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"LeGrand Adds CRM To Small Businesses Using QuickBooks Accounting"

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Turn your QuickBooks accounting into a QuickBooks CRM solution with LeGrand!

With the release of LeGrand CRM Version 4, the AccountLink interface supports the US, Canadian, UK and Australian editions of Quickbooks 2004 PRO and Premier.

LeGrand provides a simple and effective way to link your CRM data to your Quickbooks PRO and Premier accounting data.

Legrand’s Accounting Link further increases the effectiveness of your office systems by creating a seamless link between Legrand CRM and your Quickbooks system, thus helping to avoid double entries, no more wasted time, and voila – QuickBooks CRM.

With a few simple clicks, your sales people and account managers can access a customer’s outstanding account balances, contact information, credit limits and accounting notes, all from within Legrand CRM’s consolidated information center.

In addition to importing/exporting address & contact details and financial summaries, the optional Accountlink module also provides live access to the invoicing information in your Quickbooks accounting database.

Import your Quickbooks contacts into Legrand CRM
Create new Customers in Quickbooks directly from Legrand CRM
Ensure Customer addresses and Contact details are consistent between the CRM and accounting databases
View the recent list of Customer invoices, then simply double-click to drill-down into the Quickbooks invoice (requires Quickbooks and Accountlink to be installed on your computer)
Import a Customer’s Credit Status, Account Balances and Notes into Legrand CRM. Once imported into the Legrand CRM database, these accounting summaries are available to all Legrand CRM users, including remote users who will get the latest update when they synchronize their database.
Provides your front office staff (using Legrand CRM) with financial summaries about your Customers without needing direct access to the Quickbooks accounting system

LeGrand CRM v4.01 now shipping.

This latest update provides more configuration to control how the Customer addresses in QuickBooks are mapped to the Legrand CRM addresses.

LeGrand CRM v4.01 also increases the ‘live’ access to the QuicksBooks accounting database, enabling you to access both ‘posted’ and ‘non posted’ Customer transactions.

Posted transactions include Invoices, Sales Receipts and Credit Memos, while non-posted transactions include Sales Orders and estimates.

Simply double-click on the listing in Legrand CRM to drill-down into the QuickBooks transaction.

Legrand CRM V4.01 Update is now available from their web site. This download is available at no charge to existing V4 users.

In addition to the previously mentioned changes to the QuickBooks interface this V4.01 update fixes some small problems in data entry, QuickSearch and mailmerge functions.

Also included in this update is a performance enhancement of the optional Customer Service module.

Watch out for the official announcement of LeGrand CRM V4.5 in July ’05.

Read more about LeGrand CRM and how you can add CRM to your Quickbooks.

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