. You will soon discover how easy this software helps your business to grow. With very little to no hassle or complications. 

Easy to Create Forms

This software offers an easy form builder that makes it so simple to create your own client forms from scratch. It is all done in one simple procedure. Once you make the forms you only have to duplicate the code and have them embedded onto your web site. It’s that simple!

As another option if you are proficient in HTML you can use your own codes and create your own forms. However, we noticed that the forms had some bugs, for instance, hitting the submit button multiple times resulted in multiple entries for the same record. 

Reaping the Benefits of Sales 

The task of storing work email, deals, and leads can get very messy and disorganized when they are kept in an inbox. This leads to the potential loss of customers, orders, and missed opportunities. With this Funnel software, you have the perfect element on your side. It is sent to the funnel where it is placed according to stage in the development of sales.


It’s not uncommon for a big company to employ a CRM system. This type of system can appear  complicated at first. With a CRM system like the one offered by Funnel CRM there is no need to feel threatened by complications.  Thus, this makes it easier to cut down on the amount of time waste.The time it originally took to handle a difficult workload with extreme features is literally depleted when you use this software. 

Funnel CRM has found innovative ways to seize customer data. It works hard at creating a workspace outside of the standard email inbox. This new workspace commits itself to all your new deals and sales leads. 

Lead Management

This is such a simple business tool you are going to wonder how your business got along without it. This section is going to cover some basic problem solving tactics.

Scenario #1: You have a pile of work inquiries arriving via your website. You may lose these queries because they may get lost within the inbox or overlooked. This results in the loss of a potential deal or client because follow-up wasn’t done promptly.

Resolution: This software permits you to form one easy contact form on your web site. This allows all work-related inquiries to go into one location within the CRM.

Scenario #2: It gives you a safer place to store all your consolidated leads. This allows the cultivating of working relationships. These leads also permit you to communicate with customers. You can put together a proposal for the business in a manner that appears professional. There will be no annoyances whenever a customer requests an estimate or quote.

Scenario #3: This is a unique service unlike none other. It allows you notification when a customer views and reads any messages you sent to them.

Scenario #4: When utilizing this software, your complete sales pipeline is viewable up to the minute. You will be capable of categorizing sales according to the phase they are in when using this product. Categories such as– what’s new, still in negotiations, new proposals, a win, and even an unfortunate loss. This all results in less work and more sales for your business.

Scenario #5: As you are aware, technology makes the business world run more efficiently. Funnel CRM is a  system allowing for customer growth and maintenance and is a proven concept making business run better. This software creates a profile using a client’s basic information and data and install it within the Funnel website.

How Much Does it Cost? 

For only $10 a month–following the initial 14-day free trial period– you get all these fine features. This will assist your business in a variety of ways. (If the “Pro-Plan” interests you, it costs $39 a month and allows up to a 5-user access)..

Product Details

The essential issues that face business today are mostly about the new and growing stages. These issues are amplified when data gets lost or misplaced or if leads are not tracked properly. Every small business owner realizes the importance of a prompt follow-up. A lot of time is wasted when using several apps for sales management and data entry. These tasks result in a loss of focus as to what is important–which is sales numbers.

FunnelCRM has created a method to stop wasting that valuable time and effort. There are innovative features solving problems without a curve for learning.In addition, there is a clean, creative design.

A web-based SaaS software which has been created with the intention of helping all small businesses, to small startups, freelancers, consultants, agencies and many more.

Never miss another deal again

When you sign up with this website you will have an advantage other business owners lack. You have the satisfaction and guarantee of knowing you will never miss out on a deal or lead again!

  • Uncovering you from that mountain of unread emails. 
  • Put some much needed organization into your business life. 
  • The days of missed leads and opportunities lost due to lack of follow up on a lead is gone.

Schedule a Demonstration

You can contact FunnelCRM and schedule a free demo to show you how their system works. They’ll assist you by giving a demonstration regarding the following topics as they pertain to your business: 

  • The history of your organization or business 
  • The status of your current workflow and sales 
  • How it can utilize your business 
  • How it can aid in your business working intelligently as it grows 
  • How it can assist your business saving you time, energy and money 

Comparisons to other CRM Companies

This next section compares other CRM companies to Funnel CRM.. 

Salesforce Essentials

Do you know what creates durable customer associations? The answer is salesforce essentials. This is a combination of CRM sales and backing. Making it easier to maintain, use, and create small businesses. 

With less time spent creating spreadsheets and more time consumed on sales this website will prove beneficial. It also includes email tracking, phone calls, scheduling of meetings, and developing current customer data. You get all of this without a lot of monotonous data entry.

Salesforce essentials are tools to make customer service more productive. Which in the long haul creates loyal customers who are loyal to you and your company.

Salesforce Essentials was founded in 1999 in the United States. This service offers a free trial period; following a monthly cost of $25 per user. 

Zoho CRM 

This CRM involves a network of 150,000 businesses that is globally empowering. There are 180 countries in which work hard to exchange extra leads. This enables customers to get more involved in the creation of revenue growth. The world’s preferred software for managing customer relationships is also renovating the way your organization does business.

Zoho has an innovative, persistent emphasis for the re-invention of a business portfolio. It is about building an enterprise that is forever growing.

PipeDrive CRM 

In comparing PipeDrive CRM to Funnel CRM software the first difference is cost. It costs $10 a month and PipeDrive costs $15 a month per user, per month.

Customer reviews state this CRM is easy to use. It allows the user to place and track deals from start to finish. This CRM has a flexibility that permits its users to keep abreast of sales and is even easy for a novice to use. The features of Pipedrive CRM and this product are very similar.

You can contact the site and schedule a free demo to show you how this system works. This website will aid you during the demonstration. Discussing everything about the following topics as they pertain to your business.

Funnel CRMs Position in the Categories 

It is a known fact that each business has its own needs and demands within the organization. Thus, it is sensible to evade buying a software resolution that claims to be all-encompassing. 

When searching software products, this seems to be almost impossible to locate. Thus, this practical phase of undertaking would be to check the features of the website. 

Additionally, you should verify what gives the most merit. Features to check for are the cost of plan per month/user. Also check the amount of ability your staff needs to operate the system as well as the size of your organization. 

This is going to take a fair amount of research on your part. Ensure that you carefully observe all evaluations on the site; as well as other software programs in full detail. It will be clear, once the reviews of other software programs are compared that this is a well-rounded site. Funnel CRM gives the promise of an excellent service to all business owners. 

Awards and Recognitions

In the year 2018, Funnel CRM received an award known as the “Great User Experience” award. This was awarded by Finances Online. Also, in 2018 it was recognized once again by Finances Online with the “Rising Star” award. 


As the awards and recognitions received in 2018 show, it is a “Rising Star” for giving a “Great User Experience”, however, this CRM has a long way to go. From improving their workflows to offering more integrations and automation to having a fully working mobile app, there are many areas that still need quite a bit of work. 

Having said that, the CRM seems to be targeted at very specific users and can be a good option for certain businesses. If you’re still unsure whether this will fit your bill or not, take advantage of their 14-day free trial and see for yourself.