Snapshot CRM Review

"Snapshot CRM (by Soffront Software, Inc.) is an intuitive, simple and user-friendly CRM solution for small businesses without in-house IT department. It allows you to easily manage your customers, contacts, task lists, phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, and documents."

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Experience Does Matter!

Developing customer service applications since 1993, and being one of the pioneers in Cloud CRM, Soffront knows what they’re doing. With the help of their drawn-out experience and extensive market research, they realized small businesses need a simpler and easy-to-use CRM instead of multifaceted software packed with unnecessary bells and whistles – and then they launched Snapshot CRM.

Most CRM vendors leach away their client’s coinage by first offering a low startup price and then forcing them to buy extremely/more expensive add-ons. Luckily, Snapshot is an all-inclusive integrated suite of applications so you won’t have to purchase anything extra.

Quick Facts:

  • Free Trial: Yes (Full functional up to 500 contacts)
  • Mass import/export: Yes (Only CSV format)
  • Training required: No (Intuitive interface, Comprehensive video tutorials offered)
  • Email broadcasting & marketing campaigns: Yes
  • Auto Responders: Yes
  • Capture Leads: Yes (from your website opt-in form, emails, lead vendors, trade shows)

Signing up – The FREE trial version

Creating your account with Snapshot is literally a snap, you don’t even need to give your credit card details. Just key in a few basic details and you’re ready to manage all your customer related dealings from a single dashboard.

The best thing about Snapshot is that you can enjoy its every single feature as long as the number of your contacts stays below 500 – your trial won’t expire after a few days. If your contacts total never reaches the threshold of five hundred, you can use their free version forever.

It’s a plain CRM having very basic and simple features. (kinda contradictory to the fact stated above that it is ‘all-inclusive’) With a little bit of common sense, you’ll have the ball rolling without any help. The vendor has also provided video tutorials on their YouTube channel to make your endeavor easy.

Switching To SnapshotCRM (from your older database)

Snapshot allows you to import existing database without any glitch. The application, however, accepts data in CSV format only. Once the import is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email. The process can take up to a few minutes depending on the size of your database. Make sure the first row of the file contains the field names. The entries from your older files are automatically mapped to their counterparts in CRM; though you can make changes, if need be.

Top Features

Following are the major features of SnapshotCRM:

Contact and Lead Management

Managing your contacts, leads and opportunities is a breeze. Every detail regarding your contacts, customers, partners and vendors is organized in one place which can be sorted on any given criterion.

Open a contact and you have all their particulars at your screen.

SnapShot - Contacts

Scroll down and you’ll find several useful features e.g. adding notes, attachments, events, activities, email broadcast and so on.

On top of that, you’ll find the complete history including emails, documents, phone calls, and meetings on a single page.

This centralization of information helps your customer care department solve your client’s problem more efficiently, and your sales department can identify a pitch easily.

Editing your contacts as well as communicating with them is also a matter of few mouse clicks. If you want to email a contact, just click on their email id in the main Contact Menu. The CRM automatically identifies duplicate records and deletes them.

SnapShot - Cantacts

Capturing leads

You can effortlessly gather leads from different sources. The process can be automated by using customized opt-in forms on your website/blog, or you can easily enter new contacts (maybe when you’re cold calling your prospects). Moreover, importing leads form CSV files is also possible.

Once you have captured leads, you can enter notes, create tasks, and schedule activities right on the lead record. As a lead moves through the sales pipeline, you can easily analyze and take steps to cover every related aspect.

Activities (To-do List)

Under this tab, you can manage your to-do list and create a reminder of major upcoming events. All these tasks will be right on your desktop, so you don’t forget anything important.

Create and categorize your activities for anything from appointments to submission deadlines, against your customers or leads. Then you can easily assign them to the concerned team members for further action.


Snapshot allows unlimited subscriptions through a customized opt-in form. You can easily create, customize and then post an opt-in form to your website, blog or social media page. After opting-in, the subscribers will be redirected to a landing page of your choice.

Snapshot - Subscription

You can create different lists of subscribers based on your particular campaigns. It’s not a dumb subscription system like most others. Your list is compliant with the Can Spam laws i.e. rejects double opt-ins, automatically manages un-subscription and spontaneously cleans up bounced emails.

You can categorize and tag your subscribers to send them emails tailored according to their specific behaviors and needs.

Email Broadcasts

Reaching infinite number of prospects was never as easier. (chk English)
You can create exclusively customized email messages and broadcast them instantly to thousands of prospects or customers with one click, or schedule to go out automatically. There are several exquisite looking built-in templates to choose from.

SnapSHot - Broadcast Message

Auto Responders

Auto responders allow you to get the most out of the leads you’ve captured. Snapshot CRM offers a top-quality and highly customizable auto responder.

All you have to do is create a sequence of personalized email’s once, and forget it – the software will make sure your new as well as existing subscribers get your messages at the right time. You can welcome a new subscriber, send a discount coupon on a particular occasion, send a series of emails educating your prospects and tempting them to become your consumers etc. – the possibilities are endless.

Sales Pipeline Management

Snapshot makes managing and tracking your bids, deals and proposals as easy as pie.

Analytics and Reporting

Without analyzing your results, you can never take your campaign to the next level.

Snapshot CRM gives timely and fact-based insight into your campaigns. You’ll get every bit of data that matters e.g. email opens, email bounces, current subscribers, unsubscribes etc. Open your pre-installed sales dashboard, and get a real-time overview of sales, pipeline and sales funnel. On top of that, you can generate reports in various formats and share them with your team members.

SnapShot - Reports

Stability, Security and Backups

You don’t have to sweat when it comes to the security and safety of your important data.

The Gigabit Backbone’s high bandwidth, built-in redundancy, and RAID Drive, team up to provide utmost consistency. A team of specialists is always on their toes to tackle any interruption in the service.

Your data is in safe hands, thanks to the multi-layered Internet level and Domain level security, 256-bit SSL encryption, strong Antivirus, SPAM, and spyware scanning. Furthermore, you can regulate the access to your data i.e. restrict your teammates from viewing certain records.

What’s more, there are two backups of your data, kept at two different geographical locations to ensure maximum safety.

Pricing and Plans

The flexible tariff allows you to pay just as per your current needs.

SnapShot - Pricing and Plans

Comparison with other CRMs/Email Marketing Products

SnapShot - Comparison


  •    An all-in-one CRM solution for small business – no add-ons required whatsoever (that is a bit strong)
  •    Offers the best trial version i.e. FREE up to first 500 contacts – no expiry
  •    Has an extremely simple and user-friendly interface
  •    Can manage unlimited contacts and customer records
  •    Packed with all powerful and handy features (you can also request a feature to be included)
  •    Makes managing contacts and to-do lists a walk in the park
  •    Streamlines and simplifies the process of capturing and nurturing leads
  •    Give you full control over your data, and you can choose the people who can access it
  •    Comes with powerful analysis and reporting options
  •   Utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to make your data safe and secure


  • Does not allow integration with other software applications
  • Gets costly as the number of your contacts increases
  • Customer service department is not as quick as you would like
  • Displays an annoying blank screen when you switch between tabs – not a major nuisance though
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