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"Salesflare is the intelligent CRM for small B2B businesses and startups, who want to sell more with less work."

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If you’re looking for a simple, visual-inspired design, and user-friendly B2B CRM software that guarantees leads, Salesflare is worth a look. This standalone software features a user interface that visually reflects the natural flow of the sales pipeline. Salesflare aims to simplify your business process and improve interaction with customers by bringing all your communication into a single place.

Equipped with smart features such as extensive customization options, auto-goal setting and reporting, and a set of marketing, customer service, as well as unique software solutions, the developers wanted to make sure that this platform lives up its name.

Built with salespeople in mind, Salesflare promises to offer exclusive features including simple data migration – making it easy to use, or migrate to a different system in the coming days.

Why Salesflare?

It’s an Intelligent CRM that is not only easy to use and easy to setup but also easy to keep up to date. What sets Salesflare apart is that it offers valuable intelligence: it provides you with an automatic to-do list of customers to follow up, shows you who your colleagues know at a certain company and how well, gives you alerts when customers are hot, and more.

The CRM works wherever you work, whenever you work, and with whatever you are working on. You can use it on the computer, mobile or just from a sidebar in your Gmail or Outlook inbox.

You can get even more out of Salesflare by integrating with 400+ other productivity tools, such as Google Apps, MailChimp, Trello, and Slack.

As a CRM software, Salesflare lets you track customer interactions and get crucial information on s a single to drive leads. Moreover, the lead management, marketing automation, sales data, as well as partner management apps are effective in letting you follow these leads till they’re ready for conversation.

Ideal for

Featuring mass import and export, email marketing, and mobile compatibility features, Salesfare is built to redefine how your business operations, including streamlining communications, monitoring customer interactions, and data migration capabilities. These features make it ideal for any business that has complex business processes.

Salesflare co-founder Jeroen Corthout told SmallBizCRM, “Salesflare is very well suited for startups and small businesses selling B2B, but we also have larger customers as well like Udacity. In short, it’s ideal for any business looking for an easy-to-use, automatic and intelligent solution to do their sales.”

Not ideal for

Salesflare is not suited for companies that do little or no customer follow-up, especially when B2C. It’s all about communication, follow-up, and pipelines.

Missing pieces of the puzzle

Before we dig deep into the review, there are several features that were not available in Salesflare CRM at the time of writing this review. Some notable features include email marketing, campaign management, landing pages/web forms, marketing automation, product management, quotation/proposal management, and territory and quota management.

Another basic and very convenient feature that wasn’t available at the time of writing is the ability to add custom fields, which Corthout claimed will be added soon. Moreover, you can’t import the data yourself; rather you’ll have to get in touch with the Salesflare team to have the data imported for you. This is obviously more convenient, but can be a hassle depending on your requirements.

The future of Mobile CRM

Even with a spectacular rise in smartphone and tablet espousal, mobile CRM remains erratic and under-used for many business owners, and for the few CRM adopters, most fail to achieve consistent user adoption.

However, with the inclusion of exclusive features, new, existing, and potential users are unlikely to resist the penetration of Salesflare in the CRM industry. It’s just a matter of time before we see the Uberization of CRMs.

Salesflare vs Salesforce

Despite the similar names, the two systems are very different. Corthout said, “[Salesforce] is a very manual system. If you need data on a company in the system, a salesperson needs to input it, whereas our system finds the data intelligently.”

Automation and customization

Salesflare lets you store telephone numbers, email addresses, or postal addresses for your customers.

Equipped with automated search tools, Salesflare can search LinkedIn profiles, gathers important information from emails, email signatures, as well as social profiles in your address book, which can help you cut down on time spent on data entry. So, you stop managing data, manage your customer.

Moreover, the CRM allows you to customize pretty much everything you see on the screen.


Featuring advanced automated tools, this software can blazingly gather your opportunities, prioritize the most important ones, and bring to your attention the ones which require an immediate action.


Salesflare is effective in organizing the documents you exchange with your customers as well as documents within the company.

Tracking digital engagements

Salesflare helps you track your digital engagements with your customers, for better customer interactions. It is an effective tool that can help you know who is opening your email, visiting your website and the pages your customers are interested in.

With Salesflare, your customers’ invaluable information will be stored and presented to you as real-time notifications, reducing timing issues associated with similar tools as far as following it up is concerned. In a nutshell, you get email tracking, link tracking, and website tracking in one tool. Powerful stuff!

Customer conversations are important. And that is part of the reason Salesflare was developed. With this tool, your team members will know who talks to who and what they are discussing, involving yourself, actual email conversations or phone calls.

Teamwork and internal communication

Salesflare understands the power of working together like a well-oiled team. Also, streamlining internal communication makes Salesflare a must-have sales tool. With this platform, you will know whether your colleagues are in contact with another company. This lets you know the network of each company.

A single address book

Salesflare integrates all your customer info into a single address book, making it easy to track your customers’ engagement with your company.

This tool is all about sharing contact details in a central address book so that you can access vital information from a single source to boost your company’s productivity. However, the system treats private information as private.

Bringing all your conversations into one place

With unmatched super tools, Salesflare lets you get in touch with your customers when they engage across email, social media, and in person.

By bringing all your conversations into a single platform, you make the most of your interactions within no time. This makes Salesflare a superb multichannel platform to use in your effort to get more leads and increase sales.

Data migration

Salesflare software has been updated with simple data migration tools that make it simple to migrate to and from other common CRM systems easy. This feature is super-fast and easy for customers to get started and migrate to a different platform whenever they desire. Well, most CRM software has not been able to reach this milestone, with most of them still concerned with loyalty issues. But with Salesflare, your independence to switch to a different platform is never curtailed.

Sales & Marketing

With Salesflare, you’ll enjoy these vital sales and marketing features in a single set. These features, among other things, are automatically integrated into the CRM program. This is especially useful when it comes to saving you a lot of money and time you could’ve spent on acquiring these extra capabilities.

Excellent contact management capabilities

Salesflare programs offer an option establishing the kind of customers you are dealing with (can be an investor, a press representative, your perspective client, or your business a competitor). When creating a new contact – a vital feature for marking – each individual and tasking a contact as private; a feature which helps only see it, or allow all other CRM users to access the data/information. This helps protect sensitive that involves investors and acquisitions not meant for public consumption.

Overview of Salesflare CRM advantages

Managing customer relationship has never been easy, especially with the emergence of different social platforms. However, Salesflare, lets gives you exclusive powers to control the way you interact with your customers. This feature, plus the below-mentioned features, makes Salesflare stay on top of the game.

Close more deals with Salesflare

Equipped with smart features like opportunity management, Salesflare prepares and brings to your attention insights such as opportunities that require your immediate attention. It refines the entire information regarding the customer, including activity history, real-time communications, discussions, as well as social mentions –thanks to the Contact Management tool.

Track deals and look for competitive data using the Sales Collaboration module. Also, you can set matrices-based goals using the Sales Performance Management for amplified winning performances of your sales reps; a feature that motivates a healthy team competition.

Salesflare lets you achieve more leads

Tracking clicks, creating campaigns, and automating the entire process for more quality leads, which cuts the sales cycle, is Salesflare’s main business mission. So, take advantage of the Lead Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Data, as well as Partner Management apps to generate a systematic pipeline right from lead to conversion.

Salesflare is a productivity accelerator

Take the software’s vital functions with you (to the office, field, or on the move) using the mobile app for Android along with iOS. This feature lets you log call, respond to hot leads, and even brings to your vital work opportunities on a real-time basis. Also, the software is outfitted with a Visual Workflow that lets you drag-and-drop vital business processes like deals, discounts, and expenses in an efficient, quick manner.

Sharing as well as synchronizing files and tracking changes in real time features are also included in the initial design, making team communication faster and more productive.

More insight

Getting real-time view, the sales team’s conversions is now possible with this software. This will help you in creating an adaptive weekly/monthly forecast. The software also comes with an added feature that collects and accumulates data (using the Reports and Dashboards) for a comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Control your territories with the best model, quickly set boundaries, and measure customer volume so that you can realize more balanced assignments among your team reps.


Salesflare can boost sales teams’ overall productivity irrespective of their location. This means that even if they are at the office or in cyberspace, Salesflare can take your business prospects to the next level. It features mobile app for Android and iOS with real-time data, dashboards as well as custom reports, and a Feed First so, users can view the most vital information based on their settings. Similarly, users can add more functions and modify tools to maximize performance. With Salesflare cloud, you can get insights from varied, real-time customer data. Simply put: this software is ideal for visionary business leaders who appreciates the importance of critical reports, sales forecasts, as well as territory models when it comes to sales and marketing.

To optimize productivity and offer you more flexibility, Salesflare integrates with external business solutions.

Salesflare: Exploring setup and customer experience

Salesflare offers you a generous thirty -day free trial. The sales processes are not complex, and new users can get instant assistance from the customer care department. Also, you don’t need a bank account or credit card to sign up for the free trial. So, you can export your data if you do not purchase a plan at the end of your trial. Salesflare’s robust import/export tool simplifies this process. However, you should contact your account manager if you want to cancel your account (they will not charge cancellation fees, and you will get a refund of your unused portion).

Data Safety

Data is hosted on Google Cloud, which is an extremely stable infrastructure, hosted all over the world.

To protect customers from unlikely risks that might get their data compromised, automatic data back-ups are made on a daily basis. These are securely stored and can easily be restored to perform a point in time recovery to a specific state of the database instance.

The connections to Salesflare’s API and application are encrypted using a modern cipher suite. All data is encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), or with symmetric keys. The same key is used to encrypt and to decrypt data. These data keys are again encrypted using a master key, which is stored in a safe key store, and changed frequently.


Salesflare’s complete package can address your contact management, sales /marketing, as well as employee-tracking needs, all under one platform.

With this software, you can effortlessly keep track of all the information needed by your company for smooth running. CRM software is developed to consolidate all that information into a single place.

Most of CRM software vendors are too cluttered and try to stuff each function imaginable in them, making it hard to navigate. Salesflare is setting the CRM standards when it comes to customer relationship management, thanks to its easy-to-navigate platform that lets users keep track of their company information and easily boost the management of each part, This, among other features, makes Salesflare hands down the CRM software if you have a startup or small business selling B2B!

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