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“OptiKPI is online gaming operators' No.1 trusted marketing automation solution. They boost your player engagement with automated real-time campaigns. assist you in conversions, responsible gaming, compliance management, and more.”

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Published : 26 June 2023
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OptiKPI, a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for the gaming industry, emerges as a game-changing marketing toolset. With its cutting-edge features encompassing marketing automation, omnichannel marketing, and business intelligence (BI), this platform presents an indispensable asset for gaming companies striving to gain a competitive edge. OptiKPI empowers businesses and decision-makers to make informed, data-driven choices, enhance user relationships, streamline gaming operations, foster company growth, and bolster profitability.

OptiKPI stands out as a well-crafted solution enabling gaming businesses and operators to expedite user engagement and automate critical processes within their daily operations. This versatile, multi-channel platform facilitates the creation of captivating marketing content, which can be disseminated across various channels to reach the intended audience. Leveraging web browsers, email services, or SMS, users effortlessly schedule content distribution and push notifications, all monitored seamlessly from a centralized platform.

Furthermore, OptiKPI serves as an instrumental tool in optimizing the customer journey by streamlining key processes, targeting specific user segments, and delivering tailored content. Leveraging predefined triggers, companies can effortlessly deploy ongoing campaigns to their target customers. Personalized content and experiences can be generated to foster brand loyalty and customer retention.

A standout feature of OptiKPI lies in its advanced analytics capabilities. With a simple click, gaming companies can access up-to-date statistics, empowering informed decision-making. The customizable dashboard ensures users have real-time access to key metrics and relevant information, irrespective of their location or device. Historical data and statistics enable users to evaluate customer behavior, assess performance across platforms, and develop optimal marketing campaign schedules.

OptiKPI further facilitates content management, offering functionality for push notifications, SMS, email, and social media content. Users can conveniently store and centralize all their content within the platform, ensuring easy access and utilization across diverse campaign types. Valuable insights from the analytics solution aid businesses in identifying successful campaigns and responses, thereby guiding future marketing strategies and content creation.

OptiKPI’s versatility positions it as the ideal solution for online gaming companies, sports betting operators, online poker platforms, and similar enterprises within the gaming industry. This platform caters to businesses of varying sizes and operational scales, providing real-time coverage across multiple channels, including push notifications, SMS, and email with API support. By addressing diverse marketing campaign and content requirements, OptiKPI stands as an indispensable asset for any gaming business seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

OptiKPI Features

OptiKPI represents a bespoke customer engagement platform meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct needs of businesses operating within the gaming industry. Aligned with game marketing initiatives, this cutting-edge solution offers an extensive array of features and capabilities, empowering companies to optimize their customer interactions and drive meaningful engagement.

Campaign optimization

OptiKPI epitomizes a meticulously tailored customer engagement platform specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of businesses operating within the dynamic gaming industry. With a resolute focus on game marketing initiatives, this state-of-the-art solution presents a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities, affording enterprises the ability to fine-tune their customer interactions and cultivate profound engagement. Through its advanced functionalities, OptiKPI empowers companies to maximize the potential of their customer base, fostering enduring relationships and fostering meaningful interactions that drive remarkable business outcomes.

Segmentation tools

Understanding the precise desires, needs, and factors that sustain the engagement of your players stands as a pivotal element for the triumph of any thriving gaming enterprise. Such comprehensive insights enable the delivery of exceptional service quality and an unparalleled gaming experience for your esteemed gamer clientele. OptiKPI’s segmentation feature serves as a catalyst in amassing relevant information from every touchpoint encountered by your target audience. Leveraging this invaluable data, you gain the ability to perform meticulous analysis, subsequently facilitating the segmentation of customers based on their distinctive behaviors, preferences, needs, aspirations, and demographic characteristics.

The implementation of segmentation empowers your organization to refine and execute a highly targeted marketing strategy, poised to ignite increased sales and conversions. OptiKPI further fortifies your marketing endeavors by offering automation and personalization capabilities, enabling gaming companies like yours to curate and deliver superior content in the most efficient manner possible. By leveraging these features, you can forge enduring relationships and foster profound connections with each and every player, culminating in enhanced player satisfaction and loyalty.

Omnichannel experience

OptiKPI’s omnichannel experience revolutionizes your ability to dedicate your team’s energy and efforts toward establishing a robust foundation and cultivating profound relationships with your players and target audience. By delivering a consistent and superior experience across all platforms and channels, you lay the groundwork for an exceptional customer journey. OptiKPI’s omnichannel approach empowers you to engage customers holistically, tailoring personalized experiences for each individual. This invaluable personalization imparts a sense of value and appreciation, fostering stronger customer relationships and bolstering retention rates.

Embracing the power of omnichannel marketing enables you to curate seamless and effortless journeys for every customer, elevating their overall interaction with your product and service to unprecedented heights. The outcome is enhanced customer loyalty, heightened satisfaction levels, increased sales, and heightened brand awareness. Through OptiKPI’s omnichannel capabilities, you unlock the potential to forge enduring connections, ensuring that your customers become passionate advocates of your brand.

Real-time analytics

OptiKPI equips you with powerful tools to gather real-time insights into your players’ activities, enabling you and your team to embark on a journey of continual game design enhancement. The platform’s robust capabilities empower you to optimize your marketing strategies swiftly, while promptly addressing and rectifying any errors that may arise. With OptiKPI’s arsenal of real-time analytics tools at your disposal, you gain the ability to segment players/customers, enabling the creation and delivery of the ultimate player experience, meticulously tailored to the preferences and needs of each distinct segment.

The invaluable outcomes derived from analyzing the behaviors of millions of players result in a perpetual cycle of product/game improvement. As a result, player engagement time experiences a consistent upswing, positioning you at a notable advantage over your competitors. OptiKPI’s commitment to providing comprehensive, real-time insights empowers your organization to remain at the forefront of innovation within the gaming industry, ensuring an enduring and captivating player experience that sets you apart from the rest.

Pros and Cons  
  • Pros:
  1. Comprehensive Solution: OptiKPI offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features specifically designed for the gaming industry. It covers various aspects such as customer engagement, marketing automation, business intelligence, and analytics, providing businesses with a holistic solution to enhance their operations.
  2. Real-time Insights: With OptiKPI’s real-time analytics capabilities, businesses can gather and analyze data on player activities and behaviors. This enables them to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and optimize their strategies promptly, resulting in improved player experiences and better outcomes.
  3. Personalization and Segmentation: OptiKPI empowers businesses to create personalized experiences for their players through segmentation. By understanding their customers’ preferences, needs, and behaviors, companies can tailor their offerings and marketing campaigns to specific target segments, fostering stronger player relationships and driving customer loyalty.
  4. Multi-Channel Engagement: The platform facilitates multi-channel engagement, allowing businesses to connect with their players across various channels such as push notifications, SMS, email, and social media. This helps in reaching a wider audience and delivering consistent messaging, enhancing player engagement and brand awareness.
  • Cons:
  1. Learning Curve: As with any comprehensive software solution, there may be a learning curve associated with implementing and utilizing OptiKPI effectively. Businesses might need to invest time and resources in training their teams to maximize the platform’s potential and derive the desired benefits.
  2. Cost: The cost of implementing OptiKPI may vary depending on the scale of operations and specific business requirements. For smaller gaming companies with limited budgets, the pricing structure of the platform may pose a financial challenge.
  3. Integration Challenges: Integrating OptiKPI with existing systems and infrastructure within a gaming company may require technical expertise and careful planning. Compatibility issues or complexities in data migration could potentially arise during the implementation process.
  4. Limited Industry Focus: While OptiKPI is tailored for the gaming industry, businesses operating in other sectors may find some features less relevant or not fully optimized for their specific needs. It is essential to evaluate whether the platform aligns with the unique requirements of your business before making a decision.

Overall, OptiKPI offers a robust set of tools and capabilities for the gaming industry, enabling businesses to enhance their customer engagement, optimize marketing strategies, and drive better outcomes. However, it is crucial to consider the learning curve, cost implications, integration challenges, and the platform’s industry focus when assessing its suitability for your specific business requirements.

OptiKPI Pricing

OptiKPI maintains a practice of not publicly disclosing pricing information for their products and services. To gain insight into their offerings, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official OptiKPI website and complete a form to request a personalized demonstration. Additionally, direct communication with OptiKPI’s representatives allows for a tailored discussion to identify the most suitable solution for your gaming business, as well as to inquire about pricing details. By engaging in direct conversation, you can navigate the intricacies of pricing and receive a comprehensive quote aligned with your specific requirements.


OptiKPI stands as a comprehensive marketing automation platform purpose-built for gaming companies. With its array of tools and features, it empowers businesses to streamline operations, boost customer acquisition, and drive revenue growth. Offering the capability to develop engaging marketing content and distribute it seamlessly across multiple channels, OptiKPI proves to be a valuable asset for organizations of all sizes within the gaming industry.

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