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"Small Business CRM & Office Automation Software"

For offices with one to 1,000 employees, Up Close and Personal (UCAP) is CRM and Office Management system that manages all customer interactions with your company.

UCAP stores all information necessary to interact live with your customers and tracks employee & sales performance. Track any number of Personal and Company attributes, notes, purchases and interactions with your company with reporting systems to automate letters, faxing and email correspondence. Additional modules present sales, quoting, campaign, training, tech support, data mining, reporting, product and Recurrency services.

Unlike other CRM packages, UCAP delivers all customer data immediately to permit live interaction with the customer. Data is presented from Company or Personal perspectives with in-built workflow structures to simplify live updates. In addition, the customer modules and import-export features enable all customer dealings to be made real time without using external non-linked utilities.

One UCAP provides more end user benefits and costs less than competing products.

About UCAP:

Up Close and Personal Corporation was formed in 2001 to market a CRM and Office Management (CROM) system the product then known as “InTouch”. InTouch had been in use for many years, but trademark issues prevented the name from continuing.

The name “Up Close and Personal” was used because of its central theme being personal to all persons, be they staff or customers, and also capable of supporting the user so seamlessly that the synergy of the employee with UCAP enables the person to know more about the customer and to deliver excellence in customer service.

To be “Up Close” you have to be personal, and to be personal, you have to be knowledgeable. UCAP lets every employee achieve both aims.

UCAP’s directors: Peter Batten and Richard de Crespigny have kept UCAP on target to provide fast reliable and powerful Customer and Staff Systems at an affordable prices.

Up Close and Personal Corporation is based in Sydney, Australia.

UCAP Resellers and Training organisations currently support users in Australia and New Zealand.

Up Close and Personal Corporation is keen to build distribution and reseller relationships world wide.

About UCAP – the product

UCAP – the product was identified as a mandatory tool in 1995. Two developers, Peter Batten and Richard de Crespigny recognised the value of tracking customer and staff information but were unable to find a tool to accomplish these two massive tasks.

Their were few tools of this kind at that time, and the one that did exist were simple (flat structures, and so slow and very unreliable and provided no scope for growing with the company. There were a few contact systems in place but they were not integrated, nor provided the many interfaces that sales people and managers require.

Richard and Peter produced two prototype before zooming in on UCAPs structure. UCAP entered commercial use in 1998 and has been operational since. Since it’s release, UCAP has grown with the companies’ data and has remained fast enough to use live on the phone. In the history of the UCAP development, where a UCAP server has been used, there has never been a case of data becoming corrupted.

UCAP Key Specifications

UCAP was scoped with the following key features in mind:

Must be fast enough to work real time

Never repeat data.

Data must mimic real life (Persons and Companies)

People must be easy to identify using unlimited codes

Code must be able to spawn other codes

Track staff usage for efficiency

API wrappers enabling UCAP to interlace with existing Accounting , contact manager and web systems.

Hub and Spoke Structure supports unlimited “vertical market” applications

Must be able to use WITHOUT a MOUSE

Must be faster by keyboard than by mouse

Robots to accomplish real life tasks.

Client Server Database for data integrity, scalability and speed

Free database to minimise end user costs.

Object Oriented design with re-use of screen and other object designs.


UCAP’s design took five years and 400,000 lines of code. Enhancements will include:

100% integration of outlook.

The Tech Support module will soon provide full interface to web based FAQs and Customer Services

The Training Module will be enhanced to support the top training organisations.

User definable databases, screen designs and business rules.

More Crystal Reports / Enterprise reports.

Download your FREE Single User UCAP here.. (opens up a new window)

Top Ten Features

  1. Fast database, expandable to unlimited sizeUCAP has been tested with thirty five concurrent users and over one million records in the database. The system design enables UCAP reaction time to be suitable for live consultant-customers interactions.Enter data without restraints. Enter any number of addresses for a person or company. Assign any number of phone, fax, email, URL addresses to any address.
  2. Fully related data views by Person, Company or Branch
    Enter any one person, company, address or phone number once. Then link any persons to any branch and/or companies.Update personal, company or branch details once to see the effects globally.
  3. Encode your customers and companiesAssign any number of user defined codes to persons and companies. These codes are used to derive data subsets for sales and marketing activities.
  4. Configurable DesktopCustom data colours
    Configure the menus, windows, keyboard and modules to suit the way you work.Screen regions become colour coded based upon the displayed company or personal codes. Use this to visually identify good/bad clients or more.
  5. Aliases make data entry-retrieval easy.
    Enter any number of alternate (alias) names for Companies and Countries.Alias company names enable finding companies easy after they are merged (i.e… Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse merging into Coopers Price Waterhouse – you would have Alias names of “Coopers” and “Price Waterhouse” that exist for Coopers Price Waterhouse.)
  6. Extra Modules built in!
    No matter what your business, chances are that the interaction with your customers can be accommodated by the following UCAP in-built Modules:
    ContactsProductsQuotingCorrespondenceSales FunnelTech SupportTrainingRecurrency (anniversaries)Contacts that are built into UCAP
  7. Computer Telephony (CT) interfaces
    UCAP interfaces to fax, email and telephone systems.When using TeleVantage, just double click on a telephone number to dial that number. Inbound telephone numbers are auto assigned to persons and companies
  8. Import/Export Module
    Scheduled Import and Export OLE objects give UCAP live two-way communications with Person, Company and Product data in:Microsoft Outlook Contacts (“one click merge”)Text files (.txt, .csv ..)Internet ASP, PHP pages)Foreign databases
  9. eMail Skeletons(never lose contact!)
    Enter an eMail Skeleton format that is deployed to automatically create eMail addresses for all company staff.
  10. Simple and Affordable Licencing
    UCAP’s first user licences is provided free of charge. (all features included)Each Additional licences are only $495 per user. Costs reduce dramatically as the licence count increases)
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