Teamgate CRM Review

"Teamgate is one of the most user-friendly sales oriented CRM tools, skillfully streamlining the overall sales process without overcomplicating things."

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Teamgate is essentially a web-based CRM, with the main focus being sales automation.  It allows teams and organizations of virtually any size to research and connect with their customer, and then analyze and organize leads through an intuitive interface to streamline the entire sales process.

Teamgate features one of the most intuitive and user-friendly interfaces we’ve seen ever, and the company really takes pride in making the overall process of managing the sales automation super easy.

For anything outside the sales process, such as marketing automation, project management, customer service etc., Teamgate relies heavily on integration with other apps.

Unique Selling Proposition

Teamgate has been voted the most user-friendly CRM on the market by Capterra for the past two years. The company boasts their commitment to creating a product which can bring value to the customer without involving complex interface or processes.

Who is it for?

The target users of Teamgate CRM include technology & software, tech start-up, education and training, creative agency, broadcast & media, IT service, consulting and services, transport and logistics, and real estate.

Who is it not for?

We believe Teamgate might not be the best choice for e-commerce, retail, manufacturing type businesses.

Free Trial & Getting Started

With just a few clicks you can start your 14-day Free Trial on Teamgate and experience for yourself the difference in efficiency in all sales-related processes.

Getting started has never been easier as Teamgate offers a painless setup with no credit card requirements. Sign up using your Google or LinkedIn account or simply fill in the short form and you’re good to go.

Importing data from several different sources including Google Contacts, MAC Address book, Outlook and LinkedIn, is a matter of a few clicks. You can also upload a CSV or XLSX file, an option which we tried and totally loved. Although there are not many out of the box fields available, you can add custom fields on the fly, which means you can add virtually any type of data.

Importing data from several different sources including Google Contacts, MAC Address book, Outlook and LinkedIn, is a matter of a few clicks. You can also upload a CSV or XLSX file, an option which we tried and totally loved. Although there are not many out of the box fields available, you can add custom fields on the fly, which means you can add virtually any type of data.

Unlike many other CRMs that offer simple file and document management, where you can just drop or download files, Teamgate offers powerful version control where you can track changes to each version and restore older versions.

It has a handy dashboard, although it’s not very customizable. It also allows good insights and analytics. Another amazing feature of Teamgate is the smart calendar which allows two-way synchronization with Google calendar and iCal.

Some features that we would like to see include sales forecasting, and sales, territory, and quota management.

Sales management

Some features that we would like to see include sales forecasting, and sales, territory, and quota management.

Sales management

This is where Teamgate really excels. It not only streamlines the whole process and makes converting leads into deals a matter of two mouse clicks, but also allows you to measure each team member’s performance versus their activity targets.

The best thing about Teamgate is that you can set targets for every single activity, and for each salesperson, and this intelligent software will show you their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly achievements. On top of that, the Insight module lets you view each salesperson’s performance in a graphically. You can see the number of contacts and accounts they have added, new leads they brought in, and meetings with the clients.

Marketing and Service

These are the two sections where Teamgate lacks a little. However, you can make up for these by taking advantage of integration with apps like MailChimp and ZenDesk.


We are told that their biggest upcoming feature is automation workflow. Some other specials offered by Teamgate include great virtual and physical security of the data and network, 99.5% uptime, constant data backup, and KPIs and sales goals.

Teamgate vs Pipedrive vs Zoho

With so many sales CRM options out there, it can be very easy to get side-tracked and confused as to which one would best fit your business needs. Even the most popular sale CRMs out there may not necessarily be fit for every businesses sales process.

We compare Teamgate with two other popular sales CRMs: Pipedrive and Zoho.

Even though these sale CRMs are quite similar in what they are able to do, they go about it in different ways. Both CRMs have excellent customer support. Both offer free trials but Pipedrive has a more expensive starter package than Teamgate; almost $5 more per month.

Both Teamgate and PipeDrive have CRMs with unique features that set them apart from each other. Teamgate, for example, has call recording, call routing and call scripting features that Pipedrive does not have. On the other hand, Pipedrive has mobile integration and better customization options. Pipedrive also has greater integration options than Teamgate especially since it can integrate with WordPress and QuickBooks while Teamgate cannot.

When comparing Zoho with Teamgate you find similar discrepancies. Zoho doesn’t have a Windows Phone app either at the moment. However, Zoho’s CRM is targeted to a much broader audience including freelancers as well as large enterprises.

Zoho currently offers four packages compared to Teamgate’s three that start from about $12 a month all the way to a $100 a month on an annual billing cycle making it more expensive than Teamgate. However, Zoho does come with more features than Teamgate but is a much more complex CRM including sales features needed by more diverse industries.

In terms of integration capabilities, Zoho is better than both Teamgate and Pipedrive as it can integrate to pretty much any app your business would need. The only exception is Google Calendar which Zoho for some reason cannot yet integrate with. Zoho comes with a 15-day trial period compared with the 14-days offered by Teamgate and Pipedrive.

It essentially comes down to the business owner to decide on the most suitable sales CRM based on the organization’s goals and priorities. Teamgate offers the most user-friendly interface whereas Pipedrive allows greater customization and integration options.

Zoho has many features and even greater integration options than Pipedrive that might be extremely useful to large enterprises but quite meaningless for smaller scale businesses. You can use the free trial to play with different interfaces and get a feel for which of these CRMs best fits your bill.

What we liked about Teamgate

  •       Stylish, intuitive, and easy to use interface
  •       Tons of integration abilities
  •       Flexible task management
  •       Excellent customer support
  •       Good value for money thanks to its different package options
  •       Rich in features & functionality
  •       Offers great insights and analytics
  •       2 ways calendar exchange with Google calendar, iCal, DAVDroid etc.
  •       Amazing graphical reports
  •       Full version control for files and documents

What We Didn’t Like

  •       The dashboard cannot be customized
  •       Lacks personalization abilities
  •       Limited project management tools

In Conclusion

Teamgate is a powerful sales management tool, which can become an all-inclusive CRM system with all the powerful 3rd party integrations it offers. While you’ll love the affordable pricing, unique and useful features, and great customer support, what really sets the CRM apart is its user-friendly interface, which has a bigger value than many realize.

Take advantage of their 14-day free trial to test drive Teamgate and see if this the ultimate CRM for your business.

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