"TeamLab CRM is a modern, simple and convenient customer relationship management tool which helps small and medium business improve customer interactions, reduce the company costs and increase the profitability."

(User submitted Overview)

Basic features

TeamLab CRM provides contact management, task management and opportunity tracking.

Key features

TeamLab CRM offers a multi-user access to the stored data and allows you to restrict access to some contacts making them private so that only the authorized people could view and edit them.

You can add new contacts to your customer database in several ways: manually entering the available data, or import your contacts all at once from a .csv file, or even add contacts automatically creating a Website Contact Form.

Arranging your contacts becomes very simple. Divide your contacts into types and add tags. It helps you create special marketing campaigns, track your contacts and simply facilitate the contact search process.

There is a great opportunity to keep track of the potential sales.

Create opportunities and link them with projects to organize the work and make the sale management easier and more effective.

Use cases to plan and keep track of a common event: add tasks to manage your team work, store all the related documentation in one place, track the work history.

Adding Contacts

The CRM module allows you to create your own customer database, whether your clients are big companies or single individuals.

Assisting Tasks

The Tasks section gives you a full overview of coming duties at a glance. Collaborating with a client you can create tasks for yourself or assign them to other colleagues.

Managing Opportunities

An opportunity is used to keep track of the potential sales, their estimated due date, budget and success probability and help you manage your sales more easily and effectively.

Organizing Cases

The Cases section is aimed to simplify event organization, seminar and meeting arrangement etc. with a group of customers.

Changing CRM Module Settings

By default, all portal users can access the CRM module. There are 2 different access levels inside it: user and CRM administrator.

Being a user you may perform the following operations:

  • view all content (except private one);
  • create contact, task, case, opportunity with a possibility to restrict access to them;
  • edit contact, task, case, opportunity having the corresponding access rights;

Being a CRM administrator you may perform the following operations:

  • read and moderate all content;
  • organize mass mailing;
  • configure module settings;
  • configure the SMTP settings to set up an email account used to organize a mass mailing;
  • set up the default currency used to calculate the Sum total for all CRM opportunities;
  • export all data to a .csv file;
  • customize user fields to add some additional information;
  • set opportunity stages;
  • adjust contact types;
  • specify task categories;
  • create new categories of history events;
  • manage tags within the CRM Module;
  • create a Website Contact Form;

But being a portal owner you can restrict access to the CRM for some users or even disable this module, if you don’t need it at all.

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