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"Experience seamless sales and customer relationship management within Gmail™ and Google Calendar™. Streak simplifies data entry, eliminating workflow interruptions."

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Published : 5th October 2023
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An Evaluation of Streak: The Pre-eminent CRM Solution for Gmail and Google Calendar Integration

Streak, the CRM solution meticulously crafted to seamlessly harmonize with Gmail and Google Calendar, stands as a revolutionary toolset poised to redefine your approach to sales management and customer relationships. Bid farewell to the laborious task of constantly switching between multiple applications; Streak empowers you to effortlessly centralize and access critical customer data, all while remaining within the familiar confines of your Gmail environment. This comprehensive review will meticulously explore the myriad exceptional features and advantages that solidify Streak as the undisputed choice for streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. Prepare to uncover how Streak adeptly banishes interruptions, enabling you to invest your energy where it matters most – forging enduring customer connections and propelling sales triumphs.

Streak, the CRM for Gmail – Features list

  • Streak Inbox Enhancement
    Within your Gmail interface, Streak’s inbox feature transcends conventional email functionalities. Seamlessly, it transforms contact information extracted from email threads into structured CRM data. Additionally, it provides a collaborative space for team use. Furthermore, Streak offers email tracking capabilities to keep you informed when recipients open your emails. It also includes a library of email templates to streamline communication.
  • Efficient Mail Merge
    Streak’s mail merge functionality proves indispensable for email marketing campaigns and sales follow-ups. This tool enables you to dispatch identical emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. Moreover, it automates follow-up emails, ensuring the delivery of your mass communications.
  • Data Importer
    A CRM’s effectiveness hinges on its data quality. The integrated Streak importer facilitates lead cleaning and importing within Gmail, streamlining the process to swiftly populate pipelines and boost productivity.
  • Flexible Streak Pipelines
    Streak introduces both private and shared pipelines to facilitate your workflow. Whether opting for predefined pipeline templates or crafting custom ones, Streak accommodates your needs. These pipelines can be tailored for simplicity and visual appeal or enriched with comprehensive data and fields to meet diverse requirements.
  • Robust Task Management
    Streak’s task management feature, aptly named “Upcoming,” offers a straightforward method for organizing your impending tasks. It can be configured to display your daily tasks or prioritize items on your to-do list, enhancing your productivity and time management.
  • Asset Management Capability
    Beyond CRM, Streak doubles as a basic content management system (CMS). It permits the upload and attachment of assets such as content, documents, mock-ups, and proposals to specific projects. This fosters collaboration and the repurposing of existing content for new initiatives.
  • Thread Splitter for Clarity
    Occasionally, Gmail may amalgamate unrelated email conversations. Streak’s thread splitter resolves this issue by untangling improperly merged email threads, enhancing communication clarity. It also proves invaluable when segregating distinct topics within an email exchange, facilitating departmental allocation.
  • Scheduled Email Sending
    Streak empowers users to compose and schedule emails for future delivery, ensuring optimal timing for correspondence. Scheduled emails reside in Gmail’s Draft folder until their predetermined dispatch time. Additionally, a snooze email function provides notification before sending, enhancing control over email communication.
  • Comprehensive Project Management
    Streak offers a comprehensive suite of project management features, ideal for endeavors like product development. This versatile tool supports cross-functional teams in tracking task ownership and managing diverse deadlines.
  • Enhanced Business Development
    Streak recognizes that business development extends beyond customer acquisition and sales. Robust permission features enable managers and team leaders to grant varying levels of access to content and projects, facilitating collaboration with external stakeholders and partners.
  • Extensive Integration Options
    Streak provides developers with a standard API and webhook API for tailored customization. Furthermore, users can seamlessly integrate Streak with numerous applications through platforms like Zapier, connecting to diverse tools such as social media ad platforms and spreadsheet applications, thereby extending its functionality and compatibility.

The Compatibility of Streak with iPhones

Streak seamlessly integrates with iOS devices, including iPhones, in addition to its compatibility with Android phones. This integration grants users immediate access to their pipelines directly within the Gmail app on their iPhones. Notably, Streak enables users to efficiently manage their emails, with features such as email grouping and tracking. Moreover, it facilitates collaborative efforts by allowing the sharing of pipeline information among team members.

Industries that use Streak

  • Sales Management
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • NGOs, NPOs, Charities, Churches or any institution involved with fundraising
  • Technology


Explore the five pricing Plans and find your ideal solution.


For individuals trying out Streak for an unlimited period of time

Basic CRM: 500
Mail merge: 50
Email tracking
Monthly: $0 per user / month

  • SOLO

For single users looking for an all-purpose CRM

Basic CRM: 5000
Mail merge: 800
Link tracking
Monthly: $15 per user / month

  • PRO

For any sized business looking to collaborate with a complete CRM

Advanced CRM: ∞ (Unlimited)
Mail merge: 1500
Shared pipelines
Monthly: $49 per user / month

  • PRO+

For any sized business looking to collaborate with a complete CRM.

Advanced reports
Archived users
AI Assistant
Monthly: $69 per user / month – Free 14-day trial


For businesses who need customization and data validation

Custom roles
Data validation
Priority support
Monthly: $129 per user / month

Assessing Streak: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Is Streak a Good Choice?

To determine if Streak stands among the CRM elite, a thorough examination of its pros and cons is essential. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks associated with Streak:

Advantages of Streak 

  • Seamless Integration with Gmail:
    Streak CRM excels in seamless integration with Gmail, making it an ideal choice for users heavily engaged in Gmail-driven business and networking activities. The integration is not only visually appealing but also functionally seamless.
  • User-Friendly, Powerful Workflows:
    Streak’s workflow setup is user-friendly yet exceptionally powerful, providing your organization with a competitive edge by enhancing efficiency.
  • Productive Email Tools:
    Streak’s suite of email tools, including mail merge, send later, snooze, thread splitter, and more, offers a delightful and highly productive experience. These tools are particularly advantageous for email marketing endeavors.
  • Tailored to Specific Use Cases:
    Streak shines in specific use cases and verticals, such as real estate and fundraising, offering tailored solutions to address industry-specific needs.

Disadvantages of Streak 

  • Gmail Dependency:
    Streak’s primary advantage, its seamless integration with Gmail, can also be a limitation. If you do not use Gmail, this CRM software may hold little to no value for you, as it exclusively caters to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) users.
  • Limited Marketing Campaign Features:
    Streak falls short in providing comprehensive marketing campaign tools beyond email-based campaigns. It lacks the robust features expected from broader CRM solutions, limiting its utility for diverse marketing strategies.
  • Limited Reporting Capabilities:
    Streak’s reporting features are only accessible with its most expensive plans. For more advanced analytics and sales forecasting capabilities, you may need to explore alternative CRM options.

Final Thoughts

Streak  offers significant advantages for Gmail users, especially in specific niches like real estate and fundraising. However, its limitations, including platform exclusivity and limited marketing and reporting capabilities, may require careful consideration when evaluating it as a CRM solution.