pipelinersales Corporation Review - Visitor Submission

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Our mission, at pipelinersales.com, is to deliver you a simple software solution, which improves your selling process by applying easy to use sales application features – that’s pipeliner.

What we do & Where we do it

pipelinersales.com is a startup company supported by a revolutionary software. We have developed a sales pipeline management software, called pipeliner, that enables you to visualize your sales leads and opportunities in the sales pipeline and easily track them from their start to close.

Situated in Los Angeles, California, and Vienna, Austria, we love to participate in many technology, sales or customer relationship management based events in order to meet you and share our message to all people interested in simplifying their selling process.

Our Timeline

Our focus lies within the development of pipeliner in order to deliver you a special software that increases your sales pipeline visibility and maximizes your sales revenues.

2011 & 2012

The Integration Years
pipeliner joins the mobile revolution with the mobile app that enables you to simply work on your sales leads and opportunities directly on your mobile device.
We understand how important the online communication with your clients is. Therefore, we developed a complete MS Outlook Integration that enables you to sync your contacts, tasks, meetings and reminders.
Already using a CRM? You can now boost your sales department by simply connecting your CRM with pipeliner through our easy-to-use API documentation. If not enough, just explore our pipeliner MS Dynamics CRM Integration.


The Cloud Year
pipeliner – a desktop application joins the cloud computing trend. Using our secured cloud environment, you can now connect all your sales reps with each other through the shared team sales pipeline.


Please welcome pipeliner – the first sales application that visualizes your sales opportunities
pipeliner beta version has been released to the world. pipeliner gets its first look-and-feel. The idea of visualizing opportunities in a sales pipeline is born.


The Marker Research Year
We had the got technology, we had strong sales skills and we had the ideas. Now, it was the time to find a way how we can deliver something new into the traditional sales environment. We found out that selling can be even more exciting if you have the right software to support it. We started working on an application that completely influences and changes your sales through the way you are able to visualize your sales opportunities in the sales pipeline and apply the software to assist you in the easiest and best way possible.


The Technology Research Year
In order to deliver a revolutionary and modern CRM software solution to an existing sales environment, we have decided to make a complex technology based research. Our aim was to find a solution that fits to the daily work environment of every sales person. Sales people are mainly on the road and don’t have 24/7 access to the internet. Further, many of them use different working platforms, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. Therefore, we have decided to build pipeliner on the Adobe AIR platform.

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