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“Less Annoying CRM presents only the much needed functionalities required by a small business, and as such, lives up to its name.”

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Updated : 29th April 2024
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  • Easy sync with Google and Outlook Calendars
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  • Outlook Integration
  • Sales/Pipeline Managment
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Modern businesses are required to devise and embrace new customer friendly strategies to adapt to the ever changing market and customer demands. Every business today needs to strive hard to retain old customers while winning over new ones. Repeat customers help businesses earn good revenue even in the most troubled times. This changing business scenario has forced businesses to look for solutions provided by technology. Customer relation management applications have become the most sought programs by both large and small businesses.

The market is flooded with various kinds of advanced CRM applications. These CRMs provide several advanced features, but their cost is a major hurdle for their adoption by small businesses. Besides high costs, these advanced CRMs have some functionalities that are seldom used by small businesses.

The solution to this problem is using a specifically designed and developed CRM keeping SMEs in mind. Less Annoying CRM is one such application that is gaining popularity due to its simple interface and useful functionalities.

Introducing the Latest Product Update: A Fresh CRM Design with Seven Major New Features 2024

Less Annoying CRM is proud to present its latest product update, showcasing a brand new CRM design packed with seven significant new features.

Product Update: New CRM design, including seven major new features | LACRM Blog

Less Annoying CRM is thrilled to unveil its latest product update, introducing a fresh and enhanced design to its CRM platform. Led by the dedicated efforts of the development and design teams, this release marks the most significant overhaul of the CRM in years, boasting a completely revamped aesthetic and an array of impressive new features.

Users are invited to transition to the new design by enabling it within their accounts. The redesigned interface aims to deliver a cleaner, more polished, and intuitive user experience while retaining familiarity with the previous design to ensure a seamless transition for existing users.

Let’s take a closer look at this CRM and understand how it distinguishes itself from the host of other CRMs in the market .

Updates 2021/2022

Product Updates

  • @xappai – Explore the latest partnership with @xappai for seamless lead connection on their website. The integrated LACRM feature automates contact collection, facilitates AI-supported prospect chats, and effortlessly updates your CRM with vital information.
  • Social Capture – This is an integrated solution, channeling messages from your Facebook Page to your LACRM account. New leads’ messages create a contact in Less Annoying CRM, and chat transcripts become notes on the contact’s History. Ongoing chats are added to the same log with updated time stamps. Optimize lead management from your Facebook Page at just $7/month.
  • New CRM Design – Less Annoying CRM unveils its highly anticipated update, featuring a revamped interface, enhanced functionality, and a seamless transition for users. Discover the cleaner, polished, and intuitive design now. Enable it on your account.
  • Improved Workspace – The revamped workspace in Less Annoying CRM offers complete personalization. Dynamic widgets replace static components, allowing users to customize and rename them based on their preferences, making the workspace truly reflect their individual style and workflow.
  • Mobile Navigation –  The CRM’s new design streamlines mobile navigation, reducing the need for excessive clicking. With a simple navigation bar at the bottom, users can easily access all main CRM pages, maximizing productivity on mobile devices.
  • API Enhancements –  API functionality receives significant upgrades, accompanied by improved documentation. Seamlessly connect LACRM with other applications through the enhanced API, facilitating effective communication and integration between software systems.
  • Zapier Integration – Less Annoying CRM proudly launches its integration with Zapier, connecting seamlessly with over 5,000 apps. Effortlessly transfer information between LACRM and other platforms, expanding possibilities for streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity.
  • New “Add” Button – Introducing a centralized feature for quick additions. No more navigating through multiple menus. With the new design, users can easily add contacts, companies, tasks, events, and pipeline items from a single, convenient location, improving efficiency and reducing search time.
  • Custom Field Sections – Less Annoying CRM introduces custom field sections to enhance organization. With unlimited custom fields for contacts, companies, and pipelines, the new design prevents endless scrolling by categorizing and streamlining the accessibility of specific information during data entry and editing.
  • Assign groutps to a Specific User – If you’re an administrator, you can now assign a group to any teammate that you have access to. How is this different? Well, in the past, only you could create a private group for yourself — an administrator couldn’t create a group that was private to you. All they could do was either create a public group, or a group shared with a team. This new feature now lets an administrator assign a group specifically to you. This can come in handy if you want a teammate to be focused on a specific subset of contacts that might not already be assigned to them! Find out more about this.
  • Map your sales funnels to your CRM pipelines – A funnel is a simple and straightforward way to visualize a sales process.
    The typical sales funnel has 4 stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action. These stages lend themselves well to any pipeline in LACRM, and it’s important to consider how your pipeline set up matches up with your own funnel. Here are 3 different pipeline templates to help you think through how your workflow matches up with a funnel. Are you missing an important stage? Are you tracking a particular stage too closely? Should multiple pipelines be combined into one so that you can track a whole funnel at once?
  • Block users from Deleting Data – Less Annoying just improved admin permissions. For a while now, one of the top complaints from admins of multi-user accounts has been that their users keep deleting data they aren’t supposed to. Even though Less Annoying has always been able to restore data for you if you ask, wouldn’t it be even better if the data never got deleted in the first place? Find out more.
  • Task Report – Less Annoying CRM has  rebuilt the task report to make it a bit more polished, and easier to work through. Watch the short video for more information.
  • Mailchimp Integration – Less Annoying CRM has integrated with Mailchimp for many years now, and it allowed for our users to sync their groups over to an audience in Mailchimp so that they can send out marketing emails to their contacts.
  • Announcing the new Help Centre – Less Annoying CRM want to be the easiest software product you’ve ever used. That means having a well-designed product that’s intuitive and simple, but it also means giving you access to helpful training resources so that you can get quick answers to all of your questions.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and collapsible attached items sections – If you’re the type of person that prefers to keep your hands on the keyboard as much as possible, Less Annoying just added the ability to navigate around the CRM, create new records, open and close pop-up screens, and even move around in the calendar, all with just the keyboard. Contact records in the CRM have an “attached items” section at the top showing all the key things related to that contact. This is a great way to get a snapshot of your relationship with a contact, but over time, it can end up getting a bit cluttered. That’s why we just added the ability to collapse those sections so that they don’t take up much space. All you need to do to see what’s contained within a section is move your mouse over it and all of the details will appear.
  • Two-factor Authentication If you’re not familiar with two-factor authentication (or 2fa as it’s called), it’s a way to make it harder for hackers to get into your account. Normally when you log in, you are asked for an email address to identify yourself, and a password to verify your identity (that’s the “first factor”). With 2fa, you also need a “second factor” which is a temporary code Less Annoying will send you. So even if a hacker steals your password, they still won’t be able to log in to your account unless they have also somehow figured out a way to intercept your 2fa codes.
  • Date and Time Formatting – Alot of people mix and match the different formats. Some people use a 12-hour clock with dd/mm/yyyy and some people use a 24-hour clock with mm/dd/yyyy. Less Annoying’s old approach didn’t allow you to set date and time formatting separately, so people were forced to have one of the two look incorrect. They have just fixed this! Now in the localization settings, you’ll see separate date and time format options so you can choose exactly how you’d like things to display in your CRM.
  • Filter by Contacts NOT is a Group -Less Annoying have  a ton of requests for this feature, and are excited that it’s finally finished. You can now filter to show contacts that aren’t in a specific group.

Before you get started with Less Annoying CRM lets see what is new !

Exciting news from Less Annoying CRM! Bursting with enthusiasm, they proudly unveil a dazzling, revamped design- their most significant update in years. The hardworking developers and design maestros have crafted a sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. The transition is seamlessly smooth, retaining familiarity while bringing a breath of fresh air. Plus, brace yourself for four major functional upgrades, alongside a myriad of delightful tweaks! Dive into the enhanced experience – activate the new design on your account now!

Embracing the Latest Design: Unveiling Four Exciting Features

  • Customize your workspace

The new design elevates workspace customization, granting users enhanced control over content display. Transforming the workspace into a dynamic hub for daily tasks, it offers increased collaboration control for team members. Additionally, a new side-calendar seamlessly integrates into the workspace, providing users with quick calendar access, eliminating the need for navigation to a separate tab.

  • Introducing the “Add” Button: Simplifying CRM Actions

In the new CRM design, adding contacts, companies, tasks, events, and pipeline items is now effortlessly intuitive. A centralized menu streamlines common actions, eliminating the need to navigate through the CRM to locate specific functions. Whether on any CRM page, users can instantly add contacts, companies, events, tasks, or pipeline items with just one click, making the process more efficient.

  • Enhanced Mobile Functionality

Experience a superior mobile interface with the new design, allowing you to accomplish tasks in fewer clicks. Navigation through the CRM on mobile devices is now more efficient and straightforward. Whether you’re on the go or prefer using the CRM on a tablet or phone, the overall usability is significantly improved, providing a smoother and more convenient CRM experience.

  • Revamped Custom Field Organization

Explore a fresh approach to organizing custom fields with the new design. Introducing custom field sections for contacts, companies, and pipelines, you now have the flexibility to structure fields according to projects, team members, or any preferred criteria. Customize your sections with color codes, symbols, and the ability to hide unnecessary information, ensuring a more organized and clutter-free display of your custom fields.

These are the major improvements you’ll get as soon as you switch over the the new LACRM design but there are a ton of tiny changes that went into this new design to make it easier to use, more functional, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Getting started with Less Annoying CRM:

Less Annoying CRM is a web based CRM, which means you do not have to invest funds in purchasing additional hardware to employ it in your business. The best way to judge any application is to try it before purchasing it. You can register for a free trial period of 30 days and test all the functionalities and features of Less Annoying CRM. You are not under any obligation to purchase the software after the free trial period. The best part is you do not have to present your credit card information to avail the free trial offered.

Let’s take a look at some features offered by Less Annoying CRM-


Contacts with new jobs; On average, people change jobs 3-7 times during their careers, necessitating updates to LACRM contact details. To manage these changes, three methods are available:

  1. Utilize the Relationship tool to maintain a link between the contact and their previous company.
  2. create a custom contact link field to associate the contact with their prior employer
  3. duplicate the contact, linking one to the old company and the other to the new company, retaining old notes for the previous company profile.

Simple Contact management: Less Annoying CRM features one of the simplest contact management interfaces you can come across. All information pertaining to contact is nicely presented in one single window. The contact information is organized in proper sections. Users can view the contact information of the person, all communication with the contact which includes emails, updates and notes, and other information that helps in decision making and action oriented tasks.

Lead report: Leads are important for every business. Less Annoying CRM understands the importance of leads and presents a unique feature where users can monitor all leads and their stages. The leads information is presented on a priority basis, which helps the sales and marketing teams make the right decision at all times. Besides priority, a user is also able to view any updates related to the lead in the same window.

Dashboard/Workspace: The CRM dashboard provides the user with summaries of all activities and access to all functions of the CRM. You can view a summary of the leads, activities, to do lists, pending or overdue tasks, ongoing projects, events for the day, and a separate activity feed that lists the recent activities of all people using the l Less Annoying CRM in your organization.

Easy accessibility: Less Annoying CRM is a web based application and it can be accessed from any place with an Internet connection. Smartphone users can also access Less Annoying CRM from their devices. The biggest advantage of using Less Annoying CRM is all data is stored centrally and updated centrally, which means you always have access to the latest data irrespective of the place you access it from.

Schedule reminders: You are required to keep a track of several things and tasks while at work. It may so happen that you miss out on some important event or task because you were occupied with some other task. Less Annoying CRM features a schedule reminder which reminds you of all to do tasks that need to be completed during the day. The schedule reminder feature sends you an email which lists all the to do tasks scheduled for the day. You can also set the CRM to send you a reminder email ½ or 1 hour prior to the commencement of every event during the day.

SMS reminders: Sometimes, it may happen that you are not alert enough to see the notification email sent through the Less Annoying CRM schedule reminder feature. Users also have the option to set SMS reminders, where the CRM will send a reminder about the events to your mobile number. This feature is only available for U.S./Canada/UK at the moment

Easy reporting: Every business is required to generate various reports which helps determine the progress of all business activities and deals. Less Annoying CRM simplifies the reporting task and helps you get a clear and concise idea about the progress of activities and leads. The sales report is automatically updated when you update information about any lead or any activity.

Calendar: Users can create their own event in the calendar provided in the CRM. They can view the activity as per dates or for a specific number of days in this feature.

Managing users: Less Annoying CRM grants the administrator the authority to determine the type of information that can be accessed by each user of Less Annoying CRM in the organization. Every user of the Less Annoying CRM gets a dedicated user account. All users of the CRM can access the data at the same time, provided they have logged in to the system. The free trial does not place any restriction on the number of users you can have during the trial period.

Easy sync with Google Calendar: Google Calendar is integrated in majority of smartphones. If you are using Google Calendar, then you need not add events or activities listed in your Google Calendar again in the CRM. The smart sync feature provided in Less Annoying CRM does this task for you. Less Annoying CRM now also integrates with Outlook calendar.

Easy export and Import of contacts: Less annoying CRM allows you to import contact information from spreadsheets and Outlook, so you need not enter it manually in the CRM. It also allows you to export contact information to spreadsheets and Outlook.

Customization options: Users can add custom fields, opportunity types, and also create custom groups for categorizing the contacts


Less Annoying can be used by Business & Life Coaches, Recruitment Agencies, Consultants, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Manufacturers, NGOs, Real Estate, Agents, Sales, Software Specialists and Travel Agents.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to search and add information
  • Super-fast display of information
  • Multiple ways to group and retrieve information
  • Seamless integration with MS Outlook
  • Ability to download into existing files
  • Integration with accounting systems


  • Not the best fit for businesses that need more advanced features.
  • If you’re looking for workflow automation, complex analytics, marketing tools, or more sophisticated integrations with other software, there are better options out there.


The pricing plan offers everything you need, without the hassle of complicated pricing tiers, annual contracts, upsells, or the requirement of a credit card for sign-up. It boasts brilliant customer service that is both free and risk-free for 30 days. There are no unexpected price changes, and the software is designed to be uncomplicated. Priced at $15 per user per month, it includes unlimited contacts and companies, unlimited custom fields, unlimited pipelines, 25GB of file storage per user, email logging, task management, user permissions, and mobile access. Furthermore, it encompasses every single feature along with free upgrades.

For accounts with 10 or more users, personalized assistance is offered to every customer. While they provide support to customers of all sizes, they understand that larger accounts may have more complex requirements that necessitate further discussion and planning before enrollment. For such cases, customers are encouraged to reach out via email to enterprise@lessannoyingcrm.com.


Less Annoying CRM is a worthy investment for SMEs who intend to adopt CRM to streamline their business processes and improve the productivity of their employees. The simple yet powerful features of this CRM will help small businesses reap quick benefits offered by the CRM. The application has a small learning curve, which means you need not spend big funds on training your employees to get acquainted with the different functionalities of this CRM. The CRM presents only the much needed functionalities needed by a small business, and as such, lives up to its name.