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“SALESBOOM WITHHOLDS CUSTOMER CRM DATA" - Negative Review submitted by user

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Our three year relationship with Salesboom was marked by constant service outages and a subsequent lack of response from the Salesboom customer service and sales team.

On December 2nd, 2010 we renewed our CRM subscription anyway, as our Salesboom account held data critical to our sales process. Salesboom canceled our subscription on December 30th, 2010 claiming they had not received payment despite a verifiable transaction of $240 from our bank account to Salesboom on December 2nd. Despite two weeks of sending the receipt for this transaction and excerpts from our bank statement indicating payment, Salesboom refused to renew our service.

Sales Manager Tom Stefano (after ignoring weeks of requests for reimbursement and access to our data) then demanded a written notice that we would like our data returned. We have still not received our data from Salesboom at this writing.

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