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"Small business owners, if all you think about is lead management, then this is nirvana!"

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As a small business owner, chances are you and your sales team are trying to utilize every precious minute selling. But more importantly, you are trying to not just sell but convert the lead into a frequent customer. As simple as this can be, most of the CRMs out there focus more on providing a full-fledged CRM solution that, quite honestly, the sales guy hates to use. The reasons are many. Topping the list is the fact that the extra paperwork acts as a diversion from the most important task of the day—to sell to a customer and convert that customer into a regular.

I Don’t Need A CRM! focuses on this painful point and offers a web-based pure lead management software that removes the pain of paperwork and instead provides a platform of managing leads in the most basic, diversion-free way. According to the company, this tool is a match for small businesses with 1 to 200 employees seeking a “proactive sales approach to turning leads into deals”.67

While the simple, user interface is a strong starting point for the tool, the ease of lead creation has certainly upped the ante for many of its competitors. But more on that a little later.

Getting Started:
Their website starts off with a huge screenshot of its lead page. That’s good news to us as we are a big sucker for screenshots and getting the feel of the actual thing. A simple layout and to-the-point content made us comfortable. The 15-day trial was a simple step with the option to register via email. Yet the tool was not available to us immediately. They offered us two ways to access the free trial. Either we share the sign-up page on one of the social media channels, or email them to explain why we want to use this software. Finally, a company that takes lead generation seriously! Soon enough, we were emailed about the sign-up. And if we weren’t testing already, they sent follow-up emails every day asking that we begin testing the system. A big plus in our book as this speaks volumes about their support system.

When we finally logged in after couple of days, we were greeted with just one page: leads. Yes, that’s correct. No accounts, contacts, or other paraphernalia. If you are serious about managing your leads, there is no better place to be.

Lead Management:
So far, so good. The company seems to have clarity in what they want to offer and that is lead management in the simplest way possible. There are three ways one can create a lead in I Don’t Need A CRM! This includes manual creation, a contact list, scanning a business card, website, and via email. Manual creation of the lead looks something like what we see in the image below.

You Dont Need A CRM - Create a Lead

You can specify the various stages of the lead through customization on the admin panel. The default options are “Incoming”, “In-touch” and “Closing”. Speaking of simplicity, the lead details are to be filled up in a text box that looks eerily similar to your email compose textbox. Unlike any other CRM we’ve tested before, this was liberating. The fifty plus odd fields on a lead page is always a bit overwhelming to a majority of sales reps.

Tagging the leads is the next impressive feature. Grouping and sorting your leads is easier by tagging them appropriately. For example, you can tag all your high-end restaurants in NYC with “high-end”, “restaurants”, and “NYC”. Or you can use a single tag of “high-end restaurants NYC”. Separating the tags means you can search for just NYC leads if required but that is a different topic of discussion. You can also predefine tasks for the organization from the “Admin” panel. In short, this is an extremely useful feature.
As a value-add, you can input the probability of win and an amount as well.

You Dont Need A CRM - Create a Lead 2

Uploading a business card to create a lead can be a boon if your sales guy is on the field at most times. The photo was taken using an iPhone and uploaded using the mobile application, not the app. It took approximately thirty seconds from the time the business card was uploaded. The system was able to match every field on the business card to accuracy and was ready to edit it as per required notes. You can also view the business card as an attachment to the lead. Cannot be easier. I consider this a big plus for any tool.

You Dont Need A CRM - Leads details

Business cards can also be scanned and included in an email. This email, when sent to the assigned email address by You Don’t Need A CRM! ( will create them in the tool as leads. This is especially useful when you have multiple cards to be uploaded. You can send up to ten business cards at one time.

But if you are importing contacts from an existing excel spreadsheet, you have to go through a roundabout way which doesn’t make sense. Despite being well-integrated with Excel, they do not allow the user to upload the leads from an Excel sheet.

The way they do it is called “Prospecting File” in the tool. A “Prospecting File” essentially means using the Excel features provided by You Don’t Need A CRM! to create the contact list and collect data before you are ready to convert  them in a lead. If you are working from scratch, it is a good rough pad to use. However, if you already have the list ready to be uploaded as leads, you first have to create it as a “Prospecting File” and then use the “+” sign to add them as leads. Unfortunately, we could not find how to convert the list to leads in bulk. If it’s not intuitive enough, it’s a minus point.

You can also assign the leads to anyone when converting them to leads.

You Dont Need A CRM - Prospecting File

Along with this, you have the option of importing your Google contacts as well. This is great as half of the world seems to be on Gmail, and chances are your business has bought the affordable Google business app.

As a side note to assigning leads, any unassigned leads are stored under the tab of “Unassigned Leads”. This is especially useful for leads coming in from website sign up forms. The drawback is that you cannot auto-assign web-to-leads. They need to be manually assigned from the “Unassigned Leads” tab.

Task Management:    
Task management is an inherent skill of a sales rep but a good tool ensures the skill is exploited. Therefore, a CRM which a sales rep uses to track sales is expected to have a task management tool that works for her. Unfortunately, a lot of CRMs complicate the process of simple “To-Do” lists with cumbersome interfaces, multiple clicks and too many fields to fill up. You Don’t Need A CRM! seems to have simplified it enough to delight users.

Every lead created is automatically grouped under the “To-Do” list until you put in a reminder for the next action. As soon as a reminder is added, it is grouped under the bucket “Standby”.

You Dont Need A CRM - ToDo

The lead can then be moved to the next stages right from the reminder pop-up. There are a lot other default buckets that can act as useful organizers. For example, “Alive” (Todo+Standby) indicates active leads to be chased upon while “Closed” (Won+Lost+Cancelled) stands for converted or lost leads. You can refer to it on the left sidebar.

You Dont Need A CRM - Leads

Email Management:

As touched upon briefly in lead management, You Don’t Need A CRM! syncs your emails for two major purposes: One, to create new leads. Two, to sync conversations with your leads.

When you create a new account via this tool, it assigns a custom email address to you which looks something like this: (for creating leads) and (for tracking conversations). Whenever a new lead needs to be created, simply email with the subject as the Lead title.

However, if you want to track conversations with your lead that are being conducted through your inbox, you need to bcc the “bcc” address assigned to you. The tool matches the recipient email address to the lead and adds up the conversation as a comment to the lead. Hassle-free, all your rep needs to do is remember to “bcc”. If the tool is unable to recognize the right lead, it lands in the folder “Pending bcc Emails” from where you can manually assign it to the right lead.

One can also capitalize on You Don’t Need A CRM! email capabilities by using their email notification feature. The tool enables email notification to the user when a certain event occurs in the system. A helpful capability found in most of the CRMs allows you to create notification rules under the “Admin” panel of the tool.

You Dont Need A CRM - Email management


While the lead creation and sales process was a delight to use, a lot remains to be desired for reports. Clubbed under the tab “Statistics”, You Don’t Need A CRM! offers three default reports—History, Won, and Future. They can be viewed graphically and tabular while viewing it by user or date. The dates on the reports can be adjusted for viewing. However, there is no other way you can customize or create new reports. While these basic reports work well for most of the small businesses, it might come as a splash of cold water for report-savvy business owners.

You Dont Need A CRM - Reports

Admin Panel:

Simple to use, the admin panel offers the capabilities to customize, manage, and connect.

You Dont Need A CRM - Admin Panel

There are four major customization options.

Account Set Up:

This includes language, currency, privacy, and time zone.

You Dont Need A CRM - Account Setup

Leads Settings:

This is where you can define the various lead details your business wishes to capture. It is simple to add new fields.

You Dont Need A CRM - Lead Settings

Sales Steps:

This is where you define your sales flow. While the default is Incoming, In-Touch, and Closed, you can customize it to match your business workflow. We think it would be great if the “Create” buttons were more uniformly placed for increased intuitiveness.

You Dont Need A CRM - Sales Steps

“Manage” and “Connect” features follow the simplicity that the tool has offered, and is child’s play to work with. User Management is clubbed under “Manage” in the admin panel. User creation has basic fields to fill in and can be created in seconds. Multiple users can also be created by inputting multiple email addresses.

But it doesn’t offer the capability of defining multiple profiles for users, thereby missing out on providing security layers in the system. Not a very important consideration for a small business, but a possible oversight nevertheless.


Well, that completes the tour of the tool. If you are not quite convinced, the pricing might please you. The tool is competitively priced at $19 per user per month. What takes the cake is their “Adaptative” pricing which means you add only $7 more for every extra user. This is light on the pocket for the small business user. You can find more information on pricing by visiting You Don’t Need A CRM!


All said and done, when you have leads, you can look really busy with an activity page that resembles the image below.

You Dont Need A CRM - Activity Page

If your day is all about leads, follow-ups, tasks, and a calendar, then this tool might serve your needs perfectly. If you are crazy about reports, this is definitely not the tool for you (which means they lose 0.5 points). However, any small business owner appreciates the need for one less thing to worry about. They crave simplicity in tools they use. They look for tools that work for them without weighing them down with jargon and data-fields. They seek tools that don’t break their bank even before cash flow begins. You Don’t Need A CRM! delivers a perfect, hassle-free match for the small business owner with its focus on lead management. We rate it 4 out of 5.

In Summary:


  1. Diversion-free lead management
  2. Simple and intuitive interface
  3. User-friendly and effective task management
  4. Multiple lead creation options including business card upload and import
  5. Affordable and unique pricing model (Adaptative pricing)
  6. Perfect for small businesses with minimal backend processes
  7. Easy to set up and use the admin panel


  1. Weak reporting feature
  2. Roundabout way of contact upload from spreadsheet – takes longer than required
  3. No view and data security layers
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