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"Founded in 2002, the Denver, USA based, privately held company, Terrasoft, is establishing itself as a global provider of CRM solutions."

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The company’s flagship product – Terrasoft CRM – is a complete CRM suite that connects employees, partners and customers into a unified, intelligent business environment.

Even though Terrasoft boasts a quite impressive list of corporate customers, the products are affordable by the small business market.

There are two editions you can choose from:

Terrasoft CRM 4Sales is an out-of-box customer management solution that will help you control your customer relationships and sales and helps increase productivity with minimal investment.

Terrasoft CRM Enterprise Edition is a team-based CRM solution for small business, providing tools for sales, marketing and customer service.

TerrasoftCRM Features:

Terrasoft CRM Enterprise Edition is a team-based CRM solution for small business, providing tools for sales, marketing and customer service.

TerrasoftCRM Features:

Terrasoft is a customizable solution for small business to enable efficient contact communications, product information, sales, projects and tasks management, with an easy to use interface and information search capability.

Contact Management
Enables management of your contacts effectively with the history of all negotiations, phone calls, tasks, meetings, emails and documents.
Increases your contact’s ‘wow’ factor and loyalty with your company by a personalised approach.
A search engine helps you to track down key information quickly using various characteristics.

Accounts Management
Accumulate all your accounts and opportunities in a single database.
Maximise team selling effectiveness by combining all account data in one place. This includes orders, contacts, tasks, emails, files, comments.
Segment all your accounts by groups and categories.

Sales Management
Capture and reference key information relating to sales opportunities.
Forecast revenue and measure sales process effectiveness.
Track opportunity status and dates.
Analyse sales by manager, product, customer segment.
View all actions, mails and documents related to sale.

Task Management
Manage schedules and keep track of activities and events for multiple users.
Track phone calls, meetings, to-dos, events, and literature requests.
Monitor the work schedule of your employees.
View all tasks per sales opportunity, account or contact.

Campaign Management
Plan and track your marketing campaigns
Analyse campaign results
Compare campaigns effectiveness
Optimize your marketing expences

Product Management
Accumulate all your product information providing and maximising all product sales opportunities.
Maximise team selling effectiveness by combining all contacts to products.

Analytical Reports
Build any report needed with report builder.
Analyze the effectiveness of your sales team.
Generate activity reports.
Analyze sales forecast and results.
Export data from any grid to MS Excel or HTM

Email client
Terrasoft CRM software contains an inbuilt Email client that provides complete email functionality for small business, including bulk email sending, message templates, email rules, grouping and quick search. Each message can be linked to the account, contact, document or sale.

Outlook Synchronization
Synchronize your emails, tasks, appointments and contacts with your MS Outlook. This Terrasoft feature enables you to create really integrated environment. Besides Terrasoft CRM supports IMAP protocol, so all your emails can be received in Terrasoft CRM without deleting it from your mail server.

Customization tools
Terrasoft provides powerful customization tools that enable you to modify all aspects of the system to fit the unique business needs. Includes an Inbuilt Script Editor, Report Builder, Filter Editor, Plug-ins support and open database.

Automated processes
You can increase your daily productivity by automating key aspects of the selling cycle using convenient process builder. Boost your team work with the business-process management tools.

With the help of Replication Utility you can continue using Terrasoft CRM at home, or on the road without Internet connection. When you return to the office this utility will synchronize your database with office general database.

Remote data exchange
If you have branch offices in the different parts of the world you can synchronize CRM databases to use a single customer data source business-wide. The Replication Utility will enable you to exchange and synchronize data between remote offices by email.

Call Center
You can track all calls with the Call Center software. Outgoing and incoming calls can be automatically processed and registered in Terrasoft CRM.


Terrasoft CRM 4Sales v2.8

$199 per license

Terrasoft CRM Enterprise v2.8

1-4 $299 per license
5-9 $277 per license
10-24 $259 per license
25-49 $251 per license
> 50 $247 per license

Pricing in US Dollars.

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