Oprius Review - Discontinued

"Oprius email needs improving"

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While I like many of Oprius’ features, I find the email to be the most frustrating. Hyperlinks are often stripped out of emails I send, even when I type in HTML format, AND do the hyperlink function. The hyper link in my email signature is stripped, leaving prospects to Copy and past my link- which is highly unlikely.

I cannot easily add enhancements like photos to Oprius without first uploading them to a photostorage progam like flickr. That’s ridiculous.

I detest the permissions function. I have an established customer base and a full 50% did not re-opt-in, although they read the newsletters I send with another server. The permissions required has hampered my ability to use the relationship manager – which I depended on when I used Earnware.

The Oprius staff is friendly and helpful. Oprius is spam-phobic, and they need another way to maintain good relationships with ISPs in order to improve email functions.

I have spoken to other MLMers who use Oprius, but find the permissions system very frustrating, and thus do not use Oprius for the email at all. That defeats the purpose.

I would like to stay w/ Oprius, but because of the limitations of their email, which doesn’t have a deliverability greater than other systems I have used, I am now looking for something else.

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