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“IXACT Contact is an ideal CRM for realtors who want a simple and easy-to-use application to manage their real estate business."

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Updated: 24th July 2023
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Regarded as one of the leading web-based real estate CRMs, IXACT Contact is equipped with some very useful features, including functionality-rich Contact Profiles and a powerful Marketing System. You can store all the important details (from basic info to spouse/partner details to work details to family details to pet/hobbies details and so on) about your contacts, which is extremely useful for realtors. Highlights include a done-for-you monthly e-newsletter, detailed Contact History, visual business pipeline,  interactive Calendar, Automated Keep-In-Touch Coach, to-do list with task and appointment reminders, Active Business management, Goal Setting and Tracking and dedicated Business Directory and Reports.

IXACT Contact offers Team functionality, allowing full multi-user and synchronization support. Teams can work collaboratively in the CRM sharing contacts, tasks and appointments. There is also a new Automated Social Media Marketing option “Social Stream” Allows users to auto-post top-tier content to their Social Media pages and capture leads of the readers of the post content.

In short, it’s a quick, intuitive and user-friendly CRM system to help realtors convert more leads into listings and attract more referrals and repeat business.

IXACT Contact at a glance

Quick overview

Overall rating:  9/10
Free trial: Yes (for 60 days with partner code PN1)
Ideal for: Real estate professionals
Training required: Yes – basic level
Multi-User: Yes
Mass import/export: Yes
Email marketing: Yes
Lead capturing: Yes
Social media integration: Yes
Mobile support: Yes

Company’s Background

The IXACT Contact Solutions Inc. is a sister company of Morris Marketing Group, a company established in 1929, which offers marketing solutions to real estate businesses. The company’s lifelong experience of working closely with realtors has helped them integrate almost every important feature into IXACT Contact.

Getting started (4/5)

Signup is a 3-step process; you have to give your contact details, choose a plan type and enter payment information. Then, you can test drive IXACT Contact for up to 60 days. Contact imports can be done at the user-level from a .csv or Excel file or you can email your file to the support team and they will upload for you. With the new set up wizard and IXACT Contact’s Concierge set-up service and unlimited ongoing support they will have you up and running quickly and easily

Workspace (18/20)

IXACT’s work area is pretty well-thought out and logically structured. Though there are only a few modules, every module is literally packed with features. The good thing is that all the related menus are displayed right on one screen i.e. if you open any of your Contacts, you can see their profile, properties, related tasks, actives, history and more on the same screen. Likewise, you can add a task or appointment for a contact while viewing their profile or quickly add contacts when creating a new email campaign – in short, IXACT rids you of the hassle of switching between different tabs to perform different activities.

If you select some of the contacts through their robust search and filter capabilities, a drop down menu at the top of the page enables you to perform a variety of useful activities with the selected contacts instantly.

The user interface is uncluttered and saved contact profiles hide sections without data so that you are not scrolling long pages of empty fields, making it easy to review contact information quickly.

User interface (8/10)

The user interface is simple and intuitive. Though there is a short learning curve, the interface is designed for novices. You’ll surely love using IXACT once you get acquainted with all the little tricks and tweaks.

Price (9/10)

IXACT Contact costs $39 per month, which is pretty affordable considering you get a CRM, an email marketing system, and a monthly e-Newsletter, all in one.  On top of that, you can save 15% if you choose the annual plan, which costs only $396 per annum and there is no contract required.

Integration with other apps (7/10)

IXACT Contact have made many updated to integrations.

They also now have an API

IXACT Contact can synchronize data with iCal on the Mac and Outlook on the PC. You can also wirelessly sync your contacts from a PDA or smartphone.

Customization (8/10)

You can customize the IXACT Contact dashboard to reorder and view the different widget in the order that helps you the most and can even turn off widgets that you do not want to see on the dashboard.

You can also customize the done-for-you Monthly e-Newsletter with your own content by editing the standard articles and/or images and can create custom email templates, e-cards, Activity Plans, drip email campaigns and letters & labels etc.

Mobile support (5/5)

IXACT’s Mobile app gives you access to the CRM on your smartphone and with Wireless or Google Synchronization automatically updates your contact names, addresses and phone numbers as well as your Calendar and  with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. You have to call the helpline to get the instructions for the wireless sync setup, which is free. There is no Blackberry support.

Scalability (8/10)

IXACT Contact allows for multiple users to share the same login if they wish to do so, and the CRM also offers a Teams version that gives real estate teams the flexibility and control to manage all aspects of the business and marketing, while still being easy enough for everyone to learn and use.  With the Teams version of IXACT Contact each team member has their own calendar and task list which can be shared among team members, users can assign leads, appointments and tasks to other team members and can choose to send each marketing communication with either Team or individual team member branding.   The Team version is priced at $39/month for the team leader and $27/month for each additional team member. IXACT Contact also offers brokerage partnerships with competitive and flexible group pricing for brokerages of all sizes.

Customer support (10/10)

The support department is currently open from 9am to 8pm EST, Monday to Friday. The support team takes 24 hours to process your request for importing contacts (or use the self-import tool to upload your contacts yourself). We were impressed by their quick and detailed responses.

Backup and security (10/10)

In terms of security, IXACT is hosted in a data centre which does not allow outside access by unauthorized personnel and every effort is put forth to ensure that your information is inaccessible to other users accessing the database at any given time.

“There has never been a reported case of any intrusion or attack successfully causing any change, let alone the loss of information, in our entire 4 year history, so I would not expect one to occur at any point in the foreseeable future,” commented Devon Gardner, Customer Support Representative.

Regular, automatic data backups make sure you don’t lose your important data.

Feature List

Let’s take a quick look at the main features:


The Home Page Dashboard is the “at-a-glance” view of your business. It gives quick
access to the Keep In Touch Coach, Business Pipeline, tasks and appointments, Active Business listings, Active Buyers, contact list, and contacts imported from another software, synchronized from your phone, or captured from your web site that are pending processing.

My Contacts

It’s a comprehensive contact management system where you can view and manage Contact Profiles, their properties, their history, contact-specific events and reminders, and a lot more. You can also log calls & add notes which are shown on the Contact History tab.

Two other very useful tabs here are Keep In Touch and Business Directory. Under Keep In Touch, you can set up automated birthday and move in anniversary reminders or contact-specific events, and assign contacts to global events. The Business Directory has information from the Work Details section of the Contact Profile tab and also allows you to enter additional business related information.

My Calendar

It’s a simple calendar, just like you see in most other CRMs, where you can add an appointment, view your calendar with appointments in the work area, or quickly access details of today’s appointments. When a sync with Google, Outlook or your smart phone is connected the calendar in IXACT Contact will show your appointments from your external calendar and vice-versa.

My Task List

It’s a to-do list in the left navigation bar, as well as a widget on the Dashboard.The Task List gives you an instant view of upcoming and overdue tasks. Though the task list is pretty simple, it features almost all the necessary options you might desire e.g. you can update the status of a task depending how much percentage has been accomplished, you can prioritize the tasks, you can mark certain tasks as Recurring, you can add reminders, and so on.

In both the web format and mobile app, when you view a task it will also include the contact name appended to facilitate the attaching of contacts to tasks with wireless synchronization. We really liked the way IXACT contact makes task management a breeze.

Keep In Touch (KIT)

This menu has global events (e.g. a monthly newsletter),as well as birthday and move-in anniversary events. The system also allows you to create custom KIT events in seconds. You can also automate activities based on your KIT events e.g. send a letter or email about an event to the selected contacts.

Activity Plan

This is one of the most useful features found in IXACT contact. It allows you to schedule each step of your important contact relationships. You can also set up different activities related to each of your Active Business listings. There are several predefined marketing plans (Drip e-mail campaigns) so you can start interacting with your contacts, managing your listing and closing activities straightaway.

The best thing about Activity Plans is that you can automate most of the follow-up activities. The software creates a series of relevant tasks such as automated emails and reminders for when you have to call a new contact, send a prospecting email or put up a sign for a new listing. Each task has a due date based on when the plan is assigned, so you’ll never be behind schedule.

Mass Email

It’s a powerful, full-fledged email marketing service that allows you to create custom Mass- Emails, or use the pre-saved templates and monthly newsletters.You can send these emails to your entire list or to specific contacts. There are dozens of ready made templates, including seasonal e-cards which can be customized with a few mouse clicks. With IXACT’s email campaign reporting, you’re not leaping in the dark as it tells you all the details about your campaign you need to know for improving future promotions.

Letters & Labels

There are literally hundreds of letter templates as well as the ability to create mailing labels or envelopes. You can use the letter templates just as they are, modify them to your needs, or create your own from scratch. Personalized letters for all your clients, prospects and other contacts are automatically created and ready to print on your company’s letterhead. The built-in templates can be very useful as they really add value to your clients and help you win their faith.

Active Business

Active Business helps you stay on top of active listings, active buyers and prospective buyers. At the bottom of the page, you can view your entire business history. What’s more, for each property listing, you can include details about the property, record closing dates with automated reminders, add details about an offer, track commissions, schedule reminders for critical dates, track related parties, and upload and store important documents.

You can really take your business to the next level by tracking the work you do to sell/buy a property, and presenting your clients with a detailed report.

Business Directory

It’s a list of professionals and companies you can recommend to your clients upon their request.


For analysing your progress and better decision making, you can make use of a wide range of pre-designed reports – but we couldn’t find a way to generate custom reports.

Just choose any of the reports, select the desired contacts and the final report will be generated promptly which you can export as PDF or XLS and save it to your disk, or print it.


This is the menu which helps you synchronize or import your contacts into IXACT Contact or export them as a CSV file. Here you will find the self-import tool to upload your contacts list. You will also be able to accept your captured or synchronized leads and merge duplicate contacts.

Recycle Bin

Any record or entity (a contact, a property, a to-do) you delete from your CRM, goes into the recycle bin, which is pretty handy in case you mistakenly delete something and want to restore it.


It’s a comprehensive knowledge base with feature specific tutorial videos, and a complete, searchable, user guide, which can help you thoroughly understand IXACT Contact. It also features invaluable sections that divulge best practices for newsletters, email campaigns and letters.

User Profile

Here you can set up your system preferences, as well as things like your time zone, password and security question.

Pros of IXACT Contact

  • Simple yet all-inclusive application that integrates CRM, marketing and monthly e-newsletter into one dashboard
  • One-page, highly functionality-rich contact profiles allow you to manage your clients efficiently
  • Hundreds of built-in templates help you perform different activities (e.g. creating activity plans, sending mass emails, creating letters and labels) with just a few mouse clicks
  • Beats the competition hands down when it comes to ease of use and email marketing with powerful reporting
  • Compatible with windows as well as Mac, and runs on almost all the modern browsers
  • You get a free professionally written and designed e-newsletter every month which you can (customize and) send to your prospects and clients
  • Offers considerable automation of activities so you can focus on your business

Cons of IXACT Contact

  • One of the few cons of IXACT contact was the signup form. However, this has been changed to an easy three step form www.ixactcontact.com/PN


IXACT Contact is an ideal CRM for realtors who want a simple and easy-to-use application to manage their real estate business. Because of its high-end contact management system, powerful email marketing, handy built-in templates and affordable price, we recommend you to try IXACT Contact for 60-Days … without having to pay a dime. To try IXACT Contact free for 60-Days go to www.ixactcontact.com/PN .

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