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Review – OfficeXta Social CRM Serves As The Facebook And Twitter For Businesses

NEWS RELEASE – OfficeXta Social CRM Review


OfficeXta Brings Social Networking to Businesses with Launch of Social CRM Platform; Serves as the Facebook and Twitter for Business Enterprises

Company Employees Gain Additional Productivity from Real-Time Collaboration with Co-Workers, Customers and Partners; Even Customers Can Talk Directly to Each Other

ATLANTA, Georgia – Nov. 1, 2010 – OfficeXta (, a cloud-based social CRM solution that enables employees to collaborate with their business partners, customers and co-workers in real-time, announced today that its service is available to any business, regardless of size. The OfficeXta Social Business Network platform serves as the social network and collaboration hub for businesses who seek additional productivity and results from their employees through better communication with each audience they work with (co-workers, partners and especially customers).

While there are other cloud-based CRM solutions on the market, OfficeXta competitors only offer collaboration between employees. OfficeXta offers the first social CRM platform featuring collaboration for employees and their customers and business partners. OfficeXta also allows customers of any business the ability to talk to one another.

A November 2009 IBM study pointed out some serious challenges for employee collaboration.

  • 2/3 of employees think there are co-workers who can help them, but they don’t know where to find them
  • 42% of workers admit to making decisions based on the wrong information at least once per week
  • Each week, businesses waste 5 hours per employee due to inefficient business processes

Add to those challenges the lack of good customer feedback and poor customer service and you’ve got a recipe for poor business practices.

“We think that OfficeXta is the Facebook and Twitter for businesses because it combines the collaboration and instant feedback of social networks with real-time communication that makes it seem like each distributed group is right there in the same office getting things done quickly and efficiently,” said Emeka Okwara, founder and CEO of OfficeXta. “Our platform ensures that productivity increases and because OfficeXta is cloud-based, it literally takes minutes to get set up and running.”

OfficeXta features include:

  • Every communication via OfficeXta is encrypted with an SSL certificate
  • Sharing status updates as well as documents and applications with customers, co-workers and partners across OfficeXta and multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Sharing events with everyone in your network
  • View Real-Time feeds of co-worker, customer, and partner activities
  • View customer feedback from Twitter and Facebook in one place
  • Provide support to customers and partners in real-time as issues arise
  • Receive instant feedback from community through broadcast messages
  • Accessible anywhere on mobile devices and any computer
  • Analytic tools that measure how many people in your network are actually viewing your social network posts and other messages

Some of the benefits OfficeXta brings to companies include:

  • Enabling and improving knowledge sharing among co-workers to provide for better decision-making among employees which increases work efficiency.
  • Improving customer service and product improvement through better customer feedback.
  • Business partners and companies can collaborate to serve the customers more efficiently, eliminating service and product delays due to improved communication.


OfficeXta is priced at $4 per user per month. Anyone can sign up for a free trial of OfficeXta here.

Partner and Resellers

OfficeXta offers an open system that can be easily integrated into a company’s existing software (or backend system) and third party application. This integration is possible using the OfficeXta developer API. Partners interested in integrating OfficeXta into other products or resellers wishing to offer OfficeXta as part of their overall solutions can register here:

About OfficeXta

OfficeXta is a cloud-based social CRM solution that enables employees to collaborate with co-workers, business partners, and customers in real-time over the OfficeXta Social Business Network platform. The additional collaboration between businesses and their audiences (customers, partners, co-workers) helps increase productivity and improves customer service and product improvements. For more information about OfficeXta, visit the website.

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