Hosted (web based) CRM solution suitable for Small Businesses

Product : SalesPro CRM
Type:  CRM Software
Product Author: SalesPro CRM
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on 2009-01-12

Please note this overview of SalesProCRM has been provided by the vendor. will do its own in-depth, independent review of SalesProCRM in due course.

SalesPro CRM is an extremely user friendly yet feature rich web based CRM that has made it a very popular option for small to medium sized businesses, sales teams and entrepreneurs alike. Branding itself as the easiest to use customer relationship management SaaS available, SalesPro does not disappoint. With a robust feature list that also includes a built-in standalone email client this CRM has everything a small to medium sized businesses needs to succeed.

Robust Security and Data Privacy

Never worry about lost or missing data again.  SalesPro CRM takes data privacy & security extremely seriously and employs an array of security measures. 256 bit encryption with multiple server locations and system wide backups occurring every 15 minutes your data will never be compromised providing piece of mind and eliminating downtime and productivity loss.

Ease of Use

This is where SalesPro CRM truly shines. Complexity issues have always been a huge problem within the CRM space and finally someone got it right.  They’ve been able to accommodate a wide range of powerful features that are easy to use and intuitive greatly increasing user acceptance and adoption. Users can be literally up to speed in just a few hours and training downtime is minimal.

The home screen is customizable and provides the user with as little or as much information as they choose. Deigned to be the snap shot of the day, users can see quick statistics, today’s calendar events, recent emails, new leads, opportunity’s, sales and more all at a quick glance.

SalePro - 1 - Home Screen

Contact Management

Keep up to date records with superior contact management and 360 degree oversight of the entire interaction, sales and opportunity history with every contact. Set permissions for each user on what contacts they are able to view and whom they are able to edit. Associate social media profiles, multiple email addresses, phone numbers, client ratings and multi location addresses. Quick key functions for researching clients, populating location maps and factoring drive time to client. Add custom fields to capture virtually any type of information or add unique identifier tags on the fly to search out later. Individual file cabinet for every contact allows for multi format document storage.  Keep your data clean with separate databases for contacts, leads, suspects etc.  Assign reminder alerts for task completion, new leads, calendar events, follow up calls and more all directly from the contact profile page. With SalesPro CRM nothing will fall through the cracks or go unanswered.

SalesPro 2 Contacts

Calendar, Tasks, Events

A comprehensive well laid out calendar provides a solid user experience.  Permission based sharing lets users share calendars and coordinate events, set up groups and track percentage based task completion. Multiple preference views and customisable colored categories can be set by each user. One extremely useful feature is the Drive time factor, this is a unique feature within the SalesPro CRM calendar and will accommodate or identify conflicts for the physical drive time between your event / meeting locations all based on existing traffic conditions.

SalesPro 3 Calendar

Sales & Pipeline Management

Manage your pipeline and feel more in control of your sales figures. The opportunity or sales pipeline is an effective method to gauge your company’s health. It will clearly show you the potential upcoming revenue of the deals you and your team are working on.  Assign custom stages, notes, descriptions and ratings to tailor the SalesPro opportunity section to your existing sales process.  From the first point of contact through to the final sale SalesPro’s pipeline management process allows you follow and nurture every potential client through your entire process to maximize results.

SalesPro 3 Sales Pipeline

Built in Email Client

SalesPro CRM has it’s own built in standalone email client with bulk email and drip marketing features. Associate multiple email addresses, schedule future release times for both bulk and individual emails flag important messages and create custom folders.

SalesPro 5 Email

Lead Management

No matter how your leads are being generated SalesPro provides organized flexible lead management. Sync your web leads directly to your CRM, assign them to individuals or sales groups, get email notifications and alerts when new leads enter the system. Organize leads generated from trade shows, events, marketing campaigns, referrals etc. Separate lead pool ensures your database always stays clean and free from low quality contacts.

SalesPro 6 Leads Manager

Live People Tracker

Managers absolutely love the live people tracker. This tool provides a quick snapshot of the entire team’s activities as it happens. Easily see who is online an actively working whether in the office next to yours, down the street or half way around the world.  With just one click your able to   expand any user’s activity log for a breakdown by time of all the activities taking place within the CRM live as it happens.

SalesPro 7 Live Tracker


Reports are easily created and the system comes with a number of high quality reports that are designed for specific users, managers, owners and various departments. Every user will have access to the information that’s most important to them. Although SalesPro comes standard with a large reporting suite that will be more than enough for most the option to have specific customizable reports created for fees ranging between $199 – $499 is available.

SalesPro 8 Reports


SalesPro CRM made this simple as well by eliminating tiered pricing and feature ad-on costs. The entire suite is $49 per user per month with one-time set up fees of $499  to $1,200 depending on the number of users makes SalesPro CRM an affordable value packed player for small and medium businesses.

No Annual Fees or Contracts

SalesPro is a monthly subscription with no long term contracts or exit penalties. This philosophy can be seen reflected in many of their marketing campaigns where they state “We survive on the success of our clients not long term contracts

Training & Support

Currently live training and ongoing support is absolute FREE at SalesPro CRM making them a rarity in this space where support can sometimes outweigh the cost of the system itself. Although they provide a comprehensive video training library and email support the ability to pick up the phone and reach a live person is of high value and should not be underestimated.


The CRM itself is very flexible and be custom tailored to a wide variety business application. However they also offer complete custom build solutions, project managers will work closely with the client to understand their specific business needs and provide a comprehensive quotation at no charge to the client.


SalesPro CRM can provide a true sales advantage to small and medium sized businesses. It’s an affordable feature rich solution that‘s reliable secure and offers outstanding customer service. Free 30 day Trials are available on their site

Please Note: At the time this review was written SalesPro CRM was in development of a comprehensive mobile suite solution. Anticipation is high as CRM insiders expect to see the same flair for power and simplicity that the company is known for carried over to the mobile version. The official mobile launch is anticipated for Summer/Fall 2014.