Salesboom CRM Review - Team Edition

“The perfect integrated online CRM software for small companies and first time users.”

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  • Product Features
  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Document Storage
  • Email Marketing
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Quotes/Proposals
  • Segmentation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Task Management
  • Territory Management

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(Warning – Please read these comments by users of Salesboom. We hope they address these issues at which time we look forward to updating this notification accordingly).


  • Minimum Users – 5
  • Maximum Users – 30
  • Price per User – U$200.00/per year


(But could if you upgraded to one of Salesboom’s other editions – which conveniently you can do at any time)

  • Customization (pretty much chop and change things like page layouts, data links, data fields – SALESBOOM PROFESSIONAL EDITION)
  • Industry Solutions – (these are CRM packages specific to certain industries and their specific criteria and processes – SALESBOOM ENTERPRISE EDITION)

No worries about downloading large apps onto your machine here. Salesboom is an online application. Signing up for the 30 day trial version took a couple of minutes and I was ready to proceed with my Salesboom CRM software review.

Salesboom MonitorSalesboom follows the trend of many software trial versions in that you get the full version of the program during your trial period to get an accurate idea of what the program can do for you.


Being relatively new to CRM software I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t know where to find what. I was wrong. The layout of this program is great.

The SalesBoom website provides a summary of your agenda and the calendar keeping you on track. On the sidebar you have search facilities, aswell as an instant messenger service and tutorials and help guides.

The top bar has shortcuts to all your other facilities. I liked the well designed and easy on the eye icons and clean look of the site.

A hierarchy of users can be set up to ensure that different levels of information are available to certain users.

Using this program could certainly cut down on the number of ticky tacky little apps that end up on our machines. With everything from IM (also useful for sending files), calendar, email and contact sheets this program has you covered. You can set up a new email account on Salesboom, or Salesboom can connect to an existing mail account and download your mail into Salesboom for you.

This program comes with a fair bit of sample data for you to muck about with (if you are new to this kind of thing) or trash (if you are very clever).
You can import data from any program that can generate data files in the CSV (comma separated values) format, such as Outlook, Excel and Palm devices. Accounts, Contacts and Leads can all be imported using the CSV data file format. However, only one CSV file can be imported at a time.


  • Lead Management
  • Leads can be imported or captured off your website and routed to specific sales reps while being tracked. The leads page is very easy to use and you can change your view based on whether you want to see anything from today’s leads to hot leads to even the cold ones.
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Forecasting Management
  • Sales data can be viewed by time frame, territory, management,etc
  • Opportunity Management
  • All opportunities from all sales reps, all territories and all managers, are accessible in real time sales software.
  • Activity Management
  • This allows for centralized and coordinated scheduling of events, meetings and assigning of tasks.
  • Customized Reporting & Analysis

The Lowdown: This CRM Software Review was conducted on a:
Power PC G4 Mac
Operating System – Mac OS X
Browser – Firefox
RAM – 768 Mb
Product name – Salesboom
Version – Team Version 7.0


Overall, I was impressed with how user friendly and intuitive Salesboom CRM is. The design is clean and welcoming. Files can be easily prioritized according to a number of different criteria. Integrating IM and email makes for a much smoother and faster work experience. There are extensive help guides and tutorials for the newbies out there although I doubt that many will need them with this program being so user friendly. A fast connection speed would be a good idea though for anyone considering buying this program. U$1000 (around R6000) is the minimum you’d need to get this program for a year.

SalesBoom is the perfect integrated on demand CRM software for small companies and first time users. If you were looking for something more industry specific then the customized or SalesBoom enterprise edition might be a wiser buy.


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