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(SmallBizCRM will conduct a comparative, independent review of Pipeliner in the near future)

Pipeliner is the first CRM application to really link method with process. The method is the logical sequence of events in the customers buying steps, and how this translates into what the sales organization does to move an opportunity forward.

The process is the system a sales organization needs to share information, to empower people to sell pro-actively, to do reporting and forecasting.

Pipeliner was developed from the bottom up, and NOT from the top down. This means our user requirement work ignored management requirements in designing functionality, because we have the following belief, and it is a strong, powerful, driving principle that everyone in our organization assess their work against; and is the basis for all our feedback requests “if it doesn’t work for the salespeople, it won’t work for the managers” (incidentally, this is a statement that is true of every CRM system on the planet – and a reality which has been completely by finance, purchasing, executive levels.

The only exception is FMCG, and organizations who have historically high raw material purchasing needs – and even these organizations will admit that past performance is a more reliable indicator then future forecast).

One of the key barriers for sales reps using any system, is the unwillingness to share information. Pipeliner is the ONLY CRM system we have found so far that allows the sales rep to use the full system functionality, and NOT need to share the info with their team, their boss, with anyone. They can “hide” their opportunities!

If you are a manager, and wish to switch this function off, you may do so. But not without a fight, so be prepared. And then we will also charge you more for the pleasure!

Here are some key features of “Pipeliner”:

When working with Pipeliner, the user is always faced with the central pipeline visual, and here they can:

  • Create opportunities.
  • Move opportunities through the pipeline, and see the effect on the target.
  • Think about the sales method, customer buying stage, what to do next.

The user can add more information in several areas:

  • Every opportunity has an Action Panel, where info can be added relative to The opportunity, The account, The people and The plan.
  • Move opportunities through the pipeline, and see the effect on the target, think about the sales method, customer buying stage, what to do next.
  • The user can use tools that support the sales process, and a good sales method, and can be used to validate information with the customer.
  • The user also has the possibility to create it’s own of tools and templates, to speed up the document generation process.


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