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“QuoteRoller is a powerful tool that simplifies the complicated process of preparing professional business proposals, without compromising on quality”.

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A good business proposal is very important as it becomes a calling card for your client or customer. It is a key to winning sales. Time is a critical factor in business and so is the format of a business proposal sent to the client. Many businesses spend too much time on formatting and actually preparing a business proposal or sales quotation.

A good business proposal or quotation improves the chances of winning a deal, and a good amount of time and efforts are required to prepare one. If you look at the process of preparing a business proposal, you will notice that a great deal of time is required in preparing a layout for the proposal and copying and pasting information in different sections.

If the business offers a wide range of services and products, the process becomes a bit tedious as you are required to enter the product information, description and offer price for each product in the proposal. To overcome this problem, many businesses use readily available business proposal templates. These templates have pre-populated content that can be customized as per business requirements. The contents and the sections in the template can be modified according to the topic to make it a tool of coherent lucid communication. However, not all is good about these readily available business proposal templates as you will need to enter the same information repeatedly for different proposals.

If you are using conventional tools to prepare business proposals, only one person can work on the proposal at any given point of time, which increases the time required to prepare a business proposal. The solution to this problem is using a tool which allows users to work simultaneously on the preparation of a business proposal.

QuoteRoller is a powerful business tool which can help your organization prepare attractive business proposals quickly. In this review we’ll take a look at some of the advanced features offered by this innovative tool.
Getting started with Quote Roller:

Quote Roller is a web based proposal creation solution which is very easy to use. It is primarily used to create, send and track business proposals. It is an ideal solution for any business that is service oriented.


Users have different pricing plans to choose from.

Features of Quote Roller

Wide range of business proposal templates: Quote Roller offers a big library of ready to use business proposal templates. Some of the ready to use business proposal templates include research proposal templates, brand messaging and visual identity proposal templates, pest control proposal templates, event management templates, laundry services proposal templates, graphic design proposal templates, catering proposal templates, and several other business proposal templates.

Create your templates: Quote Roller also offers easy to use tools to create proposal templates for your business if you want something different from the ready to use templates. You can add your own section and add different content blocks such as text, video, html, price table, and gallery to make it look more professional and attractive.

Quote Roller CRM Image 1 Create your own Template

Ready to use tools: Quote Roller completely changes the way you prepare your business proposals. You no longer need to copy and paste information manually in different sections of the business proposal. All the information needed to fill in sections can be reused, which means you need not copy paste the information again. The user-friendly drag and drop interface helps you accomplish the task in jiffy.

Support for different formats: Quote Roller allows you to prepare business proposals in different formats. You can create the proposals in PDF or web formats as per business proposal requirements.

Interactive business proposals: Quote Roller business proposals are interactive and allow your clients to interact with you when they check your quotes. The interactive format also enables clients to accept your proposal online. The interactive format also helps you keep track of a client’s activity on the proposal sent.

Better organization of your products and services: This feature allows you to store information about every product end service offered by your organization along with its description and price. This helps save time when you need to prepare a quote. All you need to do is enter the offer price in the proposal, and the total quote is automatically calculated and presented in the proposal. The information entered can be shared with other Quote Roller users in your organization. This helps every member of the team remain updated about the proposal.

Quote Roller CRM Image 2 Better organization of your Products and Services

Variety of themes: Besides the variety of templates, you also have the option to select different themes and styles for your proposal to make it look more attractive.

Tracking of Proposals: This feature enables you to know when your client opens the proposal, the comments entered on the proposal. All proposals sent by you can are available for viewing, and you can view the summary/status of all proposals such as number of proposals viewed or declined. You also know which proposals are in the discussion stage. All your old proposals are stored in the archive and are available for viewing or referencing purposes.

Quote Roller CRM Image3 Tracking of Proposals

Smart integration with leading business tools: QuoteRoller offers fairly seamless integration with some of the leading business tools and CRM applications such as FreshBooks, Highrise, and Basecamp, Wrike, Free agent and Capsule CRM. You can import contact information from spreadsheets or from any of the above mentioned applications.

QuoteRoller now also integrates with MailerLite, a fantastic new email marketing tool for small businesses.

Bottom line

Quote Roller is a cost efficient and useful business tool for an organization that offers products and/or services. It simplifies the complicated process of preparing professional business proposals without compromising quality. In fact, business proposals prepared using Quote Roller look more attractive than those prepared with conventional tools.

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