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on 2009-25-12

Developed by BreakThrough Productions, MarketMaster seems to be a comprehensive Apple Mac CRM for OSX program for someone who is a: launching a new product or b: wants to maintain control of a perhaps wayward sales force. I think it would be effective as sales automation software for a sales force of 5 or more, the level you get to when a sales manager can’t be in touch on a daily basis, but needs to know how far each aspect of the program has reached.

MarketMaster is divided into five sections: Set up, Routine, Reports, Special, Manager.

The Set Up allows one to establish the basic format of the program.

The letter style, content (templates given), timeline for contacting the client, ability to analyse results.

The Routine allows the salesperson to plan just about anything related to a customer call: initial call, client details, history of calls, success rate and everything is automatically updated.

Reports Control assesses feedback from staff and rates performance:
excellent for ensuring full coverage of areas and making sure that there is consistency in following up leads. Each segment of the client contact is covered. Who was spoken to, when, what result was achieved, when the next contact should be made, what will be the motivation and expectation from the next contact.

The Special section deals with once off promo’s, follow up letters, or targeting a particular group which can easily be pulled out of the client base.

The Manager section allows the Sales Manager to keep an easy check on performance of salespeople, calling schedule, follow up, ensuring that there isn’t a gap in the client/salesperson contact. This can also be defined by territory.

The graphics are no-nonsense and easy to find your way around.

Sales staff who are not accustomed to detailed reporting may resent having every aspect of their client contact assessed, but when you are spending a lot of money on a advertising / launch / distribution this sort of in-depth customer analysis is essential in projecting production and budgeting.

While MarketMaster lacks the sophistication of other Apple CRM’s like Elements CRM, all in all, MarketMaster is a comprehensive CRM system, ideal for manufacturing businesses. If I were launching a product to a specific market and needed to ensure that everyone in my client base got to see the product and was constantly reminded what we were selling, I would definitely consider using this program to evaluate the market penetration and manage my sales staff.

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