InterpriseSuite SP 5.1

Why should you run with EnterpriseSuite 5.1 Service Pack?

Here are the new features:

InterpriseSuite 5.1 Customer Module

  • Ability to mark the order or invoice as shipped.
    Added Date Shipped and Is Shipped fields on Order tab page of sales order and invoice. This allows the explicit tagging of an order or invoice as shipped.
  • Ability to process commission per contact.
    Added the contact name and contact code fields to Process Commission wizard, also added those fields on Commission tab of the sales rep form.
  • Customer name on Allocate Free Stock Routine. Replaced the customer code with the customer name on the grid.

Enterprise Suite SP5
eCommerce Module

  • Multi-country filtering – Enabled filtering of country data on the web.
  • Web multi-contact email validation. When creating a contact for new or existing customers, the system will validate their email so there will be no duplicates.

EnterpriseSuite SP5
CRM Module

  • Opportunity Certainty – The % Certainty is a lookup on another table where the user can set up default percentages, and then a short definition of what each % should mean in their business
  • Support Center – This is where we will manage all support issues.
  • Campaign Wave (Integration with the email service) – Sending and merging of email messages will be done on the email service.

Interprise Suite SP5
Inventory Module

  • Assembly as assembly components – ability to make an assembly item as part of another assembly.
  • Override Sales Tax – ability to supersede the shipping tax codes defined in the customer module.

Interprise Suite SP5
Accounting Module

  • Financial Layout PNL Summary – this feature allows for multiple Financial Statements, ideal for a company having different branches/locations.

InterprizeSuite SP5
Banking Module

  • Save Reconciliation – ability to start reconciliation, save it without reconciling the transactions then go back later to complete reconciliation.
  • Deposit Receipt in Reconciliation – shows the deposit receipt details.

InterpriseSuite SP5
Email module

  • Email Service – This is a server side process where sending/receiving of all emails will be done.
  • Email Signature – Default signature when creating new email message.

InterpriseSuite SP5
Reports Module

  • Creating reports is even easier with new controls making report creation faster and the following new features:
  • Allows you to set the form where the report is to be printed which is now located at Report Title?s Page.
  • When you click the Report Writer, a pop-up form will allow you to choose how to create the report. You will have the ability to create the report through Report Writer, use a blank a report, and use the existing report which is a physical report. The last ability of creating the report will be added on the release of 2009.
  • The Report Designer has also been updated with the following features added:
  • Shortcuts are implemented on the Menu Bars, Toolbars, Field List, Toolbox and Property Box. Necessary when user does not uses the mouse.
  • Ability to create a new report inside the report designer which allows you to choose on how you want to create your report.
  • Ability to change the page setup.
  • Ability to preview the report with data.
  • Ability to print, export, email, fax and preview and make a lowest cost on the report when you click the Print on File Menu inside the report designer which is before you can either print the report on the designated form or on the dashboard only.
  • You can now create report from scratch without going on the Report Wizard. Click the Report Writer then select the Blank Report

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