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I signed up for SalesBoom one year ago.

The main problem with this service is very simple: every click takes at least 5 to 10 seconds to respond, sometimes longer. Try using that on a daily basis. You will be pulling your hair out. We struggled with it for 6 months before giving up and going with Microsoft CRM.

After several calls to SalesBoom I reached the conclusion that the service would not improve any time soon, and I needed a solution now. So I called SalesBoom, asked them to cancel. Nobody said anything about requiring a mailed response (to Nova Scotia of all places) in order to cancel. Turns out that is what is in the contract after all. This is a lousy way to do business.

The second problem with this service involves changing users. If you ever lose a sales rep you cannot move information from the old sales rep’s account to the new one. You have to buy a new account for $200.

One week ago I received an e-mail from SalesBoom saying that my credit card was about to be billed $1200 for another year’s service. I responded immediately saying that I would not be renewing the service. They went ahead and billed me anyway, and they are refusing to refund me any money, despite the fact that they have delivered no service for that period.

SalesBoom is not a nice business. Their billing practices are predatory at best. Do yourself a favor, and don’t make the mistake I did.

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