" optimizes work management with flexibility, tracking projects, visualizing data, and enabling seamless team collaboration. It also automates tasks and integrates with diverse work apps."

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Updated 18 July 2023
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In this review, we will discuss, a project management tool that aims to provide simplicity and accessibility. While it offers a visually appealing interface, useful project visualization tools, and integration capabilities, we will also highlight some drawbacks, including pricing and features.

Features provides a comprehensive suite of features for team collaboration, project progress monitoring, and task management. The platform offers project templates that can be customized based on specific organizational needs, such as daily task management or departmental planning. Users have the freedom to personalize workflows, add priority indicators, and choose from various display options like maps and calendar views.

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The platform simplifies task assignment and offers a comprehensive “Timeline” view that shows responsible team members and task completion dates. also includes advanced collaboration tools for messaging, file sharing, and progress tracking. Additionally, it supports integration with numerous third-party productivity platforms, enhancing compatibility with existing tools.

Interface and Usability boasts an appealing and user-friendly interface with colorful designs and easy navigation. Core features like the message inbox, weekly tasks, and shared project boards can be accessed conveniently through the interface’s left-hand panel. The mobile version of the platform is also user-friendly, allowing users to add tasks and track progress on the go via Android and iOS applications.


While may lack some advanced features found in platforms like Microsoft Project, its user-friendly design makes it an attractive choice for teams who prefer simplicity. Comparing it to other project management software options and exploring CRM software with project management functionality can help users make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

Support provides support through a “help” icon accessible from any part of the system. Support options include live messenger, ticketing, and pre-arranged webinars. The platform offers a community forum and an academy for additional assistance. Enterprise subscribers have the advantage of direct access to the support team, providing onboarding assistance, detailed training, and personalized support. is Suable for the following industries

Branding, Design, Education, Digital Marketing. Marketing. Technology, Social Media ,

Pricing & Plans

Basic Membership: The Basic subscription starts at $49 per month for 10 users. However, it offers limited features, making it less cost-effective for larger teams. The 5GB storage space may not be sufficient for extensive team collaboration, and the one-week user activity log retention can be problematic for tracking modifications.

Standard Membership: The Standard plan, priced at $79 per month for a 10-person team, offers a more comprehensive feature set. It includes visual workflow management, such as timeline views, and provides 50GB of storage space along with unlimited user activity tracking.

Pro Membership: The Pro tier, costing $119 per month for 10 user accounts, supports up to 25,000 integration actions per month. It offers unlimited storage space, making it suitable for working with large multimedia files. Pro subscriptions unlock additional features like chart views, time tracking, and private task boards.

Enterprise Membership: The Enterprise package is tailored to individual customer needs, and pricing information is not publicly available. It comes with a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee, enabling mission-critical tasks and secure file storage. It also offers audit logs and customizable account permissions.

Each plan comes with a  free trial.

Pros & Cons


  1. User-Friendly Interface: The software offers a vibrant and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and operate.
  2. Effortless Timeline and Charting: Creating timelines and charts is a breeze with the simple drag-and-drop mechanics provided by the software.
  3. Collaborative Tools: The collaboration features resemble those found in popular social media platforms, including likes, @-mentions, GIFs, and emojis, enhancing team communication and engagement.
  4. Guided Automations: Higher-level plans come with pre-built automations that are easy to use and provide step-by-step guidance, simplifying complex processes.
  5. Extensive Integration Support: The software supports a wide range of integrations, allowing users to seamlessly connect with other tools and systems they rely on.
  6. Abundant Training and Resources: Users have access to ample online training materials and self-help resources, enabling them to quickly learn and troubleshoot any issues they may encounter.


  1. Steep Learning Curve: Beginners may find it challenging to get started due to the software’s complexity, requiring a significant learning investment.
  2. Limitations on Recurring Tasks: The software treats recurring or repeating tasks as automations, restricting their availability to higher-priced plans.
  3. Restricted Gantt Charts and Timelines: Access to advanced Gantt charts and timelines is limited to higher-tier plans, potentially limiting functionality for users on lower plans.
  4. Complex Pricing Structure: The pricing structure of the software can be convoluted, making it difficult for users to determine the most suitable plan for their needs.

Final Verdict is an accessible project management tool that focuses on usability and team adoption. However, it has room for improvement. Some advanced features, like calendar views, are only available in higher-priced subscriptions. Nevertheless, stands out for its sleek design and integration capabilities, making it a suitable option for teams seeking a user-friendly solution.