Capsule CRM Review

“Capsule does an amazing job of putting so much functionality into such an inexpensive, simple and easy-to-use relationship management tool.”

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Updated : 10th July 2023
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What is Capsule CRM?

Capsule is a CRM solution for businesses of up to 1,000 employees. The vendor boasts over 10,000 businesses globally as customers, who choose it as the platform to deliver success across their sales and customer facing teams. Capsule is presented as easy to use and quick to adopt. It also integrates with a growing range of popular apps, including Google G Suite, QuickBooks, MailChimp and Zapier. Three pricing plans are available. A free trial is available with each plan.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

This is the application of software tools to automate various sales-related tasks. It offers a range of features and capabilities designed to streamline sales processes and improve efficiency. Here are the ratings for key functionalities commonly found in SFA software:

  • Customer Data Management/Contact Management 
    The software serves as a centralized repository for all customer data, allowing users to access and manage it efficiently.
  • Workflow Management 
    SFA software automates specific parts of the sales process, such as email communication, contact record updates, and following approval workflows.
  • Territory Management 
    Users can define salesperson territories based on customer or market characteristics, ensuring effective sales coverage and management.
  • Opportunity Management 
    SFA software enables users to track deals and create quotes, facilitating effective opportunity management and sales pipeline tracking.
  • Integration with Email Client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) 
    Users can perform various tasks directly within their email inbox, such as logging emails, creating contacts, and scheduling
  • Contract Management 
    SFA software provides features for managing contracts, including digital signatures, automated alerts, invoicing, and streamlined workflows for contract review and approvals.
  • Quote & Order Management 
    Users can create, process, and fulfill price quotations and sales transactions, ensuring accurate and efficient order management.
  • Interaction Tracking
    Users can log and track all customer interactions across various channels, including social media, email, phone calls, and in-person meetings.
  • Channel/Partner Relationship Management 
    The software facilitates sales, territory, lead, order, and account management for partner or OEM relationships, enabling effective collaboration and management.

Sales Force Automation software empowers businesses to automate and optimize their sales processes, ultimately enhancing productivity, customer relationship management, and overall sales performance.

Customer Service & Support

The Customer Service & Support module of Capsule CRM streamlines and enhances various aspects of customer assistance, including help desk operations, call center management, and field service coordination. It encompasses a range of functionalities designed to improve case management, call center operations, and help desk efficiency. Here’s an overview of the key features:

  • Case Management
    Efficiently handle customer incidents or tickets from creation to resolution. The module automates processes for routing, escalation, and timely resolution of cases, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.
  • Call Center Management
    Effectively manage and monitor call center operations with advanced features. These include call routing, recording, and monitoring, along with call list management functionalities. Additionally, the module supports autodialing capabilities and offers scripting tools for enhanced call handling.
  • Help Desk Management 
    Improve help desk effectiveness with comprehensive features. This encompasses trouble ticketing systems that facilitate streamlined issue tracking and resolution. Additionally, a knowledge base empowers agents with information to provide accurate and prompt assistance. Customers can also access self-service options to find solutions independently. Service level agreement (SLA) management ensures adherence to predefined response and resolution times.

The Customer Service & Support module within Capsule CRM enhances customer interactions and empowers support teams to deliver exceptional service.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation, a vital component of Capsule CRM, empowers businesses to automate and expand their marketing activities while facilitating in-depth analysis of their efforts. This module comprises a set of features that enable efficient lead management and streamlined email marketing. Here’s a breakdown of its key functionalities:

  • Lead Management 
    Effortlessly handle the entire lead lifecycle, from generation to nurturing. The module automates lead scoring, qualification, routing, and nurturing, enabling marketers to effectively manage and prioritize their leads for maximum conversion potential.
  • Email Marketing 
    Execute targeted email campaigns with ease. This feature empowers marketers to send mass emails to specific groups of individuals based on predefined qualifications. By leveraging email automation, businesses can deliver personalized and engaging content to their target audience, fostering stronger customer relationships and driving desired outcomes.

The revamped Marketing Automation module within Capsule CRM streamlines marketing operations, allowing businesses to automate repetitive tasks and analyze their marketing efforts more comprehensively. This enhanced functionality enables marketers to optimize their campaigns, increase lead quality, and drive measurable results.

CRM Project Management

The CRM Project Management component within Capsule CRM empowers users to efficiently initiate, plan, collaborate on, execute, track, and successfully close projects. It provides a comprehensive set of features that enable seamless task management, billing and invoicing management, reporting and analytics, as well as customization options. Here’s an overview of its key functionalities:

  • Task Management 
    Effectively plan, track, collaborate on, and report on tasks. This feature streamlines task management processes, allowing users to allocate resources, set deadlines, monitor progress, and generate comprehensive reports.
  • Billing and Invoicing Management 
    Automate invoice creation and billing processes to streamline financial operations. This feature ensures accurate and efficient billing by automating the generation of invoices based on project milestones or predefined billing cycles.

Capsule CRM Report Breakdowns

  • Reporting and Analytics 
    Gain valuable insights through a wide range of standard reports and customizable dashboards. This feature provides in-depth reporting capabilities, including sales forecasting, pipeline analysis, and automated dashboards, enabling users to make data-driven decisions and optimize their project performance.
  • Customization
    Tailor the Capsule CRM to fit specific use cases and workflows. Users can create custom fields to store additional information, define custom record types unique to their organization, and leverage a scripting environment to automate tasks or business rules. Additionally, an API for custom integration facilitates seamless connectivity with third-party systems.
  • Security
    Mitigate security risks by controlling access to the software and its data. Capsule CRM provides features such as single sign-on capability, allowing users to access multiple systems with a single password. Role-based user permissions simplify administration by assigning permissions to roles, reducing complexity in managing user access.
  • Social CRM 
    Leverage social media platforms to engage with customers effectively. The software integrates social data and conversation histories from customers’ social profiles, providing valuable insights into customer sentiment and enhancing customer interactions.

The CRM Project Management module offers comprehensive features to streamline project workflows, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity. Users can leverage task management, billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics, customization options, security features, and social CRM functionalities to achieve successful project outcomes.


Capsule excels in offering a feature-rich relationship management tool that is both simple and user-friendly. While its primary focus is on contact management and sales, Capsule seamlessly integrates with a wide range of other services, enhancing its functionality and providing users with a comprehensive experience. Here are the notable integrations offered by Capsule:

  • Microsoft 365 Outlook Integration:
    Capsule ensures centralized contact management by allowing you to manage all your contacts in one place. With the Microsoft 365 Outlook integration, you can quickly add contacts from your Outlook directly to Capsule. Capsule’s Outlook Add-in offers additional features such as storing entire conversation threads, enabling automatic contact storage, adding tasks, and using the Add-in from the iOS Outlook App.
  • Xero Integration:
    Capsule’s integration with Xero offers a seamless experience for managing finances. While the Xero integration is highly praised for its functionality, the integration with Google apps is not as robust. However, Capsule provides a useful Gmail contextual gadget that allows you to stay up-to-date on contacts and make changes directly from your Gmail inbox. Capsule also offers mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms.
  • QuickBooks Integration:
    Capsule simplifies customer interactions by integrating with QuickBooks Online. This integration allows you to connect with customers, collaborate with your team, and stay on top of finances, all from a single platform.
  • Gmail Integration:
    Recognizing that many customer relationships start with an email, Capsule offers a Gmail Add-on. This add-on allows you to store entire conversation threads in Capsule with just a click or two, making it easy to manage contacts, cases, and opportunities. Additionally, when receiving emails from existing contacts, the add-on displays their contact details, enabling quick access to their phone number or social network profiles. Capsule also introduced Email Send & Email Templates in November 2021, providing further email management capabilities.
  • Other Integrations:
    Capsule  integrates with several other services, including Kashflow for small business accounting, FreeAgent, Google Apps, Zferral for affiliate management, Freshbooks, Mailchimp,

The integrations offered by Capsule enhance its functionality and provide users with a seamless experience across various platforms and services. Whether it’s streamlined contact management, efficient financial operations, or seamless email interactions, Capsule’s integrations contribute to a comprehensive and user-friendly CRM solution.

Capsule CRM Outlook Integration

Capsule Mobile

The Capsule Mobile CRM App for iOS and Android ensures that users can stay connected and informed no matter where they are. This free mobile app offers a range of features to keep users in the loop and enhance their productivity. With the Capsule Mobile CRM App, users can:

Initiate Communication: Easily start calls, text messages, or emails directly from a contact’s profile. This seamless integration allows users to connect with their contacts effortlessly. Additionally, users can view a contact’s location on a map for added convenience.

  • Manage Tasks on the Go: Stay on top of upcoming and overdue tasks with a quick glance at the mobile app. The app provides an overview of tasks and their calendar placement, allowing users to effectively manage their time and priorities.
  • Access Sales Opportunities: Quickly find and access sales opportunities within the app. Users can view key information related to each opportunity, including linked contacts and tasks, enabling them to make informed decisions and progress their sales pipeline.
  • Stay Synced: Even when offline, the Capsule Mobile app ensures that any changes or updates made will be synced once the user reconnects. This feature guarantees that users have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.
  • View Contact Information: Gain insights into contacts by accessing their history of emails and notes within the app. Users can also view any attachments associated with a contact, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of their interactions.
  • Automated Call Logging: The app automatically logs calls as activities within Capsule, making it easy to track and review communication history. Users will be prompted to add notes immediately after finishing a call, ensuring accurate and timely documentation.
  • Caller ID on iOS: With the Caller ID feature on iOS, users will be able to identify incoming calls from Capsule contacts, even if the contact’s number is not stored in their phone. This capability helps users quickly recognize important calls and stay connected.

The Capsule Mobile CRM App empowers users to take their CRM with them, enabling seamless communication, efficient task management, and comprehensive access to contact information. Whether on iOS or Android, the mobile app ensures users are always connected and equipped to make informed decisions on the go.

Unlocking productivity becomes effortless with Capsule’s new AI Content Assistant

Users can now generate content rapidly, eliminating the frustration of feeling uninspired. This innovative tool eradicates writer’s block and the tediousness of staring at a blank page. With AI Content Assistant, crafting relevant emails is a breeze. Simply provide the assistant with the topic, email type, and desired tone, and it will take care of the rest. The generated content will captivate your customers, ensuring higher open rates. Users maintain complete control over their email content, seamlessly integrating personalized elements from Capsule data. Accessing the AI Content Assistant is as easy as clicking the Send Email button in a Contact Record, Opportunity, or Project. Whether updating clients on project progress or rewriting inquiry responses, the AI Content Assistant adapts effortlessly. Different monthly quotas are available based on the Capsule plan, ranging from Free to Enterprise. Regardless of technical background or experience level, this user-friendly feature guarantees time savings, enhanced energy, and boosted productivity. Don’t hesitate to try out the AI Content Assistant

With AI Content Assistant, you always have complete control over the content that you send.

Maximizing Marketing Team Productivity

Boosting your marketing team’s productivity involves addressing issues like workplace distractions and poor morale. To improve efficiency, centralize data using software like a content management system and a high-quality CRM. Adapt to remote and hybrid workers by setting clear schedules and using video conferencing tools. Automate repetitive tasks, such as lead scoring and marketing emails, to save time. Follow the GRPI model (Goals, Roles, Processes, Interactions) to enhance teamwork. Offer professional development opportunities and mentorship programs to keep employees engaged and motivated. Utilize AI technology for content creation and generate ideas quickly. Monitor key analytics to optimize marketing strategies. Lastly, use project management software to track progress and allocate resources effectively.

Capsule and Transpond

Transpond offers a seamless solution for synchronizing your Capsule contacts, custom fields, tags, and saved lists. By syncing your Capsule contacts with Transpond, you gain access to a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor to create visually appealing and responsive marketing content. You can effortlessly send and monitor your campaigns while leveraging powerful marketing automations that simplify the process of emailing leads and contacts.

Elevate your business effortlessly using Transpond’s intuitive email marketing, powerful automation, and insightful analytics. Seamlessly integrated with Capsule, it forms a winning CRM and marketing combination.

When Transpond is connected to Capsule, any updates made to your contacts in either platform will be automatically shared. Additionally, Capsule provides a marketing summary for each contact, allowing you to gain valuable insights. Furthermore, you can conveniently filter your contacts in Capsule based on their status within Transpond, enhancing your organization and management of contacts. Transpond is available on the Professional, Teams and Enterprise plans,


Choose the plan that best aligns with your requirements and start leveraging the power of this CRM solution today.

Monthly Subscription
Flexible and convenient, their monthly subscription plan allows you to cancel anytime. Select this option if you prefer a more adaptable approach to your CRM needs.

Enterprise Plan
For those seeking a top-tier experience, the Enterprise plan offers premium onboarding, dedicated account management, and priority support. Enjoy enhanced services and personalized assistance to optimize your CRM usage.

Price: $54 USD per user, per month

Teams Plan
Designed for growing businesses of all sizes, the Teams plan provides the tools to track team performance, segment data, and manage user access. Stay organized and collaborate effectively with this comprehensive plan.

Price: $36 USD per user, per month

Professional Plan

The Professional plan is tailored for small teams who want to enhance organization and boost sales performance. With this plan, you’ll have access to all the essential features and functionalities needed to streamline your processes and drive growth.

Price: $18 USD per user, per month

Choose the Professional plan to empower your team with the tools they need to stay organized, improve collaboration, and maximize sales opportunities. Each plan come with a free trial.

Pros and Cons


  1. The sales pipeline dashboard is exceptionally clear, concise, and user-friendly.
  2. The contacts management feature is highly effective for effortlessly organizing and managing a list of prospective clients in a single location.
  3. The software allows for the efficient management and follow-up on active proposals throughout the preparation process until they are sent to clients.
  4. Learning the basics of the software is straightforward, and additional support can be found through third-party blogs and forums, which offer solutions to various use


  1. Some basic reporting can be added to free plan. Clients would benefit from reports in the free plan .
  2. If you want to store an email communication, you will need to BCC a ‘dropbox’ address every time you email somebody (this is less of a problem if you use either the Gmail or Outlook add-ons).
  3. The integration with Google Workspace, while solid, feels a bit basic, particularly as far as calendars, tasks and two-way syncing in general goes.

The Verdict

CRM, or customer relationship management software, is essential for businesses of all sizes and types. CRM is a strategic business tool that helps companies better engage, retain, and manage customers from the onset of their engagement through the completion of their purchase.

Don’t be deceived by the clean and intuitive interface of Capsule. This powerful tool goes beyond catering to beginners; it’s a trustworthy and invaluable platform that can assist in uncovering inefficiencies within your organization’s sales processes and fostering stronger connections with clients and partners.Capsule CRM is the epitome of an amazing tool, combining simplicity, functionality, and efficiency. With its seamless contact management, integrations, mobile app, and intuitive interface, Capsule empowers businesses to streamline operations, nurture relationships, and achieve exceptional results. Experience the CRM revolution with Capsule. Try it for free!