Reamaze Review

"A Simple yet powerful helpdesk software that integrates multiple channels into one window to deliver customer support & build strong customer relationships in a flexible manner!"

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  • Product Features
  • Alerts / Escalation
  •  Automated Routing
  •  Customizable Branding
  •  Document Storage
  •  Email Integration
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Knowledge Base Management
  •  Multi-Channel Communication
  •  Real-time Chat
  •  Self Service Portal
  • Ticket Management

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Reamaze – the newfangled web-based helpdesk software for small businesses – offers easy, email-like conversation, unified multi-channel support, and streamlined collaborative features. To help you instantly respond to your customers’ queries and complaints coming from a variety of channels, Reamaze pulls in social media messages/updates, email messages, and web form data into one dashboard.

It’s user-friendly, fast and can cater almost all types of businesses, “We’ve designed Reamaze to be as flexible as possible for businesses of all shapes and sizes”, commented David Feng, the co-founder of Reamaze.

Since the application is still in Beta mode and the pricing info is also not available, we have not rated it yet. But as soon as it’s publically released, we will add the rating.

Getting started

To sign up for Reamaze, you have to fill only a simple form. Once you are signed in, the application walks you through the process of setting up your account and social profiles. In just about five minutes (or less), you can start conversing with your customers on a wide range of channels… from a single tab!



Reamaze has a responsive, quick and powerful workspace. Everything seems to be in the right place. We, however, loved these three features the most:

  1. Collision Detection: Though, to avoid data anomalies, it’s a must for any multiuser software, yet even most leading CRMs don’t have this capability. Reamaze ensures there is no collision between sending responses to the same thread – even when you are using your standard email account.
  2. Response Templates: If you have hundreds of customer requests flooding in through different sources, sending customized reply to each query is extremely cumbersome, if not impossible. This is where the Response Templates you’ve already created come to your rescue and your team can reply to dozens of inquiries in minutes.

Reamaze Respone Templates

3.  Tagging: You can use tags to easily find and categorize your conversations – yet another handy feature.

User Interface

We totally loved the beautiful, neat and intuitive interface of Reamaze. The theme, fonts, menus, everything gives a sense of professionalism. Unless more features and modules are added when the application comes out of beta, Reamaze has arguably the most beautiful and uncluttered interface.


Pricing information has not been made public as yet; we’ll update this section once this info is available.


You are able to customize only the public-facing portion of Reamaze i.e. Knowledgebase, JavaScript widget for website integration etc.

Mobile Support

Reamaze is mobile ready and you don’t have to download/install anything. On mobile devices, the application adjusts automatically and all the features of the standard version are available in the mobile version.


There is no limit on how many users you can add. On top of that, the collision detection mechanism makes Reamaze a good solution for small as well as large organizations.



The dashboard is the place where you’ll spend most of your time since it has the most important modules including all the conversations, getting started guide, reports etc.

Reamaze Dashboard

You can sort the conversations based on different criteria: All Conversations, Assigned to you, Participating, Unresolved, Unassigned, and Archived.

Click on any conversation and you can Resolve/Reopen it, Respond to it, Reassign or Archive it. Here you’ll also see the info about the channel though which the communication is taking place, the assignee, the participants and any tags you’ve added.

Reamaze Conversation


There are two types of reports available: Volume Report and Response Time Report. These reports give you a quick overview of the interactions for all time, last 30 days, current month, current week or the current day.

Reamaze Reports


It’s a highly customizable and powerful information repository, where you can add, publish or save articles. Then, your clients can find their own answers in your public knowledgebase. There is also a private knowledgebase, where you can save sensitive information so it’s accessible by your team members only.

Reamaze Knowledgebase


It’s a rather simple contact management system where info of your contacts that interact with you, is automatically pulled in from different networks including social media and email. You can also add new contacts manually.

Click on a contact, and all their conversations will open up. Here, you can communicate with your contacts directly through the dashboard, add attributes to them or view their social profiles. The only issue here is that you can’t add any info besides Name, Email and Friendly Name.

Reamaze Contacts


This menu has four submenus:

  1. Account Settings: Manage your company info, social channels, staff, and response templates. Adding/deleting new users, social channels or response templates, is just a matter of couple clicks.
    Reamaze Account Settings
  2. Knowledgebase: Manage the appearance of your knowledgebase or add custom content.
    Reamace Knowledgebase Settings
  3. Web Integration: This is arguably the most powerful section that allows you to embed Reamaze script right into your web/blog. The users can file a complaint through your website which will show up right on your dashboard along with other conversations. Then you can assign it to a teammate or resolve it accordingly.
  4. Personal Settings: Add custom signature at the bottom of all the outgoing response emails and choose alerts for which you want to receive email notifications.

Reamaze Personal Settings

Things we liked about Reamaze

  • It’s simple, efficient and fast
  • Powerful Collision Detection and very handy Response Templates
  • You can manage your customers that contact you, or are scattered around on social media, from a single dashboard – and the whole process is as easy as sending a Facebook message
  • Robust, easy to manage and highly customizable knowledgebase for public as well as private use
  • Real time email notifications
  • Mobile ready – no need to download or install any additional software

Things we would like to see after General Availability

  • Ability to use Response Templates in conversions via social channels also (currently it’s available for email conversations only)
  • More comprehensive contact management system
  • Ability to import/export contacts
  • A calendar
  • A to-do list
  • Integration to some of the 3rd party applications
  • Addition of more social channels  e.g. LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.


Overall, we give Reamaze a huge ‘thumbs up’. Though the application is in public beta, it has really been perfected and you can hardly find any glitch. David also told us that they are working on several new features, especially those regarding CRM functionality, but he didn’t give out anything precisely:

“CRM features in Reamaze will allow you to better manage customer information. Because these features are still under development, we are not at liberty to disclose details at the moment.”

But since it seems to have strong basis and offers several exclusive and visionary benefits, we are positive that Reamaze will be a success.