KashFlow Small Business Accounting System Overview.

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on July 9, 2014

While KashFlowis a UK based company and product, KashFlow can be and is used in many other countries besides the UK. The software has got the option that enable users set up different taxes depending on the country they currently live in. (This is done in Settings -> Taxes.)

PayPal Integration

KashFlow is the only accounting software with certified PayPal integration. KashFlow works in tandem with your PayPal account. So now you can manage your accounts just as safely, securely and easily as receiving payments. (Are you using PayPal yet? The PayPal Business Service is fantastic!)

KashFlow can automatically generate invoices for you and send them by email as PDF files. You can select to include any of the PayPal payment buttons on your invoice.

Never again will you have to manually enter data from PayPal into your accounts!

KashFlow automatically connects to your PayPal account and retrieves details of sales, customers, purchases and suppliers. It can then either create new customer/supplier records and invoices based on that information, or assign the payments to existing invoices.

All transfers to and from your bank account and all of the PayPal fees that you’ve been charged are recorded.

Multi-Platform, User & Location.

Because this is all accessed via your web browser, KashFlow will work on virtually any platform – whether that be a Mac, a Windows PC or something else.

You can have multiple people logged in at the same time, and you can of course access your account from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.

CRM Integration with KashFlow Accounting


CapsuleCRM, one of our highly recommended CRM’s, integrates seamlessly with KashFlow Accounting. You can link your CRM system directly to your Accounting system through the CapsuleCRM/KashFlow interface.

Customer Account Information

  • See your Customer’s account balance, overdue balance, total sales and last invoice date on their Account page
  • Create a new Customer in KashFlow with one click
  • Update existing Customers in KashFlow with new data
  • Click through directly from the Account page to the Customer’s KashFlow account

Invoices and Quotes

  • Turn an Opportunity into a Quote in KashFlow
  • Create and post Sales Invoices within KashFlow from an Opportunity