Oprius Review - Discontinued

"Managing Your Contacts Has Never Been This Easy!"

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Oprius is an online contact management service that integrates seven modules allowing users to efficiently manage their various tasks:


  • E-mails
  • Calls
  • Tasks
  • Calendar
  • Lead Capture
  • Relationship Builder
  • Oprius CRM

These seven modules come together into Oprius’ home page which is laid out in a smart and easy to navigate interface. Unlike most contact management software programs where only one or two functions are offered, Oprius boasts of loaded extras that users will find useful. They’ll particularly enjoy the lead capture and relationship builder modules.

Target Users:

Oprius was designed for sales professionals (executive, managerial and representatives) as primary target users.

With Oprius’ built-in flexibility and universal applications, other professionals like IT staff, human resources outsources, freelance graphic designers, copywriters, real estate agents and brokers, bankers, construction, home renovation entrepreneurs and anyone with a small to mid-size business can also use it.

Anyone who is using Oprius will agree it is a time-saver with a brain of its own.

Oprius: Principal Features


  • Find contacts quickly either by name, company, phone or e-mail. One unique feature: users can also find contacts by source (was it    through a lead, in a trade show, in an advertisement or through a personal referral?). This is a value-added feature which isn’t available in 85% of contact management software.
  • Find contacts also by group (business, personal, specific industries, and ungrouped contacts).


  • Check out the customisable phone scripts. They help a sales person by sparing him the trouble of thinking what to say to each contact. If you click on “schedule call”, you’ll see the phone scripts dialog box.
  • Calls are archived and integrated into your calendar.

Relationship Builder

  • Build a plan for each of your leads
  • Schedule e-mails to be sent to one or several contacts


  • History of e-mails sent
  • Send e-mails to individuals or groups


  • Check pending and completed tasks
  • Assign and filter tasks


  • Create or re-schedule appointments
  • View appointments: daily, weekly or monthly
  • Scheduled calls automatically integrated into calendar

Lead Capture

  • Users can build lead capture pages. No experience required.
  • People who visit your web site are automatically registered in this module, making it possible for you to contact them (with their permission).

Description of Functionalities, Tools and User Interface

Oprius couldn’t have designed a better user interface. Clicking into the modules brings the user immediately to a screen that is crisp and clear and easy to navigate. Command buttons are well laid out. Color-coding for contact groups, for example, is excellent.

Each module has special tools with easy-to-understand icons.

Here’s a partial list of bonus features:

  • No limit to the number of contacts you input
  • No need to download or install another software for Oprius to work. All you need is an Internet connection
  • No need for updates. Oprius is a web-based service and all the updates are automatically done for you.
  • No one else can access your data. Even if you decide to migrate to another program, you have full rights to your data, with the option to  export all of your contact information
  • Oprius comes with a lead capture widget to help you build a reservoir of potential sales leads
  • Oprius is fully customisable. Re-arrange your view panes the way you want them or hide/show certain categories
  • Automatic reminder system for most of the modules
  • Permission manager feature is great so you can contact your leads knowing that it’s okay for you to do so.
  • With its easy to understand layout and navigable features, no need for a written manual at all. Direct hands-on experience is all that’s required.

Other Information

For all of Oprius features, Oprius is a steal for about $15.00 a month. You also get a one-month free trial. Because it is web-based, you don’t need any special type of operating system. All you need is a good Internet connection. And you need not be a computer geek to use it. Learning time is about 30 minutes. Fiddling around the modules will prove how easy it is to use. Even a seventh grader with a large circle of friends will find Oprius a gem!

Important: one common task that users will wonder about is the export and import of contact files to and from Oprius. Oprius was designed so that users can take their old Excel contact list or their .csv files or v-cards and transfer them to Oprius. Oprius can import contacts from your yahoo mail, MacMail, Outlook, Palm, G-mail and many others.

User’s Personal Comments

If I were a sales person who makes an income from making cold calls and building a huge inventory of existing, future and potential leads, Oprius would be my most indispensable tool. It will save me from scrolling, searching and putting on my thinking cap. Even what to say to a prospective sales lead when I call is already done. For instance, by clicking on a name and then trying to jog my memory about this contact, it will tell me where I met the contact, what it is I was supposed to discuss or follow up about.

Of course, don’t expect Oprius to be an intelligent robot without doing your share. Once you’ve inputted all data, it goes on auto-pilot for you!

Ratings (1 very poor; 5 excellent)

  • Cost: 5
  • Practicality: 5
  • Manageability: 5
  • Scalability: 4 (I put a 4 because only time will tell if a considerable increase in my contacts would affect the software performance. The developers however assure users that there is no limit to the number of contacts you can input).
  • Ease of Use: 4 (I should give it a 5, but because there are extra features that are useful, it will take some time to learn how the software works).
  • Unique Features: 5
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