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“The user interface is uncluttered, beautiful and highly responsive… Recent updates have taken OnePage CRM to the next level, however, the most compelling feature of OnePage is its intuitive pipeline that helps you keep your business in business”.

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Read Updated Review – 23rd October 2018 here ….

Note: OnePage has made several major enhancements to their CRM over the past few months, so we’ve updated our review accordingly.

Though we were already flabbergasted by the amalgam of simplicity and high-tech functionality, considering the new features as well as numerous updated ones, OnePage has now become even more impressive – read our comprehensive OnePageCRM review to find out the details.

While most CRM’s place emphasis on contact management, OnePage pays more attention to Lead Follow ups in order to boost your sales. Its core focus is on action and efficiency, without involving admin-heavy features. The uncluttered interface, offering a combination of sales methodologies and CRM components, should increase productivity for any small business.

OnePageCRM is based on GTD (Getting Things Done) – an innovative managerial process formulated by David Allen, the famous productivity consultant.

  • Our Rating: 85/100 (OR 8.5/10)
  • Deciding upfront on actions
  • Uncluttered focus
  • Forcing “what’s the next action?”
  • Action states: Next Action, Waiting for
  • Stress-free sales productivity
  • Capturing leads form web: Yes (via integration with Wufoo)

In short, OnePageCRM helps you focus on that one next action to ensure smooth and speedy running of your sales tasks and business.

OnePageCRM at a glance

  • Free Trial: Yes (for 30 days)
  • Ideal for: Small business with a small sales team
  • Training required: No
  • Mass import/export: Yes
  • Email marketing campaigns: Yes
  • Kudos: Winner of Best New Web Application (Irish Web Awards 2010), Silver & Bronze Medal Winner for Top CRM Solution (Top Sales Awards 2010 & 2011), Semi-finalist of 2012 CRM Idol Awards
  • Their HQ is in Upper Newcastle, Galway, Ireland.

What’s new?


The simple Contact Search has been modified into a sophisticated search tool to let you search through entire data.



Handy Notifications Area can be used to assign contacts to a teammate or create new contacts from Bcc’d emails. Whenever someone assigns you a Contact, you’ll receive an alert.

The new Activity tab ensures that all the latest activities form your team, including specific views for deals, contact activities and users, are just one click away.

If you’re in B2B sales, you’ll love the new option that allows you to automatically see colleagues associated with contacts and the activities across the company.


Last but not the least is the option to assign Next Action to a team member. Since the whole CRM is based on “Next Action Philosophy”, this feature was badly needed. Once you create a Next Action, you can assign it to any of your team members, who will be notified about it and the assigned action will appear on their Action Stream.

Getting started – the free trial & the free forever plan (5/5)

Just fill the few basic details to start managing your business, or sign up using your Google Account. The trial version lets you try out all the features for 30 days. There’s also a Forever Free account for single users who have up to 50 contacts, 5 deals and need up to 50 MB storage space.


Work Area (15/20)

The Action Stream is actually your Task List, right on the dashboard. It’s not a typical task list found in most high-end CRMs e.g. the InTouch CRM, as it employs a unique and innovative approach to help you manage your to-dos: the Contacts with their next relevant task and due date are displayed on the Action Stream.

Every Contact has a field labeled Next Action, where you can add up to one hundred-word explanation for the Next Task. OnePage CRM doesn’t have a calendar but if you want to see your to-dos on a calendar, OnePage lets you export your tasks to Google Calendar or iCal.


If your Next Task entails a prompt online action, the contact menu has quite a few options including communicating with the client through social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and video conferencing via Skype. But if it was an offline action e.g. making a phone call or sending a fax, you can simply add the details under the Notes. The only missing feature here is sending your contact an email message directly from the contact screen.

User Interface (9/10)

The user interface is uncluttered, beautiful and highly responsive. On your main dashboard, if you open a menu, instead of the whole page getting refreshed, the menu itself pops up quickly. Ironically the buttons, however, don’t have the tooltips (a little box with text that appears when you hover your mouse over a button). On a positive note, if you mistakenly deleted a record, you can easily undo it.

Price (10/10)

In addition to the Free Forever plan, there are three other affordable plans. Besides, you can save up to 17% by opting for a quarterly or yearly plan.


Customization (6/10)

Some CRMs, like BlueCamroo, allow you to customize your dashboard just the way you want simply by drag and drop process. The user interface of OnePage can’t be customized heavily, however, you can add custom fields, custom status labels, custom lead sources, and custom action set.


Integration with 3rd party apps (10/10)

You can integrate your OnePage CRM with several other useful applications such as MailChimp, Skype, Gmail/Google Apps Conversations, Google Calendar, and iCal. Though the CRM doesn’t allow hardcore integration with social media portals, you can add links to your contact’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles in order to view their recent status updates. If you want to integrate OnePage with any other application, simply vote for it under Vote for New App Integrations section.

The most notable app that integrates with OnePage, however, is Zapier – the data synchronizer. It opens a gateway to push data between OnePage and 60+ other business apps, quickly and securely. Through integration with Zapier, you can forward MailChimp subscribers to your Contacts, move and tweak contacts between OnePage and different apps, or even send text messages to your Contacts (which is similar to the built-in SMS campaign found in InTouch CRM). When OnePage and Zapier are together, the options are almost endless

With dropbox and google drive integration, users can attach documents from either their dropbox or google drive to notes and deals within OnePage. This is useful if a user wants to attach an invoice or order form to these notes or deals, so they don’t have to go searching for them once a deal is won.

Wufoo is a site for creating online webforms and surveys. Their Wufoo integration creates a contact in OnePage for every person who has filled in the Wufoo webform and is useful for lead generation. The information the user entered into Wufoo is also automatically updated to the contacts details.

Mobile Support (2/5)

Beta version of native mobile app suitable for iPhone is available to help you manage your business on the go.

Scalability (6/10)

By choosing the TEAM plan, you can add up to 10 team members. If you want to have more users, contact the support team to avail this option. This ability to add more users is expected to be rolled out publically, pretty soon.

Customer Support (7/10)

In addition to the detailed knowledgebase, OnePage offers quick and comprehensive customer support via phone and email during the office hours.

Back up & Security (10/10)

OnePage uses a reliable cloud hosting company Amazon (AWS), and backs up your data every night. Their servers have Thawte issued security certificates, so the information flowing between you and the server is encrypted.

Features of OnePage CRM

The features are exclusively fabricated for small business service providers with small sales teams that need to focus on closing deals without wasting time on overcomplicated features.

My Action Stream

The very first glance at the Action Stream will divulge everything you need to do today. It’s an innovative to-do list that features your upcoming tasks with the linked Contact and due date. What’s more, select one or multiple Actions and you can assign them to your teammates, add tags, update their status, delete actions or add due date.

Contacts A-Z/Organizations

Unlike most other CRMs that are a dead contact list, OnePage offers a dynamic list that prioritizes your time. All your contacts can be sorted alphabetically as well as according to their associated sales actions. Sorting your contacts according to associated actions ensures your customers don’t fall between the cracks. You can also search contacts and add new contacts.


Star your most rewarding Contacts and they’ll be listed under Starred for quick access. If you’re waiting for a client to respond to your sales pitch, move them to Waiting For and you can quickly nudge them again if they take too long to respond. Click the tiny icon with two buildings to view the organizations you’re trading with.

Open a contact and you’ve all their associated information and deals at your fingertips. Editing any information, adding new deals or actions can be done in one place i.e. click, edit and save.


In addition to other updates, redesigned, faster access to “account view” is probably the most helpful for your daily tasks since it gives quick access to all the contacts from the same company.


Another very useful little setting is added that hides all your contacts without any action assigned, so you only view and focus on the contacts that matter to you.


Team Stream

On your Team Stream, you can view Actions for all users or for a specific user – an ideal option for managers. All your team members are listed here, to view the tasks assigned to them, hit their name and the window will pop up. You can also add/remove more users from this menu.

Activity Reporting

Activity Reporting gives you the opportunity of measuring your team’s performance form a different angle as all the latest activities, including specific views for deals, contact activity and users, can be viewed for a selected period, for particular employee and based on specific criteria.

OnePageCRM - Activity ReportingStatus

This menu categorizes your contacts into Lead, Prospect, Customer, Inactive, and General. You can easily view any category for better decision making.


If you want to add different Contacts into custom groups, you can Tag them through this menu.OnePage has recently enhanced their Tags menu and now it creates global tags by default i.e. whenever you add a new tag, it becomes visible to the entire team members. Hitherto, only the user who created the tag could “make it a Global tag”, which was confusing and time consuming. However, now you don’t have to wait for the Account owner to create Tags, worry about duplicated Tags or using a similar but different Tag to other team members.


Want to filter your contacts on a certain criteria? This menu is your savior. In addition to the built-in filters, you can create and manage custom filters as per your particular needs. OnePage has now added custom fields and advanced options so you can create and manage custom filters for specific groups of contacts. On top of that, you can filter by combination of multiple options e.g. contact’s status, stars, lead source, next action, custom fields and so on.

Lead Source

This menu gives you an idea of where your leads are coming from i.e. Advertisement, Email or Web, Referral, Word of Mouth etc. The problem here is that you’ve to manually add the Lead Source for every contact.


If you want to see your most recent dealing with the Contacts, this menu is the way to go. You can see your recently added, imported, edited or viewed contacts. Previously known as the ‘Recently’ submenu, has now been converted into a fast and more accurate ‘Recent’ submenu which shows history of all viewed, edited or new contacts in chronological order.

Activities/Sales Figure

You can list your Activities and Sales Figures are on the right of your Action Stream. The Activity menu gives you a bird’s eye view of the recent happenings of your team. You can also set and monitor your sales targets either by month or quarter or even compare revenue generated with sales targets.

Deals/Sales Pipeline

Probably the most compelling feature of OnePage is its intuitive pipeline that helps you keep your business in business. It has all the necessary, up-to-date information you need to know before making any decision.

It comes across as an enhanced and more powerful version of the basic pipeline found in Bizness CRM for example, though OnePage lacks the powerful lead capturing mechanism as found in Bizness CRM.


Here, you can view your monthly, quarterly or yearly deals in the form of a beautiful funnel. To have rough forecasting or a quick view of the proceedings, switch to simple pipeline. For more in-depth analysis, switch to full pipeline which tracks deals through multiple stages and presents more accurate forecasting. You can also turn the pipeline off, if you’ve very short sales cycle or want to create deals very quickly. Turing your pipeline off doesn’t remove any information you‘ve entered previously.

On the same page, if you scroll down, you’ll see your Pending Deals, and sales performance in the past that can be useful in improving your sales techniques. Moreover, there is a table showing Deal Conversion and another with details of last 10 Deals.


A great new addition to Deals menu is recurring monthly deals, just a couple clicks and OnePage calculates total value of the deal and also updates selected months in your pipeline.



You can add or remove different apps from this menu. Currently, you can use three different applications including Skype, MailChimp and Gmail/Google Apps Conversations. If you want to see a specific application on your OnePage dashboard, you can vote for it on the same page.



This is where you can import/export data, set your personal preferences, manage your email Dropbox or other features including Localization, Sales Actions, Custom Fields, Tags, Filters, Subscription and Users.

Today’s Sales Actions

Every day, you’ll get a reminder email which lists your actions due (and overdue) for the day. There’s also a brief summary of the current month’s sales and pending deals. This is another great functionality of OnePage to ensure you’re 100% aware of your tasks and deals – no matter you’re in your office or on a holiday trip to a remote Safari park!



These are actually two different icons at the left-bottom corner of the screen. Click Help and you’ll be directed to the help page where you can find different articles on FAQs. If you hit the Support icon a tiny popup will appear and you can quickly contact the support team to identify a bug, request a feature or ask any general question.



In the past, OnePage was compared to likes of Highrise and Base, but after the addition of new features we can relate it to first-class CRMs like InfusionSoft and Salesforce CRM.



  • Easy sign up, affordable prices and a Free Forever plan
  • Uncluttered focus on prospects ensures quick follow up for maximum sales efficiency
  • Innovative, dynamic Contact List
  • Capture leads from contact’s email directly, with complete info including the Next Action
  • For enhanced accessibility, each and every details about your Contacts (including the associated tasks and deals) is on one screen
  • Communicate your contacts via Skype or social media sites, right from the contact window
  • Sensational, highly-customizable sales funnel reveals all you need to know about your Actions, Goals And Deals
  • Integrates to dozens of other business apps. This not only centralizes your data but also lets you control all your activities from one screen
  • User-friendly and speedy interface – no long server-side refreshes
  • Data integrity is ensured with SSL encryption and daily backups


  • Though OnePage is one of the best applications for sales teams of small businesses, it probably doesn’t offer enough customization for big companies
  • You can’t send email to a Contact directly from the contact menu
  • Doesn’t feature a calendar
  • Very limited mobile support at present. Mobile version is undergoing beta testing.
  • One thing which we really missed in OnePage, and which could really make it a perfect sales-driven CRM, is more thorough automation of the sales process.

Final words

The new features and enhancements have turned OnePage CRM into a handy app for small businesses that focus on sales. Though some features (e.g. notifications) can be considered pure ‘bells and whistles’, most updates will add immense value to the users; so we have changed our rating from 8/10 to 8.5/10. The best thing is that they haven’t increased their price and you can test drive the CRM for full 30 days or, if you are a single user with a few customers, you can enjoy their forever free plan.

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