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"Transpond, formerly MPZMail, is a versatile email marketing software suitable for enterprises, offering templates, analytics, and automation with seamless integrations."

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Updated : 19th September 2023
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Transpond, formerly known as MPZMail, stands as a versatile email marketing solution suitable for deployment within enterprises and businesses of varying sizes, spanning across diverse industries.

One of its standout attributes lies in its email template capabilities, which boast cross-device compatibility and complete customization options via an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. The incorporation of a campaign wizard facilitates the effortless creation and dissemination of email campaigns, offering the flexibility to add segments, exclude specific groups, or target multiple recipient groups simultaneously. Furthermore, the inclusion of Intelligent Analytics empowers users with valuable insights into subscriber behavior, tracking email opens and link clicks while also providing granular data like geographic location and device preferences.

Transpond’s arsenal also features an advanced spam testing functionality, assuring senders of email integrity prior to dispatch. Its list cleaning feature further streamlines email hygiene by automatically purging invalid, unused, and spamtrap addresses. Notably, the platform equips users with an automation builder to facilitate Marketing Automation, complemented by an array of pre-designed templates for common tasks. The seamless integration capabilities of Transpond with a plethora of popular applications enhance its adaptability and utility in various operational contexts.


  1. Effortless Email Design – Transpond’s user-friendly drag-and-drop email designer ensures eye-catching campaigns for business growth, whether from templates or scratch.
  2. Insights for Continuous Improvement – Harness powerful analytics to understand contact engagement and seize optimization opportunities for ongoing campaign improvement.
  3. Maximize Impact with Website Tracking – Track post-click journeys, capitalize on marketing opportunities, and optimize engagements by understanding your contact’s interactions with your communications.
  4. Continuous Contact Growth – Facilitate contact acquisition with customizable forms, ensuring a steady influx of new prospects for your marketing efforts.
  5. Streamlined Marketing Automation – Unlock an array of marketing automations in Transpond, freeing you to concentrate on business expansion with a virtual team member.
  6. AI-Generated Emails – Easily integrate with your preferred CRM, such as Capsule, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesmate, Dynamics, or Zoho, for real-time contact syncing and enhanced automation.
  7. Enhanced Transactional Emails – Timely, informative messages keep customers engaged and loyal. Optimize your email strategy for lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What industries is Transpond suitable for ?

Transpond can be used by those is the following industries :


  • CRM –  Easily integrate with your preferred CRM, such as Capsule, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesmate, Dynamics, or Zoho, for real-time contact syncing and enhanced automation. For custom integrations, explore their API documentation.
  • Ecommerce – Leverage Stripe integration to sync customers seamlessly and automate email campaigns for enhanced engagement and customer management
  • Email marketing – Transpond offers simplified integration with leading platforms
    • Mailchimp Integration: Easily import templates and contacts from Mailchimp to streamline your email marketing efforts.
    • Campaign Monitor Integration: Import subscribers effortlessly from Campaign Monitor via the Subscribers -> Add Subscribers Page
    • Get Response Integration: Seamlessly import subscribers from Get Response using the Subscribers -> Add Subscribers Page.
  • Social
    • Calendly Integration: Seamlessly manage scheduling and calendars within email templates for efficient time management.
    • Slack Integration: Easily send messages to Slack channels and users directly from your campaigns and automations, enhancing communication.
    • TrustPilot Integration: Sync TrustPilot contacts, create automations, and incorporate TrustPilot Email widgets into your templates for enhanced customer engagement and feedback management.
  • Other
    • Google Sheets – Import subscribers and contact data directly from Google Sheets
    • Email Marketing for Zapier  – Zapier Connect to Zapier and instantly start syncing data between thousands of other apps. E
    • Email Marketing for Tabular –  Tabular Design responsive emails with full control over mobile.


Transparency and simplicity define the pricing structure. Choose from plans tailored to your needs, from free basics to advanced features. All the plans offer transparency and simplicity. Choose from plans tailored to your needs, from free basics to advanced features. The priced plans range from $7 for the Essential plan, $14 for the Professional plan and $68 for the Premium plan.

Pros and Cons of Transpond

Transpond is more suited to businesses that require Communication Management with E-Mail and Campaign Management with E-Mail. It is not focused towards Communication Management with E-Mail and Drip Marketing with E-Mail .


This email marketing platform offers seamless integration with leading CRMs, simplifying data management. It provides essential tools for campaign creation, automation, and analytics. This enables connections to popular platforms like Stripe, Zapier, and TrustPilot for comprehensive marketing solutions, streamlining processes, enhancing communications, and optimizing engagement.

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