ProNest CRM – Formerly Canopy Office

"A CRM for the Real Estate Industry"

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ProNest was founded in 2013 by Jan Olav Osnes Krogh. Formerly known as Canopy Office, this software system was purely a user friendly Saas system developed from the ground up for the business market. The main focus of Canopy Office was the automation of tasks to simplify the day to day running of a business.

After a demand from the Real Estate section, the founder restructured and tailored the software to fit and serve the needs of this industry, making it a sales and marketing process system for the Real Estate sector. Today, ProNest is known as a PropTech company with offices in 3 countries and comprises a team made up of 11 nationalities.

Jan was accepted to IE Business School in 2014 to attend IE Venture Lab.


  • 2018 – Winner of “Most promising software for RE sector” – Inmotecnia Rent
  • 2014 – Finalist on Venture Day, IE Business School
  • 2013 – Winner of “Best start-up” – Take.Off Midt-Norge

Canopy Office – The complete CRM tool for small companies

Canopy OfficeCanopy OfficeCanopy Office - ContactsCanopy Office

Canopy Office is a cloud based professional tool for small companies comprising of different packages depending on your need. It offers more than the standard features you will find in a CRM system, such as invoice, website, webshop, booking and many more features – removing the need of several suppliers to get a complete tool for your company. The focus in the development, has been to make it extremely user-friendly and affordable so that anyone can use it.

The system contains of 4 packages, where you have a free version and variants with more features and services the more advanced package you need. Upgrade when you need, and add users on the go.

You can start with the free version of Canopy Office that includes contact management, full e-mail client and calendar. With the history function, you can get a complete overview on each customer with both e-mails and notes. Add as many e-mail addresses as you want, and make them private or public for the team to see. You can set your contacts as VIP or with attention if its a customer you have to be aware of, and of course group them to fit your company need.

If you have a more advanced need, you can choose the start-up package which is priced at 10EUR per user/month. In addition to the package above, you will be able to add the automated invoice module. It will send reminders automatically on unpaid invoices through the built in e-mail client, and also create and send out repeating invoices if you are billing the same amount to a customer on a regular basis. Color on the invoice will change accordingly to the status of the invoice, or sort them to get a instant overview of how your finances are doing. Adding products is easy, and done directly to the invoice which is connected to the product register. In addition you will get access to our website module where you can easily set up a website for your company with our pre-designed templates. Choose your colors and add content, and you are up and running.

If your company has a more advanced need, you can choose the Established package. In addition to all the services above, you are also able to set up your own webshop on the same principles as the website, making it extremely easy to set up your business online, and attract customers the same day. The orders are automatically sorted on customers, so you will have full control on every level. Managing orders are made easy, and payment gate is available through PayPal. Products in your product register are automatically available, so you only need to sort them into the categories you would like to present them in on your webshop, with an advanced storage system that helps you keep track of stock which also can be shown on the website.

You also get access to the sales and pipeline feature in this package, and on the contact card you can add leads and information about the sale. Add members of the team to the lead, and products directly connected to your product register. When the deal is done, send an offer with the pre-designed offer feature, and convert the offer to sale when it has been approved in one click operation.

With the newsletter function, you can send out newsletters to a specific group, or all of your contacts. You can also make templates that can be used if you have many of the same content from time to time.

Available for 15EUR per user/month.

Why choose? If you want to have all that Canopy Office has to offer, you simply choose the top package, which will give you full access to all features and modules in the system. This will also enable you to do membership administration, and you get access to our document storage – keeping all your files safe and available. All this available for 25EUR per user/month.

What they all have in common is the dashboard, here you have an overview of the latest activities in the company, both with the sales, e-mail, notes and statistics.

Not sure what to choose? Start with the free trial for 1 month and see for yourself, or simply start with the free version, and upgrade when needed. Your choice.

CanopyOffice is available in Norwegian, English and Spanish with more languages on the way.