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“SimpleSalesTracking (SST) provides the right combination of small business CRM features at a very reasonable price. If you need to find and manage conversations about your product or company on social media, like Twitter, SST accomplishes this wonderfully”.

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Companies lose a lot of money when they fail to retain their existing customers. Further, the cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than that involved in retaining an existing one. In such cases, it is important to keep track of every new prospect and existing customer of the company to ensure long term stability. Tools like CRM prove to be indispensable for this purpose and have been used by large companies where some of the earliest CRM installations happened.

Simple Sales Tracking is an innovative small business CRM package that helps your sales force keep track of each and every sale, either to a new prospect or to an existing customer. This completely hosted solution is ideal for small and medium enterprises that cannot afford large CRM implementations within their organization. Their small scale of business may not even justify a fraction of cost of these traditional packages. However, a solution like Simple Sales can come just handy.

In this CRM review, we take SimpleSalesTracking through certain salient parameters, and find out how it could make a difference to your business.

Getting started:

To begin using their hosted, online /web based CRM solution, you need to login to When we logged into the website we were glad to see two options – Limited and Full account options.

It was interesting to see that we could have a CRM solution with most basic features at zero cost, through the Limited Account option. However, the Limited Account allows us to only track 50 sales. Anything beyond that would need a Full Account.

SimpleSalesTracking doesn’t require any installation. The application is totally browser-based.


The Free and Limited Account can give you a good live sample of most key features of the application.

The Full Account is priced at USD15 per user per month which is pretty reasonable compared to other popular tools like SalesForce which begin with USD 50 per user per month.

Product Walk-through

We logged in to the website and here is how the dashboard or the start page looked like:

Simple Sales Tracking Start Page

Contacts entered in the system, are classified as Leads, Opportunities and Accounts. This classification forms the basis of showing a Sales Pipeline report to the management at any given point in time. Leads can be entered into the system through the dashboard, as you may notice in the screenshot above gives a graphical report of the sales pipeline which is very helpful for planning sales strategies.

Managing Sales

The intuitive interface makes it very easy for any sales representative to enter the details of new contacts and assign it to relevant sales people as a lead.

The sales team member concerned can then look at the leads assigned to him and graduate them towards becoming an Opportunity, and finally an Account which is a signed in customer.

Simple Sales Tracking Opportunities

This three step approach, we found, is easily manageable through the Accounts, Opportunities and Leads tab provided in the application.

Apart from being a standalone tool for a sales person, SimpleSalesTracking allows a sales representative to collaborate with his team as well as the entire organization. The tool allows a sales user to update an opportunity with details such as contacts on the client side and, documents and literatures sent to them.

During our trial we did not find any roadblocks while updating these details, and found the interface designed using a logical and user-friendly approach.

Calendar Function

Using Microsoft Outlook as a tool to organize events is very common. SimpleSalesTracking has a built in calendar that can sync easily with Outlook and at the same time maintain a chronological and easily retrievable CRM record. Through the calendar it is very easy to co-ordinate meetings with multiple users in the organization.

Simple Sales Tracking Calendar

We found that using the SST calendar was very simple with the biggest advantage being that we did not have to shuttle between the windows of the CRM and Outlook for planning schedules and appointments. The task was done through the single window and later synchronized with Outlook.

Customizable settings

SimpleSalesTracking allows you to tweak most of the update and communication settings. We could easily change the notification email and profile details. We could also update the rate at which commission is calculated for a sales representative, which makes commission based compensation easy to calculate.

Benefits of Using SimpleSalesTracking

If you are business owner or head of the marketing function in an organization seeking a good sales management tool, then SimpleSalesTracking CRM offers you the following benefits:

  • The solution is available as a service and doesn’t involve heavy licensing fees and installation expenses. SimpleSalesTracker is delivered through SaaS (Software as a Service) model that ensures pay-as-per-use mechanism.
  • The solution is browser-based and does not require any software installation.
  • It is ready and can be deployed in minutes. All it takes is a registration through for either Limited Account or Full Account.
  • The hosted solution is also inexpensive as compared to solutions whose cost and utility is justified for very large organizations.
  • The application easily syncs with Outlook and also accepts and exports information in an easily inter-operable format.


The only major drawback we see in the arrangement of SimpleSalesTracking is the inherent concern with SaaS delivered applications. The model requires confidential data to rest upon third-party servers which increases the risk of leakage of information. However, with security features like VeriSign, this drawback is reduced to a great extent.


Overall our verdict for SimpleSalesTracking is a big thumbs-up; especially for small and medium enterprises. It was hard to find anything negative or bad about their CRM. As compared to many of its competitors loaded with features which may be rarely used by smaller enterprises, SimpleSalesTracking provides the right combination of small business CRM features at a very reasonable price. The SimpleSalesTracking CRM tool has the capability to deliver good Return on Investment (ROI) by empowering even the smallest sales team to collaborate seamlessly with other functions and the management. Recommended.